chain sling,Safety factor:4:1,single leg、two legs etc

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Product Range:Chain sling factory mainly produce high-tensile lifting chain, high-tensile chain sling, round link chain and steel compact chain for scraper conveyor and auxiliary part for mine chain.

Equipment:Chain factory has chain making machine, flash butt welder, stretcher from WaFiOs (german) and sPEcTROMaXx brand metallurgical analysis spectrograph.With the expansion of the market share in recent years, the factory has built 17 chain production lines, 3 chain sling assembly lines and 2 ring welding lines.

Scientific achievements:Mining chain obtained Ma certificate. Lifting chain obtained cE certificate and participated in the compose of GB/T24816 “Short link chain and hoists lifting chain with grade eight ordinary precision chain”. The chain adopts high-quality special steel material from the domestic and foreign market and produced in accordance with the standard of En818-2, gB/ T24816-2009, GB/T12718-2009, Q/JL018-2012.Production range is Φ6-Φ48mm.。

Angle β≤45°when the chain sling was used. If unspecified it defaults to the value. Angle βis the angle between chain segments and the plumb line



chain sling,Safety factor:4:1,single leg、two legs etc

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Q:What's the sling for a movie?
WIA, is used to protect the athlete's device is generally with a strong rope tied to the athlete's protection belt.
Q:What is the influence of lifting angle on rigging?
The vertical lifting is the best scheme for lifting. The smaller the angle between the sling and the vertical is, the greater the angle is, the greater the force the sling will bear. The sling will be easily broken off, which will lead to an accident, which is for reference only
Q:The wire rope lock can hang a lot of things
Ask the manufacturer of the rope sling. The tension of the sling is eighty-five percent of the wire rope, then divided by the safety factor 6. The pulling force of the wire rope is related to the wire rope structure, diameter and intensity level. It is for reference only.
Q:Which brand is better for imported rigging?
CarlStahl set up Chinese branch in Hangzhou in 2006, mainly engaged in CarlStahl brand heavy duty crane, lifting fixture, spring balancer, hoist, crane beam, lift hook, rope, wire rope, tie, round sling hoisting products etc..
Q:What tools are slings in lifting operations? What is the function of the slings?
Sling is one of the most common operation tools in hoisting operation.
Q:Why do not different kinds or different sizes of slings and slings are used together?
Choose proper slings and slings according to the specific conditions of the heavy loads; no heavy weights are allowed to be attached directly with the hooks, and no different kinds are allowed
Q:What are the installation steps for crane beams?
Crane operation is relatively dangerous, the installation of crane beam should be standardized to ensure the safety of crane operation. How many points should I pay attention to when installing the crane?:(1) the actual elevation of the corbel should be measured before the installation of the steel crane beam, so that the construction error of the elevation can be adjusted when the crane beam is installed, so as to prevent the error accumulation.The installation sequence of crane beam is as follows: installing crane beam, installing auxiliary truss and installing brake beam.(2) crane shall be used by slings, lashing or reliable clamps. The binding point shall be determined according to the weight and length of the crane beam. Generally, the angle of the sling shall be greater than 45 degrees at the ends of the center of gravity of the crane beam.(3) should be placed after the crane beam, the connecting plate is connected with the fixed edge plate and column crane girder structure, to prevent the crane hook loose after crane girder longitudinal and lateral movement of dumping.(4) crane beam correction should be performed in all bolts after installation, to prevent the installation of bolts when the crane beam shift change; prohibited welding in the crane girder under the flange and web on suspension and fixture.(5) adjust the elevation of the crane beam, correct the center line and span after titanium.
Q:What does the inspection of rigging involve?
At present, the wire ropes can detect the broken wires and wear of the wire ropes and display them digitally.
Q:Do cranes have the same wire ropes, slings, slings and cables?
To be exact, different things are very relevantThe cable belongs to the sling and belongs to the spreaderA wire rope can be made into a wire rope rigging
Q:Which sling manufacturer is more reliable?
A variety of commonly used wire rope phosphating coating steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire rope or coated steel wire rope, the use of atmospheric environment, patented technology to produce manganese phosphating coating of steel wire rope has the longest lifespan, heavy corrosion environment optimization of hot galvanized wire rope double - phosphating coating.

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