ASME/GB150 Ethylene Semi-Trailer high efficiency

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ASME Ethylene Semi-Trailer 

China National Building Materials Group Corporation (hereinafter call CNBM Group) is one the state-owned enterprises. It is mainly in the business of building materials and equipments production. Last year, it ranks 270 in “Global Fortune 500”.


CNBM International Corporation is one of the most important export platform belongs to CNBM Group. It has more than 15 overseas offices all over the world and one logistic part in Dubai. We provide full service to make your cross border business easier and safer.


Being with our trading platform, we would like to make you have a one-stop purchase. All the products listed in our website are strictly selected. You could chose some of them and then put them into on container. Thus will save cost for you.


CMAX Ethylene Semi-Trailer is widely used as transportation of gas. It includes semitrailer and truck, very safe and reliable, light of self and high transport efficiency.


Adiabatic Way: High Vacuum Multi-layer / Vacuum insulation


Working pressure:0.6`1.7Mpa


Medium: Liquid ethylene

ASME/GB150 Ethylene Semi-Trailer high efficiency

Q:The length, width and height of the semi-trailer of 30 tons or so
B: all Aluminum Alloy lightweight semi-trailer vehicle weight than steel semi-trailer reduced 3.5 tons, compared with Dora steel structure semi trailer transport 3.5 tons of cargo each operation;
Q:How long will it take to add oil to the gas station after the tanker has come to the gas station?
Usually 20 minutes, but also mainly depends on the bottom of the tank is not clean, if clean, it does not matter,
Q:The risk of small oil tank storage
How do you do? I've been a tanker for years. I can share my experience with you.
Q:Can the tanker driver smoke in the cab?
Operators should wear anti-static clothing and shoes can guide. The use of non sparking tools. The storm thunderstorm prohibited operations. We observe the prevention of oil spill. It is prohibited in the oil field repair. It found that the spill or leakage, the filling point and adjacent loading all loading operation of oil on the position should immediately stop. All open or lower oil should be closed when the valve is open. The principal shall remain only......In order to prevent the occurrence of fire accidents in the tank, exhaust pipe, muffler damage, pipeline leak, extremely bad or conductive fracture are not allowed on truck parts with metal objects from Mars, the tanker should be equipped with special fire extinguishers should be installed, and mopping the chains and avoid poles. When driving, the iron chain should touch the ground; when filling or discharging oil, the pole must be inserted into the tidal wetland.
Q:How can I get the operation certificate for the tanker? What's the procedure?
Tank car door not in private households, need to find a dangerous luck on the unit qualification, affiliated units on households. After the end of the household does not mean that you can drive an oil tanker (tanker) on the road transport, the tanker also need to apply for some documents
Q:What is the meaning of oil tank car
Strictly comply with the provisions of the state's six ministries and regulations, the production tank is a standard tank
Q:The use of tanker transportation for which the provisions of the
The particularity of the material medium that the tanker carries, the safety requirements of the state for the tanker, the tanker and the flowing tanker are stricter. The tanker transport should meet the following requirements:1. the tank car shall have the measures to eliminate the static fire, and the tail end of the tank car shall be equipped with an electrostatic eliminator.2. the operation of the tanker should have reliable grounding device, tank car and liquid receiving equipment to form a protective device for conducting electrostatic passage.3. tanker metal pipe should be connected due attention between two points and antistatic sheet pipe and tank, chassis and body, between any two pipes or any point to the ground or the internal conductive parts of an arbitrary point on the path to the grounding resistance of both ends of the hose should meet the relevant national standards: GJB406 requirements (i.e. not greater than 50).
Q:Why is the tank at the gas station buried under the ground?
This pump has a dual role: through smart gun into the tank into the hydrocarbon fuel (gasoline), and send out the extraction tank of gasoline vapor, and then sent back to the oil tank of gasoline vapor in the underground. The tank is made of double layers, and the upper half is used to collect gasoline vapor (which is cooled to gasoline), and the lower half to store gasoline. A special liquid antifreeze is injected into the interlayer of the oil tank, and the antifreeze is connected with a precision buffer tank. The main function of the buffer tank is to detect whether the tank is leaking or not. When refueling, as long as the smart gun into the car's fuel tank, automatic oil valve opens, Everfount gasoline pipeline from the oil tank, the gasoline vapor through a steam pipe into the storage tank. An overflow detector at the end of the gun will automatically seal off the oil pipeline when the tank is full of petrol. The exhaust hole at one end of the tank can discharge excess gas and adjust the pressure of the tank. A sand tank placed on the ground is a simple fire fighting facility.
Q:How do you measure the amount of oil when you fill the tank?
Liquid level instrument, one of the necessary equipment of the gas station, is inserted from the manhole of the tank until the bottom of the tank. The height of the liquid level is centrally displayed by the central controlLiquid level measurement is a very broad field in industrial measurement. In the fields of petroleum, chemical, food and nuclear energy, a large number of industrial liquids need to be measured accurately to facilitate the control of the production process and operation process. The float level instrument used in the tank level measurement of gas station is difficult to be popularized in the gas station because of its inconvenient installation. Tsinghua University has successfully used ultrasound technology in SGU
Q:Can the tanker go downtown?
Tanker special part is composed of a tank, power takeoff, transmission shaft, gear pump, pipeline system components. The pipe network consists of oil pump, three pass, four position ball valve, two-way ball valve, strainer and pipe.

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