Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type

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20000 m³/month

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Formaldehyde: E2,E0,E1

Product Description:

Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type

Quick Details

  • Type: Fibreboards

  • Model Number: JD-HBE050

  • Material: Wood Fiber, poplar and mix wood

  • Usage: Indoor, furniture and decoration

  • Grade: First-Class, E1

  • Fibreboard Type: HDF / Hard Boards

  • Formaldehyde Emission Standards: E1

  • Thickness: 2.5-6.0mm

  • Size: 1220*2440mm

  • Color: dark brown and brown

  • Tolerance: -2%---+2%

  • Density: 950-1100kg/m3

  • Misture content: 4-8%

  • Min.order: 1x20 feet container


1 Top quality 
2 Thickness:2.5-6.0mm 
3 Glue:E1 
4 density:950-1100kg/m3 
5 high density fiber board 

Technology Specification


Test Items 

Technical Specification 


Test Result 


Moisture Content 










Density Tolerance 





Expansion ration in thickness 




due to water absorption


Internal bonding 





Modulus of rupture 





Modulus of elasticity 





Screw holding







Surface bonding 




Formal Dehyde Emission 

E1: ≤9.0



E2: ≤30.0



Embossed MDF Wallboard Panels Classic Type


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Q:Brick and gypsum board partition which is good?
Gypsum board smashed not dead, bricks even light brick will be killed people.Shut the door is also a family only, noise requirements do not have too high, my home is gypsum board, the kind of fire, I feel enough.
Q:Silicon calcium board with gypsum board is the same thing?
LZ first clear what is "calcium silicate board" or "silicon calcium board", which is two different things. Calcium silicate board - cement as the main raw material. Silicon calcium board - gypsum as the main raw material. Gypsum board: can be divided into paper gypsum board, decorative gypsum board (that is, silicon calcium board), plant fiber reinforced composite gypsum board and other types. In general, silicon calcium board is a class of gypsum board. The largest gypsum board on the market is the gypsum board, which adds a layer of paper to the surface of the plaster, which reduces the risk of cracking from the plaster itself. The plasterboard has a complete line. Strength is not high. Silicon calcium board is no surface paper, but in the plate inside the glass fiber reinforced materials, all the calcium calcium board is a composite material, and the paper gypsum board is not a composite material. Calcium calcium board than the gypsum board light, and strength High, but the silicon calcium board is not a complete pipeline, the basic or manual operation, which led to the size of the silicon calcium board factory uneven, the product quality gap is huge. Please LZ according to the above to determine whether the calcium calcium board, 8 of the calcium and calcium plate and three of the gypsum board are in the low-end products .8 block calcium calcium board ex-factory price is 3-4 yuan.
Q:Can you tile straight onto plasterboard?
You will have to sand the skim off and get the surface smooth. Make sure you get the right adhesive.
Q:Why not join plasterboard on the noggins?
Lampost just curious what are noggins
Q:The room to do a gypsum board ceiling, top what to do?
If you want to do the ceiling, the original top do not need to do any treatment, sweep clean on the line.
Q:Waterproof practices of light steel keel gypsum board partition wall
In the purchase of gypsum board material, it is recommended to buy waterproof gypsum board can be Existing ordinary gypsum board, fire gypsum board and waterproof gypsum board. Waterproof gypsum board refers to the slab in the United States under the ASTM standard for waterproofing test, the water absorption rate of 5%, that can be used for large areas of humidity, such as the bathroom, shower room and kitchen, the board is in the gypsum core Material to add a quantitative waterproofing agent, so that the plaster itself has a certain waterproof performance. In addition, gypsum board paper is also waterproof, so this is a better use of a wider range of plate. But this board can not be directly exposed to the wet environment, nor direct water immersion for a long time. Practice: waterproof gypsum board back brush waterproof paint, front scratch waterproof putty, brush waterproof latex paint Light steel keel: light steel keel gypsum board wall commonly used light steel keel system has three; 1) LL-no accessory system. It LLQ-U, LLQ-C keel composition of the partition skeleton and LLQ-CK keel composition of the sub-wall skeleton, can increase the height of the wall and increase the skeleton strength. 2) QL - have accessories. To C1, C2 keel-based pieces with a continuous cross-keel, support cards, brackets and other components to strengthen the keel partition wall skeleton. 3) QC - no accessory system (if necessary, also available accessories). To QU, QC keel composition of the partition wall skeleton. Can increase the wall height to enhance the wall strength. Can also be cultivated through the cross-keel, supporting cards and other accessories composed of partition skeleton.
Q:will a plasterboard wall hold a 8.7kg telly on a bracket?
Yes as the weight is in a downward direction make sure you use plasterboard fixings work carefully and don't make the holes too big if you are using plasterboard plugs then a good test is to hang on the bracket as a test before fixing the tv. if you are not sure then fix a 9mm plywood or MDF panel the same size as your bracket then you can use additional fixings good luck
Q:Can the paint be sprayed on the wall, gypsum board?
Wall and gypsum board, after the batch of putty sandpaper processing, you can spray paint.
Q:What plasterboard to use... Insulated or not?
Only your local code enforcement officer can answer your question properly. Any other answer is just a guess.
Q:Do I need to replace my plaster ceiling plasterboard that got soaked from an upstairs bathroom leak? ?
If you are absolutely certain the leak has been fixed and there is no more water dripping... 1. Place a fan facing toward the ceiling for about a week or as long as it takes to make sure the ceiling is completely dry. 2. Paint the stained area with Killz. (Not sure of the spelling but it's a water stain retardant) Let it dry overnight, regardless of what the directions say telling you it's dry in less than two hours. 3. Paint the surface again with Killz 24 hours later. 4. Wait 24 hours to see if the stain is visible. If it is, paint another coat of Killz. 5. If the stain is undetectable, wait 48 hours and paint the ceiling with with the color of your choice. A second coat of paint may be required.

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