Campinglight CR-1073A-1 Campinglight CR-1073A-1

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$40.00 - 61.00 / g
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TT or LC
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1000 g
Supply Capability:
200000 g/month

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◆Rubberized ABC
◆Over charging & Discharging Protection

Campinglight CR-1073A-1  Campinglight CR-1073A-1







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Q:Outdoor lighting, flashlights and emergency lights, good tents, camping lights, where can I buy them? The key is genuine licensed?
Outdoor torches mainly look at the wick, and now basically use Q5, T6 LED, brightness is enough. Can go shopping network to find, and more, you can also go to 58 city to see.
Q:About camping problems (Chongqing area)
Outdoor experience can be Baidu search Alice space, seems to be cq69 point, Kang MuOutdoor shopping can go to seven star Zhongtian transit base camp, this is a factory direct store, things can compare
Q:Solar tent camping camping lamp, where is the wholesale?
ECOO solar company production of solar tent, solar lanterns, solar micro kitchen etc. every kind of outdoor camping products.
Q:The hand that Decathlon sells camping lamp charger only a car charger
I don't know exactly, but camping lights are usually between 1-3 watts, that is, between 0.1-0.25 and ann.If you have to be specific, I suggest you go to the store and ask the salesperson.
Q:Led how long is the camping lamp No. five lighting?
The power consumption of LED lamp is large and small. The time is calculated according to the consumption current.
Q:What does "explosion proof lamp" mean? Why "explosion prevention"?
It is a kind of lighting lamp with explosion proof performance. The main flameproof explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof lamps, safety explosion-proof lamps and other mobile dangerous places exist for combustible gas and dust, to prevent the lamp may produce arc, spark ignition and high temperature surroundings of combustible gas and dust, so as to achieve the requirements of explosion-proof lamps.Mainly flameproof explosion-proof lamps, safety explosion-proof lamps, mobile explosion-proof lamps and so on. BC9300 explosion-proof platform lamp produced by bright electric appliance is suitable for lighting and other flammable and explosive places, such as petrochemical equipment, oil platform, gas station, oil pump room and transfer station.
Q:What is the light of an outdoor camping lamp?
A gas with LED lampPersonally think that if you are not afraid of wasting, selection of gas medium brightness in the middle of the night with a gas tank is not a problem.
Q:Can I use explosion proof lamp at 80 degrees high temperature?
Look at the instructions. What is the ambient temperature of the lamp?
Q:Danger zone should be installed where the explosion-proof lamp, specific to that one
The dangerous area should be equipped with explosion proof lamp, which is stipulated in the safety regulations for explosive dangerous sites.Safety regulations for explosive dangerous sitesGeneral provisionsArticle 1 These Provisions are formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor law of the People's Republic of China in order to strengthen the safety management of explosive sites and prevent the occurrence of casualty accidents.Article second the term "explosion danger place" as mentioned in these Regulations refers to the place where precautions against the production, use, storage and loading and unloading of explosive materials occur due to the explosion of a mixture.Article third these Provisions apply to enterprises within the territory of People's Republic of China where there is explosive danger.Individual economic organizations are governed by these regulations.Fourth the labor administrative departments of the people's governments at or above the county level shall conduct supervision and inspection of explosive dangerous sites.
Q:I want to go camping, want to learn the soldiers,
Live: the tent cloth mat sleeping bags, moisture-proof pad radio MP3 camping lamp flashlight battery toilet paperFood: stove gas (or oil) water purifier pot kettle bag food chopsticks spoon what (optional) if you are not sure of water, but also to bring enough waterThe most important kindling materials are lighters, matches, matches, flint, etc. to ensure safetyLine: mountaineering pole (two), escape ropeTools: shovel out the compass pick axe camping campingMedicine: cold medicine, antiphlogistic, antidiarrheal, gauze, bandage, band aid, surgical blade, sterilizing article, candleClothes: except for normal comfortable clothes, raincoats, gloves, hats and glasses......Love to smoke, bring enough cigarettes, a person, do not drinkMountaineering bag + mountaineering bag, rainproof cover, conditional with GPS and satellite telephone + manual or solar chargerBring a hot water bag, and keep warm at night. A solar hot water bag for bathing, if you want it.These items can be reduced according to the use and weight

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