Automatic Hydraulic FRP Soundproof Board Making Machine

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Product Description:

Automatic Hydraulic FRP Soundproof Board Making Machine

Product Description:

1.It is used in industrial fields, agriculture and so on.

2. Beauty appearance.

3.Thermal insulation and energy saving.

4.excellent heat resistance and pressure resistance.

5. affordable price.

Product Features:

1.FRP grating offers lower cost than steel, long life(more than 20 years), no maintenance, although the first investment is higher than common carbon steel. So it is more economic in terms of the total benefit.

2.FRP grating can meet all kinds of use requthe workers standing on comfortable.3.FRP grating can meet all kinds irement,this structural body can be cut easily as the solid board without being disassembled.

Product Parameter:


Automatic Hydraulic FRP Soundproof Board Making Machine











Product Type

FRP Machinery





Raw material

Fiber Reinforced Plastic

Place of Origin

Hebei, China (Mainland)




18 Months

Time of Delivery

30-45 days

Product Pictures:

Automatic Hydraulic FRP Soundproof Board Making Machine

Automatic Hydraulic FRP Soundproof Board Making Machine

Automatic Hydraulic FRP Soundproof Board Making Machine

Company Information:

CNBM International Corporation (CNBM International) is the most important trading platform of CNBM Group Corporation, a state-owned company under the direct supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

In line with the business, CNBM International launched E-business platform We have established strategic partnerships with hundreds of domestic manufacturers and sound business relations with clients from over 120 countries.

CNBM International is highly recognized by its business partners and clients all over the world and has obtained rapid development under the spirit of win-win. We will carry on the mutual beneficial, innovative and revolutionary trading structure as we did before, create value for our employees, shareholders and clients and benefit the whole society in our future development.

Our Services:

1.Researches and development team by knowing the importance of the FRP usage in industry and construction , have successfully conducting different researches and studies projects. At the present , it has several government- supported projects available .

2.Design and engineering services has been given idea from customers, and make out the things you imaged.
3.Istallation and construction team is experienced with installation, commissioning and training service at cutomer’s factory. In this way, the customer is able to handle management of equipment themsleves soon. 
4.Mantiance service is applied when customer cann’t solve problem themselves. Mainly at equipment, software, tools…etc.

5.Technical support is the most importance in production. as long as frp developing, new and advanced process, material, equipments appeared. We are  giving the eyes on the world frp relatived news and supply customer advanced service.


1.About FRP samples:

Chat with us and give us your courier information, then we will send small pcs samples for free.

2.About FRP delivery:

According to your quantity and requirement. 

3.About FRP payment:

According to your request.

4.About FRP Receiving:

We will send original B/L, commercial invoice, Packing list files to you by courier. When pick up the goods, please confirm the quantity, if do not conform to the requirements of the order, please contact with us immediately.

5.About FRP quality:

We undertake any complaints about the quality, please rest assured purchase.

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