• colour coated roofing sheet roll forming machine System 1
  • colour coated roofing sheet roll forming machine System 2
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colour coated roofing sheet roll forming machine

colour coated roofing sheet roll forming machine

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colour coated roofing sheet machine



Customer needs

Working  efficiency


Thickness of Material


Can changed depend on your need

Width of material


Control system


Uncoiler system

5Ton Manual Operation

1250mm width

Forming by rolling

13 rows

Roller material

GCR15 Aluminium processing after quenchin HRC58-62℃,Chrome plated

Shaft and the diameter of axle

45#Aluminium-processing ,diameter of axle=80mm

Main part power


Hydraulic motor power


Hydraulic pressure


Scissor material

Cr12Mov, herd steel HRC 58-62℃

length tolerance



380V, 50HZ,3 phase

adjustable by customer needs

Frame form

arch type

Driving Method



Yellow and blueadjustable


length*Width*Height - 8.2*1.65*1.5m


Nude package in 1*20GP container

Delivery date

60 working days

Payment Method

30% T/T in advance and balance 70% after inspection confirmation before shipment.

Packaging & Shipping

Payment terms

Price: FOB Tianjin new port

Payment: 30% T/T in advance and balance 70% after inspection confirmation before shipment.

Delivery: within 45 working days after receipt of deposit.


1. One year, and we will provide the technical support for the whole life.

2. Training: the buyer should charge of visa, return ticket, food and accommodation overseas and USD50/person/day for salary.

3. Need one technician

4. Training time: one week (contains the time of installation and adjustment)

Q:What are the advantages of cement tile machine?
A machine multi-purpose, tile mode switch fast, fool-type operation, low power, CNC molding. Unique design, multi-functional hydraulic molding, user-friendly interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, to fill the gaps in the domestic.
Q:The processing method of the tile machine
Ingredients when the sand too much, resulting in tile sticky enough, when there is cracks in the cracks.
Q:What steps are required during the installation of the cement tile machine?
Board installation and commissioning: board and machine axis consistent with the plane of the plane and the plane on the plane in the same plane, and the vibration table to maintain a certain distance to ensure that the pallet smooth from the vibration table to the delivery Board machine chain, for the
Q:Analysis on the Problems of Cement Shade Machine
Pan alkali base water, alkali or salt content is too high, the water vapor will bring out the salt and the bottom of the film or surface precipitation; tile body alkaline, in the water after the alkali will be discharged through the pores, the formation of small bubbles. Remove all the affected and the loss of adhesion of the film, to be fully dry tile body, treated with oxalic acid and washed with water, dry and then brushing; follow the construction specifications, do grass-roots waterproof, to ensure that the substrate conditions meet the construction requirements. Gloss uneven uneven base layer is not uniform, the adsorption of the film is not high; film thickness is not uniform; the same side using different construction tools; the same side using different batches of products.

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