Fashion Leisure Outdoor Folding Picnic Chair With Table

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Product Description:

Product size L178 x W66x H112cm

Steel leg tube Dia. 22mm

Fabric Textlilene, cotton or 600D

Lock system Common lock system, O' lock,star lock...

Pillow Can fix or remove for chair


Foot tube: our common chair is rond foot tube, if customer request, we can produce square(angle) foot tube as following picture.

Tube color: common painting is black, we also can produce according to customer request in order to meet fabric color, such as white...

Fabric: fabric has many different colors ,  we can produce according customer request


easy to take 

very cheaper 

any coloer you can choose 

any size you can order and you can print logo by yourself

Armless chair, Camping Chair With Table


1. Size:54x54dx90 /25

2. Material:600d fabric ,1200d print fabric or plain fabric

3. fabric can be plain color and print design

4. ans steel tube can be 13mm dia and 16mm dia 19mm dia 22dia

5. difference size have difference price

6. we have best price for you

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Q:How to kindergarten plastic table surface dirt?
Use alcohol. Pour the alcohol on it, let it soak for a few minutes, and then wipe it, you can wipe it clean.
Q:What's the smell of the plastic tablecloth you just bought?
The smell is because the plastic tablecloth in the production process of chemical raw materials in the volatile not clean, some allowance in them, as long as a period of time can be reduced if the natural flavor, Jiyong, can use the activated carbon adsorption can be a day
Q:Children's table chairs on the white plastic tray for a long time useless, there is a place to darken, how to deal with ah?
The finished products are prone to oxidation deterioration of the material3, the material contact acid, alkali, salt will happen this situation
Q:The transparent plastic film on the table was white overnight, and the solution was found.
If both inside and outside are opaque, that is the addition of PVC, such as stabilizers and plasticizers.No matter what the situation is, it's unlikely to make it transparent again. Don't bother about it, buy another one.
Q:How to remove the taste of plastic tablecloths and soft glass?
If the emergency can be placed on activated carbon adsorption day to reduce odor. If the smell is particularly strong, may buy inferior products, should be replaced immediately.
Q:Transparent plastic tablecloth surface sticky, how to deal with?
First, you can wipe with alcohol.Two, wipe with detergent once, and then wipe with clean water.Three, wash rice water + hot water + vinegar cleaning.
Q:Is the PVC plastic tablecloth poisonous?
PVC, PVC, poisonous.PVC is a kind of plastic is often used, it is made of PVC resin, plastic resin increasing agent and anti-aging agent, and non-toxic. But the addition of plasticizer, antioxidant and other accessories are toxic, daily in PVC plasticizer, mainly using terephthalic acid two butyl phthalate two formic acid two ester etc., these chemicals are toxic, lead salt antioxidant stearic acid polyvinyl chloride is toxic.
Q:How do I get to the plastic table?
Taste to milk: first with detergent to clean, and then poured into the cup two key plastic soup of fresh milk, cover the lid, shake the cup every corner with a touch of milk, about one minute, finally pour milk, the cup is clean.
Q:What about chili oil on plastic tablecloth?
In the smear positive and negative pad a piece of blotting paper, go to a page and then press the hot soup, scrub.6, boiled carrot juice, rubbing.
Q:How about laying a table with thick plastic?
Later, with the kind of narrow double-sided adhesive strip, this kind of material is suitable for double-sided adhesive and sticky, good cleaning, timely to change the wallpaper off is also very good cleaning, if the glue on the get down, so the double-sided adhesive and good cleaning, ordinary supermarkets can buy, the price is cheaper. Yes, remember. Oh, thank you! If you have any further questions, please continue to append.

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