Purple lighting GT9282-L300W LED floodlight

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Purple lighting GT9282-L300W  LED floodlight

      Purple Lighting was founded in 2007, is located in shenzhen baoan district, for the national high-tech enterprises, national software enterprises. Enterprise was awarded "famous trademarks of guangdong province", "top baoan district innovation", "famous brand in guangdong province the most growth enterprises", "shenzhen top for independent innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises" such as honor,                                                              Purple light illumination in the field of professional lighting industry in a leading position, has the industry's first special LED lamps and lanterns of key laboratory and baoan district special funding, is the earliest a batch of special research and development of LED lamps production enterprise, the industry's first new three board listed companies, the industry's first home for shenzhen development and reform commission (NDRC) energy conservation and environmental protection to support enterprises, the industry's first state-owned assets supervision and administration in enterprises in shenzhen city. The company is committed to building the first brand of LED lamps in the field of industrial lighting.

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Q:3dmax in the floodlight inside the three types of what is the meaning?
All the other with standard shadows! Prerequisite is to set the parameters! It is important to learn 3D
Q:3d max Spotlight, floodlight
And when you build a target spotlight, the system lights are gone, no lights
Q:Philips floodlight for a while on the extinguished
This situation is caused by a pressure drop around the start with a heavy load
Q:Rembrandt light method, the main light, auxiliary light, the background light is what light it
Studio lighting is not like natural light, photographers can be based on subjective ideas and performance needs
Q:Floodlight what is floodlighting
Floodlight is a kind of lighting that makes the outdoor target or venue brighter than the surroundings
Q:3dmax floodlight and what is the sky?
Shadow map with the difference between light tracking do not know how to say an example of it
Q:Floodlight features
Good color rendering: color rendering index greater than 80, light color soft, showing the natural color of the object was illuminated.
Q:Why 2012 3dmax light hit a floodlight
Customize the following set a custom parameter, you see you inside the gamma value is not greater than 1.0
Q:High power led flood light and led outdoor projection lamp What is the difference
The light of the projection lamp is relatively concentrated.
Q:Led floodlight effect
Mainly used for building decorative lighting purposes, as well as commercial space lighting

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