Container House Sandwich Panel Steel Structure Two Floor

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100 m²
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30000 m²/month

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Product Description:

The folding container is good for sea container transport with various use. The container is made of chassis, wall, roof and decorative profiles. They can joint together with individual containers in longitudinal and transverse directions. And it can be assembled as max 3 floors. Its materials are environmental friendly. One standard set container house weight is about 1.8Ton.We can pack 3 sets houses as one flat package for bulk transportation, or load 6 sets houses in one 40ft sea container.


House Size:

1) External length /inner length: 5950mm/5700mm

2) External width/inner width: 2310mm/2060mm

 3) External height/inner width: 2740mm/2400mm

 4) Floors: max 3 floors


House Body:

 1) Door: outside door as SIP door, aluminium alloy door or security door. inside door as SIP door, aluminium alloy door or Compound wooden door

 2) Window: PVC material or aluminium alloy with window screen 3) Wall system: sandwich panel's insulation material of sandwich panels are EPS/XPS/PU/ROCK WOOL, GLASS WOOL, etc. The thickness: from 50mm to 100mm

 4) Roof system: knock down in factory

5) Compression decorative parts: made of 0.4mm thick color steel sheet

6) Ceiling board: EPS color steel sandwich panel, rock wool, PU for the insulation or MDF plate


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