Campinglight CR-1082F/PA Campinglight CR-1082F/PA

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$45.00 - 52.00 / g
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TT or LC
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1000 g
Supply Capability:
200000 g/month

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◆DC 12V cigarette plug charger

Campinglight CR-1082F/PA  Campinglight CR-1082F/PA







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Q:How do you make the solar camping lamp?
Sally Jia solar lighting, specializing in the production of solar camping lights.
Q:What about hiking lights, camping lights, no headlights?
Headlights are necessary, but mountaineering or camping is dangerous. Safety first, rope, knife, lighters, small box, anti mosquito water, the necessary water and canned food, lighting, rain, compression tools are necessary.
Q:Can the LED lamp be used as an explosion-proof lamp? Can you pass the fire check?
Hello, LED is the light emitting diode. Fluorescent tubes are traditional fluorescent tubes.Instead of the traditional fluorescent tube, it can be installed in the explosion-proof lamps, instead of LED led.
Q:What are the models of explosion proof lamp 5?
General Factory, shipping multi-purpose PHILIPS, single wing explosion-proof lamp, there are two types of PHILIPS, TLX, 20W/33 and TLX 40W/33 these two models
Q:In the field, camping lights are controlled by light, and will automatically turn on at night.
The photosensitive resistance is good, is the use of photosensitive resistance resistance control, adjustable, variable resistance strong light, weak light resistance becomes large, the optional range of resistance is generally used in outdoor is 18 - 50, 40 - 140, the specific right, according to the results of the test. If the product needs to export, it is necessary to choose the environmental protection of photosensitive resistance is a photosensitive sensor, some manufacturers also said photosensitive resistance, environmental protection, that is a lie, a photosensitive resistance photosensitive sensor in terms of price, they hope to help you.
Q:What are the necessary equipment for camping? What brand is good?
Can hang camping lights, emergency lights must be super bright lightingA double tent; a camp tentPortable camping stove for outdoor picnic and camping
Q:Next week, we're going out with our friends, and we've got 2
In addition, solar panels can generate electricity on a cloudy day, but the efficiency will be very low.
Q:What are the difference between explosion proof lamp and ordinary lamp?
The explosion-proof explosion-proof lamp has the effect in special circumstances not, because the use of sealed, waterproof effects, of which there is such a strange Chen lighting, ordinary lamps not work under special circumstances, because no such protection light source.
Q:What about solar charging and multipurpose portable camping light?
See if the battery is dead or out of touch
Q:How to distinguish explosion proof lamp and non explosion proof lamp
The explosion proof lamp is hermetically sealed, including a switch.

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