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Designer: ChesterfieldModel number: HY-C050
Dimension: W214CM*D87cm*H71cm(3seater),  W166CM*D87cm*H71cm(2seater),  W118cm*D87cm*H71cm(1seater)Seat height: 42cmPacking size:Net weight: 52kgGross weight: 60kgMaterial: Italian leather

The Chesterfield Classic Suite available in 3+2 (Three Seater Settee and Two Seater).

The Chesterfield Leather Sofa with it's unique  Low Back Style, Deep Buttoned Arms and Back complemented with a Buttoned Front Border. The Scroll Fronted arms on the Chesterfield Leather Sofa are attractively embellished with lines of individual stud nails. An undoubted winner in any room from the cottage to the boardroom. A classic of its kind Traditional Vintage British Style.

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