Campinglight CR-1073A Campinglight CR-1073A

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$40.00 - 61.00 / g
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TT or LC
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1000 g
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200000 g/month

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Product Description:

◆Portable LED Penlight
◆chosen rechargeable battery or dry battery
◆DC 12V cigarette plug charger
◆7W Fluorescent tube

Campinglight CR-1073A  Campinglight CR-1073A







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Q:Are there any good camping lights recommended?
Tank007 home, camping lights can also be good, red or white collocation Softboxes, good effect
Q:What's the difference between an explosion proof lamp and an ordinary fluorescent lamp?
First of all, "explosion proof" means to prevent the explosion of electrical appliances, such as sparks. So it's called explosion proof.Explosion proof is only from the explosion-proof surface, bell mouth. Make an article on the seal. This means that when the device fails, it does not produce sparks. It means that the equipment and the real society are taken off.So, do you understand? I really don't want to use professional language to answer questions.Professional, upstairs has been answered!
Q:What is an explosion proof lamp?
The gas and steam in the following table is based on this basic rule. Following a variety of gases or vapours with letters: a) MESG b) MIC ratio value grading; grading; c) as well as the determination of MESG were also measured MIC ratio; d) classification of similar chemical structure (preliminary classification) Note: 1 by volume, all methane mixtures containing 15% or less hydrogen should be included in the "industrial use of methane". 2 carbon monoxide can contain enough moisture in order to saturate carbon monoxide and air mixtures in a standard environment. Not included in the table can be classified according to the gas of MIC and MESG, but must pay attention to its special properties (e.g. according to MIC and MESG in C class II, but it's too large explosion pressure of hydrogen and methane, should be listed in the C II) want to know more details please visit the website tormin explosion of knowledge.
Q:Use of camping lights
Lighting tools are used at a critical time, so be sure to choose a viable product, in this regard careless, that is, irresponsible for their lives.
Q:What is the explosion-proof lamp used for?
What's the difference between an emergency light and an ordinary light?Emergency lights are generally designed as rectangular shapes, with remote searchlight and short-range illumination. LED quality emergency lights are generally white light, and absolutely no strobe, so the eye is good. The utility model has the advantages of convenient carrying, free movement at home, or portable camping in the wild.And ordinary table lamp or rechargeable table lamp usually see more, also do not say more, generally do not have long-range searchlight function, and carry not emergency convenience.Question: I want to ask is the explosion-proof lamp is emergency lights? Should the lighting in the elevator room be fitted with an explosion proof lamp? Answer: explosion-proof lamp is emergency lights, elevator room lighting, the use of explosion-proof lamp
Q:What is the specific difference between explosion-proof lamps and ordinary lamps?
The explosion-proof explosion-proof lamp has the effect in special circumstances not, because the use of sealed, waterproof effects, of which there is such a strange Chen lighting, ordinary lamps not work under special circumstances, because no such protection light source.
Q:Does the solar energy charge for solar camping lights work?
This is true, and now you can do the battery board and tent combination, you can also take battery storage.
Q:What's the meaning of "bad81 80xh" for explosion proof lamp?
The thread flameproof and spigot flameproof structure, reliable explosion-proof performance;The silicon rubber sealing ring, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, the structure design of high protection, to prevent sea level requirements;The configuration of industrial energy-saving light source, stable and reliable performance;We use 99.99% pure aluminum reflector, anodic oxidation treatment, high reflection efficiency;The steel pipe wiring G3/4 ".
Q:Summer camp is coming. Peaceful, sunny, solar power, camping light?
Dear, as energy-saving famous brand, peace, sunshine, power generation, solar camping lights, how can less? And it's absolutely affordable and easy to use. When you go out to travel and camp, don't forget to bring along a peaceful, power, solar camping light that lights your way and guides you in the direction of your trip.
Q:What are the three elements of an explosion proof lamp?
Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, explosion proof, I produce lamps and lanterns here

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