Cheapest 5 inch Smartphone Android Quad core Smartphone

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Plateform CPUMTK6582+Android 4.2
Display5.0“ HD 1280*720
Colorwhite, blue,black, yellow
Band/FrequencyGSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz+WCDMA850/2100
TypeDual sim Dual standy
Mobile size113*61*10.2mm
Supportradio output, loud speaker
Memory extendedSupport T-flash card
BluetoothYes 3.0
CameraDual  camera 2.0MP+ 8.0MP
Standby time80-100hrs
AccessoriesBattery *1; Charge *1, USB cable*1; Packing *1; User Manual*1
Current languageSupport Multi-languages

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Q:Mobile phone in Washing Machine?!?!?!?
ok this is a little scandilous but i have a friend that did this once your phone is broken sorry, call up your phone company right now and put insurance on it in two days say you dropped your phone in water pay a small fee for the claim and in a couple days here comes a replacement phone
Q:Mobile phone desktop pages too much, how to delete?
Let the phone in the "desktop" state. Two fingers hold the screen and slide to the middle.
Q:T Mobile G1 Phone Unlock Process?
You need a T-Mobile account and data plan just to set the phone up initially. I have one, so I've done it. When you first fire up the phone, it expects to find a T-Mobile sim with an active data plan, and you have to set up Google access with either an existing account or a new account set up on the phone. Once you do that, I understand you can unlock the phone and use it with other GSM systems (like ATT), but there are a couple of caveats: 1. You won't be able to use the T-Mobile data network, even with a ATT data plan. 2. You can allegedly tweak the phone to use the ATT data network, but you still have to have a data plan to do so. 3. You won't have any 3G access on ATT or T-Mobile's network. It will work with the edge network, but since the phoen si a 3G phone, you lost the advantage of that higher speed network. To me, doing it this way is no advantage. Even though ATT has better 3G coverage (currently), T-Mobile is rapidly rolling theirs out, and it is available in many major cities. I have it where I work in DC, but not where I live yet in Jacksonville, Florida, but the edge network works there really well. I know you have an ATT plan, but if your contract is up or close to it, I'd switch. I'm very happy with T-Mobile (been with them many years) and the G1 is an excellent phone.
Q:how can I send a mobile phone to Nigeria and have it work?
if it extremely is somebody bidding on your telephone on OKorder or craigslist desiring you to deliver to Nigeria its a rip-off. cellular telephones are plenty greater low-fee in Nigeria than in Europe or the U. S. no one might ever purchase a telephone from distant places till it grow to be a rip-off. they're going to the two deliver a faux Paypal notification, or use a stolen Paypal account, or use a real account then opposite the fees when you deliver the telephone. Dont do it. Google Nigerian OKorder rip-off or Nigerian craigslist rip-off. when I published a used telephone on the industry 80% of the people who contacted me needed it despatched to Nigeria, all scammers. in case you deliver to something however the registered Paypal handle you're no longer secure. in the event that they want it shipped to Nigeria they are able to the two deliver it themselves or deliver DHL or FedEx to %. up from you AFTER the money is on your account, by no ability till now
Q:Who has the best pre-paid mobile phone service?
Best is a subjective measurement. For me, my Trac Phone is the best because it does exactly what I want and nothing more. No cameras, no MP3 players, no internet, no nonsense. The battery lasts about 7-10 days between charges. I have never been anywhere (and I travel all up and down the west coast and up into the mountians) where it would not get signal but other phones would -- just the opposite in fact, mine is usually the only one that WILL get signal out of the major metro areas. The phone itself costs about $18 and if I loose it or break it, there is no charge to transfer my minutes to a new one (just $18 for a new phone, less than most others). The minutes are a lot more expensive though, unless you buy the service contract sort of thing. But I like being able to just quit using the thing if I don't need it and no further expenses.
Q:Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Question?
I don't like touch screens. they have lots of issues. so i say no. virgin mobile uses Sprints network so the network is pretty good. $25 will give you 300 minutes and unlimited text and web. or $40 will give you 1200 minutes and unlimited text and web. phones aren't to bad. never had a dropped call but don't talk much. text messages are not delayed unless you don't have signal. If you decide to go with Virgin Mobile, use this code(AGpvWXLq) case sensitive, when you activate your account when you add $20 or more to your phone for the first time. 60 FREE mins for both of us. any questions just email me. kickback code: AGpvWXLq
Q:Where can I get a replacement t-mobile phone?
I've t-mobile phone if you like one.
Q:How Do Mobile Phones Interfere With Flight Stystems?
It's not just mobile phones but all hand held electronic devices are to be turned off during take off and landings. This came about long before cell phones. The reason being, when the first portable radios came out they produced a radio frequency called IF frequency, which happened to be the same IF frequency that the aircraft radio receivers used. Having both radios on at the same time could cause problems. AM receivers still use the same IF frequency, but now the transmitted signal is a lot less than the days of tubes. But to be on the safe side, the FAA still bans all hand held electronics.
Q:how does mobile phone use radio wave propagation?
The mobile phone is a radio transciever just like a walkie talkie. The only difference is that it is duplexed (meaining you don't have to push a button to talk) it is using a reserved fequency and is communicating (for the most part) digitally with data packets instead of a broadcast analog signal. When you place a call, your phone sends a signal to the tower asking for permission to connect to the cellular network. The tower assigns your phone (if you are a subscriber in its database, that is) a frequency and time slot to send it's data packets on. The time slots rotate very fast; many times per second. And as you talk, your phone records what you say, turns it into a digital data packet and when the time slot is right, it fires the packet to the cell tower. The cell tower then sends the data packet down a T1 line or over a microwave link to a switch which then sends the data packet to another cell tower and to the person on the other mobile phone. The other person's mobile phone receives the data packet and plays the data back as an audio sound. Needless to say that all this is happening so fast that we are usually inable to detect it with our ears. But on occasion when you get in a place with bad coverage and your connection sounds choppy, what you are hearing are data packets that have gotten lost somehow. I hope that is not too technical. I tried to keep it in layman's language.
Q:Mobile phone confusion HELP!?
Droid 2. qwerty keyboard, touchscreen, internet and Apps.

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