Construction waste sorting and crushing production line

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Product Description:

NFLG's construction waste sorting and crushing production line integrates magnetic selection, screening, positive and negative light-weight material separation, manual sorting and crushing into a streamlined production process. It processes construction waste and extracts reusable material, which is reused later in other construction project.

1. Brief introduction
1、True to its innovation philosophy and environment protection ideal, NFLG views construction waste as disguised valuable resource waiting to be turn into previous raw construction material. It has developed equipment to help eliminate environment pollution caused by construction waste and create economic benefit at the same time.
2、NFLG's construction waste sorting and crushing production line integrates magnetic selection, screening, positive and negative light-weight material separation, manual sorting and crushing into a streamlined production process. It processes construction waste and extracts reusable material, which is reused later in other construction project. We are capable to process construction waste into desirable sorts of materials in accordance with customer’s requirements.
For example:
(1)  Waste iron, wire and other steel spare parts or metal parts, after sorting, are collected and returned to steel mill to turn into steel;
(2) Waste wood could be reclaimed to make paper, heat insulation material or fuel;
(3) Scattered sand mortar could be turned into fine aggregate for further use as ingredient of sand mortar or concrete;
(4) Glass waste could be turned into coarse or fine(after crushing) aggregate as well as returned to make new glass;
(5)  Waste concrete generously could be used as road base material, or serve as raw material of concrete brick or other concrete pre-cast product;
(6) After crushing, sorting, selection and cleaning reclaimed aggregate of specific size could replace natural sand and stone to be used in steel and concrete construction project. The waste is turned from burdensome into gold, while meeting quality requirement of relevant national regulation and thus, it’s no wonder that it would enjoy great demand.

2. Characteristics
(1) high processing capacity, available for lots of kind of finished product;
(2) applying negative and positive pressure separator to delete light-weight material, requiring no water cleaning device;
(3) sealed and enclosed system, environment friendliness;
(4) imported sorting technology, clean finished product.


Main technical parameters of construction waste sorting and crushing production line
ModelMain equipmentInputsize(mm)Processing capacity (tph)Ratedpower(kw)
Primary crushingFeedingScreening machinePositive Pressure separatorSecond crushing Megative Pressure separator
RC200JW40Plate chain    feeder2YK1550.0EH1500CR0142000-300200About 560
RC300JW42Plate chain    feeder883EH1600IP13134000-300300About 700

1、Processing capacity given above is calculated on the basis of bulk density 1200kg/m3, it may vary due to actual worksite material property;
2、Mentioned above raw material has a water content less than 1.6%;
3、For the sake of consultation concerning the construction waste sorting and crushing equipment, please give us following data:
① Raw material characteristics: construction waste source, belongings of sorted material, water content;
② Output requirement
③ Finished product application and size or shape requirement
We are open to provide our customers customer-tailored integrated construction waste solution in accordance with their specific requirements to ensure that the waste processing doesn’t cause second pollution to environment and obtained finished product meets national and local regulation concerning construction material quality.


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