Classic chesterfield chair yellow real imported leather

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A stunning design, evolved from the original Chesterfield designs of the 1800′s.Regarded by many as the perfectChesterfield Sofa, with hand buttoned seat, renaissance hand studding and raised mahogony feet on polished brass castors. A classic of its kind ;Traditional Vintage British Style. This piece would bring a flair to any home or office space.

  • Handmade In High Quality Linen&Cotton Fabric for Our Chesterfield sofa

  • Polished Hardwood Frame Made In factory

  • Full Handmade & Buttoned&Turfted Backrest&Feather Cushions

  • Real Wood Bunfeet

  • Hand Studded Front Facings

  • From Construction Of The Wooden Frame To Filling In the Cushions all is completed In house

  • Individual Seating Options to your requirements (soft, Medium, Firm)

  • Delivery about 20 working days

  • Payment Option 30% Deposit Rest Of Balance Before Shipping.

  • Free Swatch Service for the Chesterfield sofa

  • We Deliver Worldwide (Please call/email for a free quotation)

  • 5 Years Manufacturers Guarantee for all of Our Chesterfield sofas

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