Customized Size High Quality Ultra Clear Float Glass Transparent Building Clear Float Glass

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Product Description:

Customized Size High Quality Ultra Clear Float Glass Transparent Building Clear Float Glass

The optical performance of solar  ultra clear float glass is higher  than that of ordinary ultra clear  glass. After processing, it can be  used as heliostat mirror.

Important benefits:  

• Higher light transmittance 

• Shallow impurity content, low self-explosion rate 

 • High machining adaptability and high surface smoothness 

• 2.0-4.0mm thickness

Product Description

Solar ultra clear glass is a kind of low iron glass with transmittance higher than 91%. It adopted special process and proprietary formula, speciallyapplied in solar-thermal and solar-PV fields, with superior weather resistance and processability. 


1. Front panel glass of thin film PV module: High solar transmittance and photoelectric conversion efficiency.

2. Flat plate solar collector: high transmittance andsolar thermal conversion efficiency.

3. CSP solar mirror: Make full use of high reflectivity of solar mirror; improve the thermal efficiency, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency ofthermal power generation.

4. BIPV Projects: solar low iron float glass can be used as front panel and encapsulated glass of thin film PV modules, its application in BIPV, not only meets the requirement of building indoor day lighting, but also satisfies the function of power generation, BIPV is the main trend in the development of the future buildings.

5. Greenhouse glass: It can promote the photosynthesis of plants, shorten the growth period of plants and achieve greater economic benefits for customers.

Company Profile

1.  We are one of the biggest glass factory in China with 26 year glass production experience, have advanced machines and experienced technicians.
2.  Process by used grade A building glass materials, without any bubble, scratch, spot etc defects.
3.  Each step of our processing meet ISO, CE,CCC, SGCC,IGCC etc standard.
4.  Provide 10 years warranty, any quality problem can refund or replace glass.
5.  100% inspection after production to make sure each sheet of glass are all in good condition.
6.  Powerful transportation system and fast shipping time, long-term cooperation relationship with MAS, NYK, COSCO etc
7.  Professional sales and technical team, provide 24-hour service, meet any specific requirements.

Packing & Delivery

Glass Balustrade 

Glass BalustradePlacement direction of glass: vertical 

Between the glass: mildew proof paper, EPE, mildew proof powder 

Glass outer packing: EPE, EPS, plastic horn protector, carton, plywood wooden case 

Fixed: plastic packing belt, steel packing belt


Q: What is the MOQ?

A: Generally, there is no MOQ for processed glass, but if you want to received best price, the more quantity,
the better price.
Q: Could I have a small sample to verify the quality?

A : Sure, we welcome sample to be tested and checked quality.
Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes, we welcome all of customers visit our factory when you have real requirements, we will take
you to each of our production lines, and discussing orders in our office.
Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?

A: Yes, generally, we offer 5 years warranty for processing glass based on your
normally uses, we advise you uses in a right way can keep your products service life in a long time (more than 5 years).
Q: How do you control the quality of your products?

A:We have standard management on factory based on ISO system, and train our staffs regularly, our production department they will choose high quality materials for glass strictly, for finished excellent products. And we have QC for each process, once find little problem, we will replace the glass, to make sure every piece glass go to warehouse is in good condition.

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Q:A lot of how to do ants on the windowsill
Put the egg shell on the stove roasted yellow, not scorched, and then research into the powder scattered in the ants often out of place. Because the ants love to eat the taste of the powder, after eating that was swollen (poison) dead.
Q:Aluminum plastic doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows What is the difference, is not the same?
Plastic doors and windows energy saving plastic doors and windows than other doors and windows in energy saving and improve the indoor thermal environment, there are more superior technical characteristics. According to the Institute of physical testing, single glass, aluminum window heat transfer coefficient of 64W / M2K; single glass steel window heat transfer coefficient is 47W / M2K or so; ordinary double glass of steel, aluminum window heat transfer coefficient Is 3.7W / M2K or so; and double glass plastic steel window heat transfer coefficient of about 2.5W / M2K. Doors and windows accounted for 30% of the building outside the envelope area, the heat dissipation accounted for 49%, we can see that the plastic window steel doors and windows soundproof steel and aluminum windows sound insulation performance of about 19 decibels, plastic window noise performance can reach 30 dB the above. In the increasingly noisy urban environment, the use of plastic windows can make the indoor environment more comfortable. According to the information provided by Japan, to achieve the same requirements to reduce noise, the installation of aluminum windows and traffic roads must be 50 meters away from the distance, and the installation of plastic windows can reach 18 meters. According to the Beijing Institute of Labor Protection, the use of plastic windows of indoor noise dropped to 32DB (A), the effect is very good. As a result of economic development, urban noise problems are becoming more and more serious, and plastic windows for improving people living and working sound environment quality will provide a greater contribution. Another steel window corrosion-resistant, can be used in coastal, chemical plants and other corrosive environment, the average user can also reduce the use of maintenance paint and labor costs. Very good energy efficiency.
Q:How to choose home furnishings stone, windowsill stone door stone precautions.
When the selection of stone, in addition to look at the surface effect, such as whether the pattern is beautiful, whether the formation, with or without color, with or without sand holes, with or without signs of repair, but also to see the side of the lines, do not see the general hardness of the stone can, There are exceptions. If there are lines, thin lines and thinning the intensity is better.
Q:Outside the windowsill have a gap, a little water seepage. How to deal with, and now the house wall skin off.
Big windowsill to do pressure to avoid cracks; width of more than 1.5 meters of the windowsill must be set up reinforced concrete pressure top; Aluminum and plastic steel window to stay outside the threshold to prevent rain from the window frame into the wall.
Q:Why are the windows of the staircase lower than the interior windows?
Any one of the buildings from the outside, the staircase between the windows are lower than the height of the indoor windows, it is because the staircase between the windows in the corner, the living room floor platform height and the other windows are the same, the stairs turn The platform is lower than the rest of the interior floor, so from the outside is the staircase between the windows than the indoor windows height low
Q:What is the height of the building windowsill?
The width of the door opening of the room and the auxiliary room shall not be less than 0.90m. The width of the entrance of the balcony door shall not be less than 0.80m. The width of the doorway in the bathroom should not be less than 0.70m. The height of the door opening shall not be less than 2.40 M, do not set the window of the door height should not be less than 2.10m.
Q:What is the unit of the window?
What The number of windows is the unit of the fan, the area of the window is square meters. For example, the house has four windows. The window area is 2.25 square meters. The window is a ventilated device on the wall.the best window
Q:Building in the MLC3835 in the size of the window or the door, the solution?
This size is the size of the hole together with the door,The specific size of the door you can look inside and out of the door to see, there are C1824b meaning 1824 specifications of the window, more than one, all the letters followed by the difference between the English。
Q:There seems to be what the edge of the board but also the width of the ball high point of pointing there is how the window sets of window sets seem to have two parts
Calculation of Plastering of Interior Wall Plastering. The amount of internal wall plastering works, equal to the length of the inner wall multiplied by the wall of the plaster height calculated in square meters. Deduct the area occupied by doors and windows and empty circles, do not deduct the skirting board, hanging mirror line, 0.3m2 within the hole and the wall and the junction of the area, the hole side wall and the top does not increase. The wall area of the wall and the wall of the chimney is combined with the amount of the inner wall plaster. The length of the interior wall plaster, calculated from the net length of the diagram between the main walls. Inside the wall plaster height: no wall, according to the indoor floor or floor to the bottom of the distance between the ceiling calculation; a wall, according to the top of the wall to the ceiling between the distance calculation. The ceiling of the inner wall of the plaster, the height of the floor by floor or floor to the bottom of the ceiling plus lOOmm calculation.
Q:What is the height of the bathroom window?
At the same time to note that the size of the door and window frame and the size of doors and windows are different, the size of the hole is the size of the civil painting and the size of the frame is made of doors and windows of the finished product size. Hole size up and down about 2cm is about the outer frame size, which is used to install the door and window 2cm. Hole gap should not exceed 3cm less than 1.5cm.

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