• Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China System 1
  • Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China System 2
  • Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China System 3
Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China

Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China

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Description of Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm²

Dual-core Cable PV-2x6.0mm²

Main Features of Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm²

Dual wall insulation, Electron beam cross-linked

Excellent resistance to UV,water,ozone,fluids,salt,general weathering

Excellent resistance to abrasion

Halogen free, flame,ratardant,low toxicity

Excellent flexibility and stripping performance

High current carrying capacity

TUV and UL approved


Specifications of  Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm²




Cross section

Strand design

Conductor diameter

Conductor resistance

Outer diameter

Rated voltage

Rated current

















Technical Data of Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm²

Wire:Class5 tinned

Insulation material: XLPE

Double insulated


HIgh resistance against oils, greases,oxygen and ozone


UV resistant

High wear and abrasion resistance

Flame test according to :DIN EN 50265-2-1 UL 1571(VW-1)

Smallest permissible Bending Radlus 5xD

 Temperature range -40℃~+90℃

 Colours: Black Red


IMages of Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm²

Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China

Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China

Dual-core Cable 2x6.0mm² made in China




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③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.


Q:Whilst mowing the grass, I cut through the power cable, which was connected straight into the wall and not an adapter, which it usually is. I'm fine, how comes? The mower is a flymo bought last year.
so replace the power line.
Q:Whether high voltage cables can be built in belt corridors
Cable bridge spray to improve the corrosion resistance and anti-aging. Spraying the cable tray is the electrostatic powder coating equipment to spray the powder coating to the surface of the bridge, under static electricity, the powder coating will be evenly adsorbed on the surface of the cable bridge to form a powder coating, powder coating layer through the high temperature baking flow Flat and cured, into the effect of different (different types of powder coating effect) the final coating. Spraying effect in mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and other aspects are better than the painting process, the bridge body metal can play a good protective effect, the cost is also under the same effect of paint. The basic principle of electrostatic spray technology is the static generator to produce negative high pressure (10KV or so), the use of corona discharge phenomenon powder coating (a variety of colors) adsorption on the metal parts, powder coating by the supply system by compressed air Nozzle, the front end of the nozzle with a high voltage generated by the high voltage static generator, due to corona discharge, in the vicinity of the dense charge generated by the powder from the nozzle when the formation of charged paint particles, it is the role of electrostatic force , Is adsorbed to the metal parts up, after heating the powder melting, and natural cooling curing, in the workpiece surface to form a hard coating. This kind of spray cable tray is made of this.
Q:Today I was using my pc, it was running awfully slow so I restarted and it kept flashing quot;Power cable has not been attached to your video cardquot;. So I turned it off and flicked the master switch on the back of the pc and sure enough it turned on. But it was all low resolution and said no ati driver is installed. I reinstalled all the ATI files and drivers and restarted and the same error message came up. I then flicked the switch on the back and it booted up. I have also checked the Hardware manager and it says for the Graphics card quot;Can not start (error 10)quot;. So what I think is that the pSU is not supplying enough power to the graphics card, so the pc switches to iGP, I have a funny fealing it's the PSU, not the GPU...
Assuming you've checked that the power cable to your GPU is still attached? And/or tried different 6-pin plugs into your GPU? If you've tried that and it still does the same, it is likely to be the power supply failing. Only way to rule it out is to try another device, such as GPU, which requires the 6-pin power addition from the PSU - if that works then it's your GPU, if it doesn't work then your original diagnosis was most likely correct.
Q:I just bought a new power supply and it doesn't have the cables for my CD drives, how do I know when I buy a PSU if it will have all the cables I need? How do I know if its compatible with my motherb?
Do your research.
Q:Why medium voltage power cable sometimes write 8.7 / 10kv sometimes written in 8.7 / 15kv where the difference
1 audio and video line of the problem (red and white) to connect the TV box set-top box that line to the cable or radio equipment store to buy a definite muscle wings can be Jiu sad snow on the line 2 TV bad to find TV manufacturers
Q:what is the easiest way to replace the power window cables on the motor in the passenger side of a '94 accord
If you are referring to the electrical wires leading to the power window system, then you need to cut wires and splice new ones back into the system along with the plug at the end of the cable.
Q:I came out The Netherlands but i moved to Barbados somewhere near South-America in the caribbean. so i just plugged my power cable in the socker and first my xbox didnt work so i conected it to a voltage adaptor so my xbox voltage would go down so when i turned it on i was happy because it finally was on but like after ten seconds the little light on my power cable turned red ! does anyone maybe know how to fix this cause i want to play my xbox realy bad lolThanks alot,Greetings Noah.
A part of the cable isn't plugged in properly.
Q:I have a power adapter that changes the tip of a power cable from the US standard to the Spain standard. My laptop has 3 prongs and the adapter accepts 2. It fits into it, but the 3rd prong just rests outside. I know the voltage over there is twice as strong, so will this work correctly?
i hope to goodness this is not just a gimmick that changes from round plugs to flat plugs...make sure it down-steps the voltage too!!! but otherwise, yeah. the third prong is not essential in any country, it's just a safety feature - many homes in the US even don't have it. my one friend installed fake electrical sockets that have the hole for the third prong (but the hole is not connected to anything) and her laptops work fine.
Q:Need the cable you plug into your outlet and it's plugged into the back of your power supply on your computer. My computer is for gaming and is very modern so I need one that wont melt and can handle everything. Anyone know of anywebsites that I can order a high quality one from?
all you need is a bog standard power lead. The power unsit runs off mains voltages so a 500W supply uses only 2A (ish) (if on a 220V system) and 4A if on 110 (approx)
Q:I recently got YLOD on my ps3 (60g fat) system ,sent it away ,got it back with a new mainboard ,it worked for about 2 days and it cut out (red lights blinking) once again i sent it away ,got it back and it cut out within a few hours (red lights blinking again ) ,so one last repair i sent it off to same shop ,and once again it worked for about a week then cut out on me again ! ,is there any possibility its my power cable to my ps3 thats doing this ?
It's simple: Your PS3's hardware was too damaged for it to be repaired, or the repair shop has no idea what they are doing. Not all PS3's can be effectively repaired. And even if someone gets them working temporarily (as in your case) they can shut down again almost immediately. See if you can get a refund or at least a partial refund. You need to give up on that PS3. It's beyond repair.

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