Female Threaded Union pipe fittings rotary joint (YZF-Y586)

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50000 pc/month

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carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel





Pressure Rating

1500lb, 2000lb, 3000lb, 6000lb, 9000lb


Male/Female threaded union, hex Union, socket welding union, forged union, etc

Surface Treatment 

anti-corrosive oil, hot-dip-galvanuzed, galvanized or as per customer’s request


NPT, BSP, BSPT, Metric. etc


in-house or the third party



Delivery Time

usually within 25-30 days after we have confirmed your order


standard or as customer’s need


To be packed in pallet and wooden crate or according to clients' requirement


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Q:What are the installation requirements of the card sleeve joint?
The sleeve type pipe joint has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and no need of welding. But in the middle and high pressure hydraulic system, if improper operation, often will cause leakage, and affect its popularization and use. After years of practice, the author summed up some experience, and achieved good results.As shown in the drawings, the sleeve type pipe joint is mainly composed of a joint body 1 with a taper hole of 24 degrees, a clamping sleeve 2 with a sharp inner edge and a pressing nut 3 and three parts which are pressed. Tighten the nut 3, card set of 2 is to promote the 24 degree taper and then deformation, make the card sleeve and the connector body cone to form a spherical contact seal; at the same time, the outer wall of the inner edge of the sleeve mouth embedded on the outer wall of the steel pipe 4, a pressure ring groove, so that the reliable sealing effect. The best choice of steel tube to eliminate stress annealing 20# fine drawing pipe, so that it is beneficial to insert the inner edge of the sleeve into the outer surface of the steel pipe, and play a reliable sealing role.
Q:how far away you can park away from a fire hydrant?
probably preparation of surfaces,some simple but important steps: 1. sandpaper or brush clean and shiny each piece to be soldered 2. carefully apply solder flux to these surfaces 3. assemble pieces in correct alignment 4. apply heat to base of coupling 5. after a couple seconds touch solder to opposite side of coupling 6. the solder will be drawn towards the heat 7.slide the solder around the fitting, you will see the solder fill the joint 8. it should only take a few seconds at each joint 9. with practice there will be a clean bead with no drips good luck, bruce
Q:Classification of pipe couplings for hydraulic couplings
Non standard type pipe joint, flared pipe joint, right angle pipe joint, rotary pipe joint, quick joint, stainless steel pipe joint, copper joint.
Q:Help choosing a fishing rod?
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Q:accidently cleaned my clothes dryer with a flammable substance, what do I do?
Um yea I wouldn't have done that myself. But I would go see a doctor. but make sure you celan it or something so it doesn't get infected. Then when it heals get it repeirced by a profeshional
Q:What are the types of tubing and pipe couplings applicable to each occasion?
According to connection tubing and pipe joints, pipe joints are welded, sleeve type, expanding type, press type form; pipe joints each form, according to the channel number and direction of joint points straight, rectangular, three other types; threaded connection and flange connection with the connection of the body. In addition, there are some special purpose pipe couplings.
Q:How to identify the pipe joint thread quickly and accurately?
1 use a thread gauge to check the gauge of the pipe joint, which is the most accurate.2, you can also use special tools, taps (for female pipe joints) and wrench (for pipe fittings), which is a tool for making pipe joints. Try it on and see if it's easy to screw in. If it is easy to screw in, you can determine the specifications of the unknown pipe thread according to the specifications of the known taps and wrench marks.
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Q:The material is 304 stainless steel 1/4 "NPT" threaded joint. How much MPa pressure can be received?
The material is 304 stainless steel 1/4 "NPT" threaded joint. How much MPa pressure can be received?Answer: test pressure 2.5MPa; work pressure is less than or equal to 1.5MPa.
Q:Standard for fabrication of jacket type pipe couplings for card sleeve couplings
6 flared flared joint (GB/T 5630-2008)7 、 flared type adjustable end bend pipe joint (GB/T 5631-2008)8 、 flared type combined bend pipe joint (GB/T 5632-2008)9 、 flaring type adjustable end to end three way pipe joint (GB/T 5633-2008)10 、 flared type combined bend three way pipe joint (GB/T 5634-2008)

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