• 4ft Portable Folding Table Outdoor Picnic Camping Dining Table System 1
  • 4ft Portable Folding Table Outdoor Picnic Camping Dining Table System 2
  • 4ft Portable Folding Table Outdoor Picnic Camping Dining Table System 3
4ft Portable Folding Table Outdoor Picnic Camping Dining Table

4ft Portable Folding Table Outdoor Picnic Camping Dining Table

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Item specifice

Living Room,Outdoor & Garden
Height Adjustable:

Product Details:

122CM foldable Table  

55 / 75 / 90CM Height Adjustable

Product Expand Size: 122*61*75CM

Package Size: 65*65*7CM

Thickness: 4.5CM

Color:Many colors to choose

Bearing Ability: 500KG

Net Weight:10KG

Support tube material: seamless steel pipe + powder coating

Q:What about the words of the plastic bag sticking to the table?
With a strong absorbent cloth (preferably cotton cotton), spread it on the table, spray some water, and iron a few times, and the words magically run to the cotton cloth!
Q:What's good for your baby wardrobe, plastic and wooden cabinet?
The cost of furniture made of plastic is much lower than that of other materials, so it is easier for everyone to accept it. This is also an important reason why people all like to choose plastic furniture, because we can save some of our expenses.
Q:Does the plastic skin on the table have formaldehyde?
Plastic has many kinds, is a general term for high polymer. Formaldehyde containing plastic generally in the name of "aldehyde" word, or directly with "formaldehyde" words. The most common plastic containing formaldehyde
Q:How to erase a watercolor pen on a plastic tablecloth?
(1) you can use shampoo soaked in contaminated place, and then white vinegar diluted with water, with a brush dipped in solution, scrub gently, dirt can be removed.(2) soak the alcohol with cloth and wipe it gently to remove it.
Q:Plastic table is glued to the pigment, how to clean?
Wash with a sponge cloth, you can add neutral detergent, or you can use a water diluted bleach to clean.
Q:Is it harmful to spread plastic cloth on the dining table?
The table is covered with plastic cloth, which is beautiful, but easy to accumulate dust, bacteria and so on.Some plastic cloth is made of poisonous vinyl chloride resin.
Q:Transparent plastic tablecloth surface sticky, how to deal with?
The reason why the surface of the transparent plastic tablecloth is tacky:The plastics are oxidized and the resulting substances are sticky. All the plastic nets have, but some of them are in constant contact because of friction, so there is too much accumulation, and it doesn't feel very obvious. Plastics are polyolefin, easy to oxidize, mostly due to aging and deformation.
Q:How to blot out the carbon paper on PVC soft glass and plastic tablecloth?
2., when the stain is transferred to the lower layer of paper towels on the clothing, the paper will be opened a little bit below, the stain printed in the clean place;3. wash your clothes thoroughly and let them dry naturally;4. beat the stain until you know it's clean;5. rinse clothes with water and then wash clothes with enzymes, washing powder or laundry detergent.6. soak the clothes in the water that contains the enzyme detergent for 30 minutes.
Q:Plastic table and chair features?
1 、 disassembly and assembly is convenient, beautiful and practical;2, light weight, easy to move;3, beautiful design, good ornamental;4, there is oil, not easy to clean;5, hard objects crash easily damaged;6, hot water easily damaged;7, exposed to the weather prone to aging.
Q:Is it harmful to eat at a plastic table?
But because the processing aid production must be introduced (such as plasticizer, heat stabilizer, etc.) are not negligible damage to the body, with a small molecule PVC in itself contains CL, but also harmful to the body, so that the crystal plate is not safe, but if the food is not direct contact it's not a big problem!

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