Direct Auto FRP Filament Winding Machine on Sale

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Product Description:

Direct Auto FRP Filament Winding Machine on Sale

Product Discription:

The instruction of the Direct roving FRP filament winding machine:

1. Resin feeding system
2. Lining making machine(the platform,the vehicle,the machine head and tail)
3. Pipe winding machine(the pipe winding platform,the vehicle,the resin bath,the machine head and tail)
4. Trimming machine(machine head and tail)
5. Demoulding machine(the Longmen type or the chain type for small machine)

Main Product Features:

1)Used composite material to winding pipe for energy transport, industrial water and irrigation system,

2)Adopts continuous winding technology and own mechanical patant of invention,

3)Good working condition and stable performance,

4)Stable pipe quality and easy connection of sleeve coupler.

Product Parameter:


Direct Auto FRP Filament Winding Machine on Sale




5.5 T






180V 50HZ 3Phase(Customized)


FRP Filament Winding Machine




FRP pipe winding machine

Raw material


Place of Origin

Hebei, China (Mainland)




Direct Auto FRP Filament Winding Machine on Sale

Direct Auto FRP Filament Winding Machine on Sale

Direct Auto FRP Filament Winding Machine on Sale

Direct Auto FRP Filament Winding Machine on Sale


Q:How do I know which is the right machine for me?
A:Just tell me what kind of product you want to make, and I will give suggestions according to it. 
Q:How do I know the output range?
A:I will need size information (length, width, height) to calculate the weight of the product. And give suggestions due to the products for you.

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Q:I want to do a small recycling plastic particle processing plant,
Production of this material, a basic set of machinery and equipment investment of about 70 thousand, if the amount of large, you can choose to configure the machine at around 200 thousand.
Q:How does a lathe process a plastic flowerpot mold?
Therefore, the plastic mold making is not a simple mechanical processing, but needs to be completed from a series of processes, such as drawing design, mechanical processing, fitter polishing, assembly and die testing.
Q:The main plastic of plastic products
Polyethylene plastics (Polyethylene) are polymers of ethylene monomers. The raw material for production is oil, coke oven gas or alcohol. Industrial production of polyethylene usually by ethanol dehydration, acetylene catalytic hydrogenation or high temperature cracking. Its commodity name is abbreviated as "B plastic"; the English abbreviation is "PE". Because the density of polyethylene is different, it is divided into low-density polyethylene.[PE (L)], medium density polyethylene [PE (M)] and high density polyethylene [PE (H)].The molecular formula of polyethylene is: (- CH2, CH2 -) n. It is linear in geometry and theoretically has no branched chain and is prone to crystallization. Usually the polyethylene molecule is composed of crystalline and amorphous state in high elastic interlaced region; crystalline polyethylene plastic gives high hardness, strength, chemical stability; amorphous region with polyethylene plastic higher flexibility, toughness, transparency etc.. In fact, polyethylene macromolecules are not absolutely free of branched chains. Its crystallinity is different, density is different, physical and mechanical properties are also different.
Q:How will the state deal with small recycled plastic particle processing enterprises,
Environmental protection recycling plant, this is a systematic project, the use of granulation machine is usually used granulator, need to be matched with waste water filtration, sedimentation, purification treatment pond, waste gas purification equipment.
Q:Environmental impact of foam plastics reprocessing
In addition, due to the difficult degradation of disposable plastic tableware, many cities are now promoting the use of green tableware - paper tableware, the principle is the composition of paper products, cellulose can be degraded by microorganisms. However, it is unwise to use paper tableware instead of foamed plastic tableware. First of all, paper tableware also brings visual pollution. Their degradation rate is not very fast, and they often do not degrade thoroughly in dozens of days or even months. Secondly, the paper tableware, in addition to straw pulp, rice pulp, but also to join about 1/3 of wood pulp, if fully promoted, will inevitably cause a large number of wood consumption, leading to deforestation intensified. But our country forest coverage rate is only 13.92%, the per capita forest area is only equivalent to the world average per capita level 17.2%. Third, the pulp system has always been a large water consumption, energy consumption and large sewage. The pulping process requires a great deal of water, while China is a country with a shortage of water resources. If the sewage is not treated and discharged into the river directly, it will cause water pollution. The paper tableware needs to be dried immediately after molding, which will require a great deal of energy. China's energy structure is dominated by coal, which will increase the content of SO2 in the air, causing acid rain.
Q:The processing of plastic bottles
Plastic bottle molding is the process of making final plastics from polymers made from synthetic resin manufacturing plants. The processing method (usually called plastic processing) (including compression molding), extrusion (extrusion) and injection molding (injection molding), blow molding (blow molding), rolling, to go through a total pressure plastic, extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, foam molding, calendering, etc. six processes.1 、 pressing and moldingPress molding is also known as molding or pressing, and molding is mainly used for molding thermosetting resins such as phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin and unsaturated polyester resin.2. ExtrusionExtrusion, also known as extrusion molding, is the use of extruders (extruders) to heat the resin continuously through the mold extrusion of the desired shape of the product. Extrusion is sometimes also used in the forming of thermosetting plastics and can be used in the moulding of foamed plastics. The advantage of extrusion is that it can extrude various shapes of products. The production efficiency is high, it can be automated and continuous production. The disadvantage is that thermosetting plastics can not be widely used in this process, and the size of products is prone to deviation.3, injection moldingInjection molding is also called injection molding. Injection molding is the use of injection molding machines (or injection machines) to inject thermoplastic melts at high pressure into the mold and to cool and cure the products. Injection molding can also be used for moulding thermosetting plastics and foams. Injection molding has the advantages of fast production, high efficiency, automatic operation, and complicated shape. It is especially suitable for mass production. The disadvantage is that the equipment and mold cost is high, the injection molding machine cleaning more difficult.
Q:The next 5 to 10 years, small workshops waste plastics processing prospects for development?
The outlook is certainly bad, the key is in the purchase channels, technical management costs
Q:What machine is used for polishing plastic products?
Some plastic products come out very smooth, not in plastic polishing, polishing on the mold
Q:Which kind of engineering plastics can be machined on machine tools?
General raw materials market is available, you can also contact the internet.
Q:What machine does the pattern design of this mass produced plastic product use?
Hello, let me answer the question for you: you can open your mobile phone, Baidu, and then enter your current location, and then enter the address you want to query. The Baidu maps will automatically navigate the nearest route for you.

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