Concrete Expanding Agent(Type UEA)

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Type UEA Expansion Additive for Concrete, is a kind of special admixture for making expansion concrete of Portland Cement, Ordinary Portland Cement and other Portland Cements. Also simply named type U High-effect Expansion Additive for Concrete,

Type UEA Concrete Expansion Additive not only has very good expansion performance, but also because of its low alkalinity characteristics, can inhibit alkali-aggregate reaction and reduce the slump loss of concrete.


To confect anti-crack concrete, anti-seepage concrete, shrinkage compensated concrete. It is also suitable for structure self-waterproof concrete project.

By setting up reinforcing lift, it will be able to reduce to cancel late casting, and reach super-length and seamless construction.

To make components and products of concrete,

To make mass concrete of resistance to crack and seepage

To make anti-seepage outsides of cistern and building, room surfaces of rigidity water proof

To make expanding concrete and self-stressing concrete


Appearance: off-white powder

Low alkalinity content: the factual alkalinity content is controlled less than 0.4%

Low SASOBIT (used quantity): recommended basic volume is only 8% of cement by weight

Low slump loss of concrete

Not belong to flammable solids, corrosives, toxic substance, dangerous goods.


Free of poisonous heavy metal contents such as chromium(Cr), plumbum(Pb),  hydrargyrum(Hg), and chlorine salt composition(Cl) etc.

Alkali Content of Concrete

Alkali Content of Expansion Admixture

Standard Mixing Ratio

Quantity by weight of Expansion Admixture (C = 400kg/m3)

Alkali Content following with Expansion Admixture in Concrete



32 kg/m3

0.0960.128 kg/m3



As per China JC476-2001 Standard


Standard Index



Magnesium Oxide (MgO)  (%)           ≤


Water Ratio (%)                        ≤


Total Alkali Content (%)                 ≤


Chlorine Ion (%)                       ≤


Physical Performance


Specific Surface (m2/kg)      ≥


Residue on 0.08mm Sieve (%) ≤


Residue on 1.25mm Sieve (%) ≤


Setting Time

Initial Setting  (minutes)     ≥


Final Setting  (hour)        ≤





In Water


7 day   ≥


28 day  ≤


In Air (%)

21 day  ≥


Compressive Strength (Mpa)

Method A / Method B

7 day   ≥

25.0 / 20.0

28 day  ≥

45.0 / 40.0

Breaking Strength (Mpa)

Method A / Method B

7 day   ≥

4.5 / 3.5

28 day  ≥

6.5 / 5.5


1. Fineness is indicated by Specific Surface and Residue on 1.25mm Sieve, or Residue on 0.08mm Sieve; When referee test, Fineness is indicated by Specific Surface and Residue on 1.25mm Sieve.

2. In Method A, applying Primary Standard Cement for testing, In method B, applying 42.5Mpa OPC for testing (C3A 68%R2O ≤1%).

3. The strength value of MFR’s Index is only indicated as per Method A.


Dosage and Usage

1.As per related criterion to design mix ratio of concrete, used sand ratio of water proof concrete should be not less than 36%;

2.Inner mixing quantity:

for resistant cracking, preventing leakage and compensating shrinkage concrete, 8%;

for back-pouring lift (reinforcing lift) and filling concrete, 10%;

for joint concrete, 10-12%;

3.the lowest mixing quantity is not less than 30kg/m3, the largest mixing quantity is 45 kg/m3.

4.All construction must confirm the final mixed quantity as per the factual trial.  

5.Type U Concrete Expansion Additive can replace cement by same weight; the amount of type U Concrete Expansion Admixture and cement should be more 320kg/m3. 

6.When C3A content in cement is more 8%, it is necessary to reduce the mixing quantity of type U Concrete Expansion Additive in order to avoid large loss of early strength of concrete.

7.After mixing Concrete Expansion Additive, it will cause concrete modest expansion, dry-shrinkage fallen, increasing of resistant cracking ability, reducing hydreat heat, high late strength, grade of resistant leakage >S12, grade of resistant frost >D150, and improving sulfate resistant corrosion ability.

Transport, Storage and Package

Transport: Classification for conveyance - not required. During the transportation of a large of amount of batteries by ship, trailer or railway, do not leave them in the places of high temperatures and do not allow to exposed to moisture. During the transportation do not allow the packages to be fallen down or damaged.

Storage: to be stored with intact sack in dry. If the sack open, it should be use soon to avoid to be damaged.

Package: plastic woven bag with sole PP bag, 25kg/bag, and /or big bag.

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