Campinglight CR-1073S-1 Campinglight CR-1073S-1

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◆DC 13V cigarette plug charger

Campinglight CR-1073S-1  Campinglight CR-1073S-1 




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Q:Introduction to camping lights
Camping lights are provided at the camp for lighting, scaring off wild animals, indicating camp locations, etc., and are movable lights.
Q:Can I check on the LED charging camp lamp before the size of the oil lamp?
Rest assured to check, you can! Small battery can be checked, I can check before charging treasure
Q:Why can explosion proof lamp be explosion-proof?
In addition to flameproof lamps, there is an increase of safety type explosion-proof lamps, the shell is increased safety type, or DMC plastic material.Fluorescent lamps are used for explosion-proof lamp tubes, explosion-proof ballasts, as well as open lid interlocking power off devices.The lamp with E27/E40 lamp holder must be in accordance with the explosion-proof porcelain lamp holder, and there is a flameproof chamber in the lamp holder.Free metal sodium lamp shall not be used.
Q:I want to buy solar camping lights. Where can I find a retail solar camping light in Baise?
Landlord, Guangxi Baise is a solar camping lamp to sell, but travel with a solar energy is bulky, you can try Tonman lamp light camp Mini size, not only can charge mobile phone can whenever and wherever possible, and put the bag with SOS whenever and wherever possible, the international distress signal lamp, infrared sensor lights, remote control, adjustable light with Tonman, the camp lights, let you travel safety.
Q:What brand is better for camping lights? Cost-effective.
Upstairs said that not heard; camping words must be bright enough, life will take a long time to ~ last West Bay camping is to explore the customer of the flashlight, was also quite good ~ with a soft mask is just like a lamp.
Q:How to connect the explosion proof lampOur new paint cover, inside a lamp.
Directly from the lamp wiring, it is best to use the pipe wiring channels, outdoor access to the main line longer distance, the middle if there is a line, it is necessary to use explosion-proof junction box, if there is a control switch, but also explosion-proof.Installation and connection of explosion proof lamp and its using methodExplosion proof lamp installation:1, determine the installation position of lamps and lanterns, choose the proper installation method, and according to the lamp to the 220V power supply contact distance, prepare the corresponding length of phi 6~8mm three core cable;Two 2, locking the socket open open the rear cover, three core cable will be ready to end through the inlet, the FireWire (L) connected to the "L" terminal, the zero line (N) connected to the N terminal on the ground (PE) connected to the PE terminal, then the cable into the mouth by pressing a nut tightly, close the rear lid lock buckle buckle, the three core cable the other end is connected with the power supply, lighting can be realized.3. When changing the bulb, use the method 2 to open the back cover, turn the lamp holder to the right, pull it out of the light cover, turn off the old bulb on the lamp holder and replace it with a new bulb.Be careful:1, transportation will be installed in the lamp equipped with cardboard box, explosion-proof lamp and add foam shock absorption.2, when used, the lamp surface has a certain temperature rise, is a normal phenomenon; transparent parts of the center temperature is higher, not touch.3, replace the bulb, should use the same type, power of the bulb; if change the bulb type or power, should replace the corresponding ballast.
Q:What are the functions of the multi function LED camping lamp?
You don't know which is the solar camping lamp, if new camping lights, with lighting and charging for small electronic products, the green solar energy into electricity, both energy saving and no need to worry about power depletion.
Q:Go buy a rechargeable car, camp lights, tent lights, camping lights, fishing lights best! The cheapest!
Go to the three mountaineering Japanese and Korean fashion shop! They are camp lights, tent lights, camping lights, fishing lights stores, manufacturers direct supply, the price is not expensive, there is quality assurance.
Q:Detailed structure of explosion proof lamp
There are too many types of explosion proof lamps. Which type are you asking?For example: flameproof explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof lamp, increased safety explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof, explosion-proof flashlight, emergency lamp, explosion-proof explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm lamp, explosion-proof lamp, explosion-proof explosion-proof ballast platform, electronic anti explosion lamp and trigger explosion-proof apperture lamp, explosion-proof lamp etc.For example, explosion-proof lamp is composed of three parts: explosion proof lamp, lamp pole and pedestal. The base is equipped with special ballast for wiring box or street lamp. Light source type and power: self ballasted mercury lamp, incandescent lamp, outer town mercury lamp and metal halide lampReference: China explosion-proof network
Q:Is the explosion-proof lamp waterproof?
Explosion proof lamp is not waterproof.The explosion-proof lamp is used for dangerous places exist combustible gas and dust, to prevent the lamp may produce arc, spark ignition and high temperature surroundings of combustible gas and dust, so as to achieve the requirements of explosion-proof lamps. Also known as explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lighting. Different flammable gas mixture environment has different requirements for explosion proof grade and explosion proof form of explosion proof lamp. Refer specifically to GB3836, IEC60079.

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