AC street light LUMO type 40W lamp ( DC option available)

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AC street light LUMO type 40W lamp ( DC option available)

Basic informations

Color Temperature(CCT):                3500-7000K

Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):   150 LM/W

Color Rendering Index(Ra):             70

Support Dimmer:                             Yes

Lighting solutions service:               Project Installation

Lifespan (hours):                              50000

Working Time (hours):                     12

Light Source:                                    LED

Input Voltage(V):                              AC 220V

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):                150 LM/W

CRI (Ra>):                                         70

Working Temperature(℃):               -20 - 60

IP Rating:                                          IP65

Certification:                                     CE, CQC, RoHS

Warranty(Year):                                3-Year

Place of Origin:                                Jiangsu, China

Model Number:                               LUMO AC 40W

Beam Angle(°):                                120

Application:                                     ROAD

Color:                                               Light Grey

Power Supply:                                 AC 220V

Images of the lamp

AC street light LUMO type 40W lamp ( DC option available)

AC street light LUMO type 40W lamp ( DC option available)

Delivery and package

Carton, pallet, standard sea transport package

AC street light LUMO type 40W lamp ( DC option available)


Q:What is the street lamp
Street lights to light as a unit, a few "light" lights
Q:What is the poles of the material
Usually in the night or dark when the start shiny, after dawn off.
Q:Which government department management is the street lamp?
The administrative departments of urban construction of the local people's governments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the work of urban road lighting facilities in their respective administrative regions.
Q:What are the benefits of Led Streetlights?
LED lights and conventional street lamps is different, LED light source using low voltage DC power supply
Q:What are the dangers of streetlight glare?
Comparison of glare: indoor main lights and table lighting than the light is too large, there will be contrast glare, it can not only open the lamp.
Q:Solar street light solar panel selection of crystalline silicon or polysilicon
Monocrystalline silicon solar panels Advantages: photoelectric conversion efficiency, good stability
Q:There are several kinds of street lights?
Electricity is divided into solar street lights LED city lights
Q:Consult the street project budget
Timing switch installation; cable trenching;
Q:The thickness of the poles is generally thick
There is different requirements under the wind, the thickness is also different
Q:The difference between street poles and street light stands
Also specifically for street lamps dedicated concrete rod (ie cement rod)

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