Electric Pallet Truck (CBD25E)

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Electric Pallet Truck (CBD25E)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CBD25E


Type:Powered Pallet Truck

Power:AC Motor


Load Capacity:1T - 5T

Load center:>500mm


Lift height:205mm

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Moisture Proof Package



Origin:Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Production Capacity:5000PCS/Year

Product Description

· Electric powered steering(EPS)system.
· Curtis AC motor controller supplies stepless travel speed and safe operation.
· Vertical driving unit powered by AC motor.
· Imported hydraulic power unit and electromagnetic brake.
· Floating damping driving unit makes smooth travel and steering.
· Self-adaption of load capacity for driving unit is designed to prevent slippery and increase gradeability.
· Intelligent battery charger.

CBD20E/25Ewheelsbalance  wheel  sizemmφ 125× 75
power  type
batteryperformancemin. steerng  radius          Wamm1680
operation  type
platformmin.   width  of  aisle               mm≥ 2030
max.   lift  weight            Qkg2000/2500min.   height  of  forks        Gmm85
load  center                      Cmm600max.   stroke  of  forks        Hmm≥ 120
dimensionoverall  length                L1mm1830max.   travel  speedmm6.0 
overall  width                  Wmm720Gradeability, laden%8
overall  height                H1mm1350electricbrake  type
fork  dimension      L× b× mmm1150× 160× 56power  of  driving  motorkw1.5 
outside  width  of  forks  Dmm540/680piwer  of  lift  motorkw0.8/2.0
Ground  Clearance              xmm29power  of  steering  motorkw0.165
base  distance                  L0mm1400battery  capacity/voltageAh/V210/24
wheelswheel  material
PUweight  of  batterykg180
driving  wheel  sizemmφ 230× 80othersnet  weight  without  batterykg475
front  wheel  sizemmφ 80× 70

Electric Pallet Truck (CBD25E)

Electric Pallet Truck (CBD25E)

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Q:What's the sign of the switch for the eight dumper after the first four?
No matter what kind of dump truck, indicating switch power take-off should be the same, in the cab operating table, with "circular gear" logo is the power switch, take Dongfeng Hercules eight after the first four dump it
Q:Ten wheel truck Auman clutch pump pipe where no gas causes
First, fourth loop damage. Second, the above-mentioned "iron pipe blockage", the general temperature is low, the storage tank has water vapor, it will freeze. The second phenomenon is more common, it is recommended to use hot water to cast 6# iron pipe. I hope my answer will be helpful to you.
Q:Is the dump truck a minivan?
Standard classification:Heavy length greater than or equal to 6m, the total mass is greater than or equal to 12000kg.Medium length is greater than or equal to 6m, the total mass is greater than or equal to 4500kg and less than 12000kg.The light length is less than 6m, the total mass of less than 4500kg.The micro length is less than or equal to 3.5m, the total mass is less than or equal to 1800kg.According to the above standards, dump trucks are also classified into the various types mentioned above, while minivans are generally referred to as minivans and light trucks.
Q:The working principle of dump truck
The high pressure oil enters the lifting hydraulic cylinder through the distributing valve and the oil pipe, and the front of the carriage is provided with a safety guard board for the driver's cab.The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the force taking device, and the hydraulic tilting mechanism of the car is composed of an oil tank, a hydraulic pump, an distribution valve, a lifting hydraulic cylinder, a control valve, an oil pipe, etc..
Q:Lapras single bridge truck engine initial how many revolutions when not only fight tooth
The air filter core is blocked due to threeThe intake system of the engine is mainly composed of two parts: the air filter core and the air inlet. According to the use of different circumstances, regular cleaning of air filter, the use of high-pressure air from the inside out, blowing the dust in the filter. As the air filter is paper, so when blowing, we should pay attention to the pressure of the air can not be too high, so as not to damage the filter. The air filter element should be replaced after cleaning 3 times. The cleaning cycle can be determined by the air quality in the daily driving area.
Q:How to distinguish the speed of the rear driving axle of the dump truck
Under certain driving conditions, the smaller the speed ratio of the powertrain, the higher the fuel economy of the car, so the car's economic driving is in the high-grade. In order to driving at high speed in good road conditions, the car device within the transmission ratio is less than 1 of the overdrive, in the same speed, hang overdrive can make the engine speed is relatively low, relatively lower fuel consumption
Q:How many tons of Howard truck pull
In civil engineering, it is often combined with excavators, loaders and belt conveyors to form a loading, unloading and unloading line for handling earthwork, sand and gravel and loose materials. As the loading car can automatically dump a certain angle discharge, the labor time and the labor force are greatly saved, the transportation cycle is shortened, the production efficiency is improved, the transportation cost is reduced, and the loading volume is indicated. Is a commonly used transport machinery.The main technical parameters of the dump truck are the loading weight and the loading capacity. A new car or a overhauled factory car must be tested to ensure that the carriage is lifted smoothly without any movement. When using, each part should use lubricating oil correctly, save time and labor, pay attention to the lubrication cycle, and the lifting mechanism will change the oil on time. Shipment according to the rated load, strictly forbid overloading.
Q:How can the hydraulic jack of the dump truck not move?
Check whether the jacks have hydraulic oil leakage, the hydraulic jack inside the hydraulic oil is not enough, or can not reach the standard jack.Check the hydraulic oil before use.
Q:What diesel oil does the dump truck use?
In general China No. 0 diesel is suitable for temperature at temperatures above 5 degrees, minus 10 degrees above the temperature is -5, -20 is -15 degrees Celsius temperature, -35 number is -30 degrees Celsius temperature, -50 number is -45 degrees Celsius temperature. At present, only a few of these diesel fuel label, No. 909397 diesel.
Q:How do you prevent the dump truck from tilting when unloading?
Do not push the lift handle to the downward position midway during full load lifting".If this error occurs, the car suddenly rushed down, it will bring great impact on the frame, and even accidents. Therefore, the operation should be avoided as far as possible. If there is a special situation, we must also be careful to operate, and try to slow down the speed of landing. We must not stop the car from falling to the end.

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