CNBM High Temperature 90 Degree Elbow Silicone Radiator Rubber Hose

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Product Description:

Product Description


ID(mm)Leg Length/sideReinforced LayerWall Thickness
1/4" (6.5mm)3"4-ply5mm
5/16" (8mm)3"4-ply5mm
3/8" (9.5mm)3"4-ply5mm
7/16" (11mm)3"4-ply5mm
1/2" (13mm)4"4-Ply5mm
5/8" (16mm)4"4-Ply5mm
3/4" (19mm)4"4-Ply5mm
7/8" (22mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1" (25mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 1/8" (28mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 3/16" (30mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 1/4" (32mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 3/8" (35mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 1/2" (38mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 5/8" (41mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 3/4" (45mm)4"4-Ply5mm
1 7/8" (48mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2" (51mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2 1/8" (54mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2 1/4" (57mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2 3/8" (60mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2 1/2" (63mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2 9/16" (65mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2 11/16" (68mm)4"4-Ply5mm
2 3/4" (70mm)4"4-Ply5mm
3" (76mm)4"4-Ply5mm
3 1/8" (80mm)4"4-Ply5mm
3 1/4" (83mm)4"4-Ply5mm
3 1/2" (89mm)4"4-Ply5mm
3 3/4" (95mm)4"4-Ply5mm
4" (102mm)4"4-Ply5mm
4 1/2" (114mm)4"4-Ply5mm
5" (127mm)4"4-Ply5m






Tube:EPDM compound or SBR compound.
Cover:Synthetic rubber.
Reinforcement:Multiple fiber braid.
Temp.Range: upto +120°C(EPDM);upto  +80°C(SBR)
Burst Pressure(B.P.):Working Pressure(W.P.)*3


packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:according to your request for packing
Delivery Detail:5 days for sample time

CNBM High Temperature 90 Degree Elbow Silicone Radiator Rubber HoseCNBM High Temperature 90 Degree Elbow Silicone Radiator Rubber Hose

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      1) We have SGS & BV Certification.   

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What’s your payment terms?
A: TT, L/C, DP and DA are all acceptable. TT will be more appreciated. 30% deposit before producing, 70% balance before loading by TT.
What is the delivery time?
A: It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, the delivery time will be 5 to 15 days.
How to pack the products?
A: We use standard package. If you have special package requirements, we will pack as required.
Do you have OEM or ODM service?
A: Yes. Both OEM and ODM are welcome!

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Q:What is negative pressure rubber shock proof joint? Is vacuum piping available?
Negative pressure resistant rubber shock joint is simple product requirements than the general negative pressure resistant rubber joint rubber joint is much higher, simply can't stand the pressure, for example the pipe diameter is 0.1kg pressure, rubber tube will suck flat, so with the outward pressure pipeline is completely different, negative pressure, diameter must be increase the pressure guide tube, negative pressure diversion tube also is what we usually say is a carbon steel pipe in the shock absorber rubber hose diameter, but joint diameter than the original diameter, the pressure guide tube, shock absorber rubber hose will not be sucked flat, so that the original vibration isolation and shock proof box the expansion effect is not affected, only the affected joint is slightly smaller diameter.
Q:What kinds of pipe joints can be divided into? What are the differences between the so-called one - piece pipe joint and other types of pipe joint?
The integral type is a pressure hose, and the hose joint is mostly of two parts, and the integral part combines the two parts together
Q:The use of anti slip rubber joints under what circumstances?
The flange connecting the rubber joint shall be the valve flange or the flange conforming to GB/T9115.1 (RF).
Q:Laboratory condensate water pipe must use rubber tube, shall not use latex tube reasons
Low temperature bending test at low temperature: hose clamp on rigid torsion wheel diameter hose diameter 12 times, for 6 hours at a low temperature, twisted 180 degrees within 12s when the measured torque and the standard temperature measured torque ratio. Low temperature bending: hose clamped in the diameter of the hose within 12 times the torsion wheel, parked at low temperatures for 24 hours, in the 10s to reverse 180 degrees, check whether or not the internal and external plastic brittle fracture and damage.
Q:Method for connecting glass tube and rubber tube
Wet the connection with water first. Just turn it clockwise
Q:Automotive applications of rubber hose
Each kind of rubber has its characteristic, therefore is specially important in the hose material selection. Basically the high-end cars use materials is relatively good, some poor materials using mini car, van, car and as some in the use of nitrile rubber as fuel tube, nitrile rubber are not suitable for fuel system. Thus, the substitution of epichlorohydrin rubber fluorine rubber hose is relatively extensive.
Q:Will the electric water heater be well connected with metal hose or hose?
For electric water heater, now the industry is required to use PPR pipe to its inlet and outlet for welding, on the one hand, long service life, can effectively prevent the water heater inlet and outlet leakage;
Q:Aging of natural gas pipeline
Replace gas hose.The gas hose is a special hose connection of gas pipelines and gas appliances, according to the analysis of some gas accident statistics, because the gas hose aging or bitten by rats caused by gas leakage accidents accounted for more than 30% of all gas accidents.
Q:How can the hose of natural gas be connected to the water heater?
One end is connected to the water heater, the other end is connected to the gas pipe, and the other end of the gas pipe needs to be equipped with three through. Are you installing it yourself? Why don't you find the man who installed the water heater to put you through? Suggest that you still find professionals to connect, so that relatively safe. Hope to be of help to you.
Q:The function of rubber joint?
After installation, it can reduce the noise caused by vibration of pipes, pumps and so on, and has strong vibration absorption ability

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