C Channel Hot dipped Galvanzied Unistrut Channel

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1,Structure of C Channel Hot dipped Galvanzied Unistrut Channel

Our factory main produce steel profile of suspended ceiling system and  drywall partition system, including drywall  stud & track, ceiling main & cross tee, wall angle, C-channel, Omega, Accessories etc. 

1> Our series products main supply to Eastern Europe like Russia, Ukraine etc.



     CW50*50, 75*50, 100*50

     UW50*40, 75*40, 100*40


2,Main Features of  C Channel Hot dipped Galvanzied Unistrut Channel

2> Our series products main supply to Middle East.

     C-Channel 38*12

     Omega 68*35

     Stud 41*35, 50*35, 63*35, 70*32, 70*34.5, 75*35, 100*35

     Track 41*25, 50*25, 63*25, 72*25, 75*25, 100*25

     Angle 25*25


3> Our series products main supply to Australia, New Zealand.

     Top Cross Rail 25*21

     Furring channel 28*38, 16*38

     Furring channel track 28*20*30,16*20*30

     Stud 51*33.5*35.5,64*33.5*35.5, 76*33.5*35.5, 92*33.5*35.5, 150*33.5*35.5

     Track 51*32*32, 64*32*32, 76*32*32, 92*32*32, 150*32*32


Length and thickness can be customized as customers request

Material: high-quality hot dipped galvanized steel coil.


Advantage of C Channel Hot dipped Galvanzied Unistrut Channel

High quality & reasonable Price, no need welding and punching, can use repeatedly, wide usage range, flexible for installation.


1. Strut Channel Standard Size: 21*21, 41*21, 41*25, 41*23, 41*41,41*62,41*72,41*82

2. Strut Channel Standard thickness: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm,2.75mm, 3.0mm

3. Strut Channel length: 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm and customized
4. Strut Channel Standard Type: back to back, 41*41.41*62, 41*123 and so on

5. Strut Channel Standard Hole Size:14x29mm, 10x76mm,22mm,14mm.

6. Strut Channel Standard Model: Slotted / Perforated / Punched Hole, and Solid.

7. Strut Channel Standard Material: Q235B, Stainless Steel, Aluminum.

8. Strut Channel Standard Surface Finish: Black, Pre-galvanized, Hot Dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanzied, 

                                                                           SS304, SS304L,SS316,SS316L, Aluminum, Painted Color / Powder Coated.

9. Strut Channel Availble Doucments: Catalogues, Drawings, Photos, Price List, Certificates, Test

                                                                      Report, Factory Inspecition, After-sales Service and So on.

10. Strut Channel Standard Delivery Time: 7 working days for 1x20ft Container.


Other sizes be produced according to customer’s drawing.


Images of C Channel Hot dipped Galvanzied Unistrut Channel


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Q:What material does hot-dip galvanized channel belong to?
It is basically determined that carbon steel is the raw material of channel steel and carbon steel or low alloy steel billet with carbon content of not more than 0.25%.
Q:How are the two channel welds welded?
Butt welding, full welding, through the groove just fine! What about steel plates? No way, single-sided welding, double-sided molding
Q:What do you mean by "A" in the channel type?
The same waist height, according to its thickness is divided into a, B, B, C or a.
Q:British standard I-beam 203*203*46 size
The main specifications of the available contour I-beam section size (mm) expressed in high waist leg width (H) * (b) * (d) mm thick waist numbers, such as I160 x 88 x 6, namely said waist height 160mm, waist leg width 88mm, thickness 6mm i-beam. I-steel specifications are available models (Tex) said, showing the type of waist high number of centimeters, such as waist high 160mm I-beam type I 16#. The same as the waist high beam, there are several different leg width and waist thick, need to add code in the model (also known as the right corner) a or B or C to make a difference, such as 32a#, 32b#, 32c# etc..
Q:What are the methods and the price of building the floor?
Your house must have enough floor height. In general, the lower floor of the new attic in the duplex room is flat with the lower edge of the original floor. A single mezzanine floor with a lower margin of not less than 2.6 meters. In the attic floor and the roof height of not less than 2.4 meters, a minimum of not less than 2.2 meters. This is based on the premise that people are living. If your attic is not available, then you can make your own discretion.
Q:Industrial plant pipe hanger expansion bolts, why add a section of channel, and then connect the screw rod?.
Mainly for installation, expansion and maintenance convenience.
Q:Galvanized steel plate, channel steel, angle steel how to take samples, how to submit?
Each batch of 60t of the same raw material, the same batch number, the same grade, the same variety, the same size and the same delivery status is used as a batch. Sampling requirements: symmetry type steel (such as steel, T steel), in the distance where the interception endpoint 1/6 length long 500 mm, 20 mm wide rectangular healthy specimens, non symmetry type steel (such as steel, L steel), in the distance where the endpoint 1/3 length of 500 interception mm, 20 mm wide rectangular specimens. Direct interception of local plate in from the outer ends of the 12.5 mm long 500 mm, 20 mm wide rectangular specimens. Take one for tensile test and one for cold bending test.
Q:What are the advantages of channel steel?
According to the structure theory of channel, point in the wing section, i.e. channel should be upright, not lying. Therefore, the channel steel can change the structure of the building and save the building materials.
Q:Specification for channel steels used in fork trucks
Oh, tell you, you can change it? It's against the law to kill people!
Q:What is the difference between channel steel and C steel?
Channel steel is produced by hot rolling, supplied directly by iron and steel works, and thicker

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