4ft Portable Folding Table Outdoor Picnic Camping Dining Table

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Item specifice

Living Room,Outdoor & Garden
Height Adjustable:

Product Details:

122CM foldable Table  

55 / 75 / 90CM Height Adjustable

Product Expand Size: 122*61*75CM

Package Size: 65*65*7CM

Thickness: 4.5CM

Color:Many colors to choose

Bearing Ability: 500KG

Net Weight:10KG

Support tube material: seamless steel pipe + powder coating

Q:Children's plastic table dirty, how to clean?
Since it is the children's use of goods, in addition to clean, but also pay attention to disinfection, first can decontamination, to clean the table surface dirt removal, then use disinfectant to wipe 84 can finally wipe with a clean water washing cloth several times table, such as decontamination and sterilization.
Q:The transparent plastic film on the table was white overnight, and the solution was found.
Dry it. It might be all right. That's your transparent plastic tablecloth. It's bad water resistance. Don't soak it in water. Just keep it dry.
Q:What's good for your baby wardrobe, plastic and wooden cabinet?
The furniture made of plastic is much lighter than other furniture, so it is comparatively handy when it is placed and adjusted. This is an advantage that other furniture does not have. Furniture made of plastic is generally relatively easy to carry.
Q:What about the color of the plastic bag sticking to the table?
The paint can be cleaned up with a little petrol. Your table won't hurt the table if it's stone.
Q:How to kindergarten plastic table surface dirt?
Use alcohol. Pour the alcohol on it, let it soak for a few minutes, and then wipe it, you can wipe it clean.
Q:Transparent plastic tablecloth surface sticky, how to deal with?
The reason of plastic deformation and cracking and aging products are mostly due to the structure or a long time will have a small amount of plastic surface dissolution, which is related to the surrounding environment, such as some organic solvents can accelerate the dissolution of plastic, and high temperature will accelerate the decomposition of plastics. Because the plastic to be oxygen oxidation, coupled with the surface of some stains, so it will feel sticky.
Q:Plastic table mat, hard and soft that good
It's better to choose as needed;
Q:How about cleaning plastic tablecloth with Iodophor?
Fusa iodine on the tablecloth at a draught is difficult to clean. No matter how you clean it, there will be some traces.
Q:The table of plastic tea stains on how to get rid of
The use of salt, with a cloth dipped in salt, salt removal of tea by friction effect.3, dilute the white vinegar with water, pour into the cup, soak for a period of time. The longer time, the more obvious the effect. Then you can easily get rid of stains with rag scrub.
Q:A printed plastic tablecloth crayons do
Printing color stick can be used in the wooden table, 84 disinfectant wipe or believe that water.Note: when the operation to open a small window, the above two items to be away from children and food, whether your table will fade, if you fade with washing powder and scouring powder.

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