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Ceramic proppant is the key material in low-permeability fracturing of oil and gas wells exploration. It is used in the construction of deep well fracturing, be filled to the low permeability of the rock deposits in the cracks, fracturing close to the high oil recovery operations, so that oil and gas cracked rock, support for propping fractures not close because of releasing force, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas, not only can increase the oil and gas production output, also can extend the oil and gas wells length of service.

Product Classification

1. By anti-Crushing Strength: 52MPa (7500psi), 69MPa (10000psi), 86MPa (12500psi), 103MPa (15000psi).

2. By volume density: low density, high density, medium density.

3. By the specifications: 6-12mesh,8-16mesh,12-18mesh, 12-20 mesh, 16-20 mesh, 16-30 meshes, 20-40 eye, 30-50 mesh, 40-60 orders, 40-70 mesh, 70-140 mesh, etc.

Users can choose different specifications of products according to their needs.

We has established a sound quality assurance system in accordance with ISO9001:2008. The ceramic proppants successfully passed the authentication of Reservoir Stimulation Laboratory of RIPED-Langfang PetroChina, STIM-Lab and Frac-Tech Lab. The products have been widely used in major oil & gas fields domestically and abroad, while satisfying the demands of oil mining in different conditions. As a supplier of WEATHERFORD, we receive high praise while the products are sold to Russia, America, Kazakhstan, and other countries, as well as CNPC and SINOPEC. The annual output of the six production lines is 210000 MT.

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