Composite crusher for sand stone production line

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Installation: Engineer Guide After sale Service: Life-long Service Advantage: low noise, energy saving, high efficiency.
Features: Stone crusher Max feeding size: 200-1020mm

Product Description:

Composite crusher for sand stone production line

Composite crusher for sand stone production line

Introduction Overview

Composite crusher use a comprehensive domestic and foreign similar crusher technology,optimization design developed into new type of minorcoarse products according to the main technical parameter.Mainly used in small, broken cement plant cement clinker, provides an ideal crushing equipment for cement plant technological transformation or new cement production line.



1.Mainly used in medium and small cement plant.

2.It is used for crushing cement clinker.

3.It is used for crushing ore, sandstone, gypsum, slag, coal and other hard ore.



1.Simple and reasonable structure, low operating costs.

2.High broken rate, energy saving.

3.It has finely, coarse grinding function.

4.It has mall influence by material moisture content, containing moisture up to about 8%.

5.Working noise less than 75 dB, less dust pollution.

6.Suitable for crushing medium hard and extra hard materials.

7.Products into cubes, high bulk density, iron pollution minimal.

8.Impeller lining wear small, easy maintenance.


Compound crusher working principle:

The machine is mainly composed of parts such as frame, rotor, hammer, lining, feed, outlet and so on. The motor drives the rotor through the V-belt, so that the hammer is fixed at the high speed of the rotor. The lining of the inner lining is fully impacted, thereby breaking the material in the crushing chamber.

Also used in iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace slag, lump coal and other medium hard ore broken.


Composite crusher structural features:

The machine is mainly composed of rack, rotor, hammer, lining, feed, outlet and other components. With a large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, smooth operation, simple structure, easy operation and maintenance features.


Technical parameter table


Cylinder   diameter



The grain   size

Spindle   speed

Motor   power














<100 mm

<3-5 60-90%








<120 mm

<3-5 60-90%








<150 mm

<3-5 60-90%








<180 mm

<3-5 60-90%








<200 mm

<3-5 60-90%








<220 mm

<3-5 60-90%





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