Aluminum Sheet / Aluminium Perforated Panels

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Item specifice:

Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Coated Shape: Flat
Temper: O-H112 Application: Decorations

Product Description:

 Desicription of Aluminum Sheet / Aluminium Perforated Panels For Sale:


Hot- rolled and cold-rolled carbon steel plate,  Hot-rolled and  cold- rolled carbon steel  carbon steel heets, galvanized sheets, plain steel 

plate, iron plate, brass /copper plate, aluminum plate,  phosphor bronze plate,  aluminum-plastic, nickel,  titanium, PVC and other sheet materials.

Perforated Metal Mesh Application: Perforated metal mesh is widely used in the core of filter, medicine, filtering, breed, battery, mechanical protecting, making the crafts, the meshes for the high-grade sound box, decoration, the seats for children, small basket and baskets. Perforated metal mesh is widely used in the core of filter, medicine, filtering, breed, battery, mechanical protecting, making the crafts, the meshes for the high-grade sound box, decoration, the seats for children, small basket and baskets.


The Main Features of Aluminum Sheet / Aluminium Perforated Panels For Sale:

Sizes and openings are precisely made according 

  to the specific requirements of our customers.

Opening Patterns including: Round, rectangular, square, triangle, diamond, hexagonal, 

   cross, slotted and special patterns to get special decoration results


The Inmages of Aluminum Sheet / Aluminium Perforated Panels For Sale:

Aluminum Sheet / Aluminium Perforated Panels




1. Minimum Order Quantity?

MOQ is 25 tons, your quantity is ok, the aluminium foil sample is available.


2. What kind of terms of payment?

T/T, L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union are available.


3. What grams of the product can you offer?

Our products can be customized according to your requirment


4.Can you do Customization & Reproduction if I provide a photo?

Yes, we do Customization & Reproduction service, please check the details and sample above. 

You need to send the pictures to our email, tell us the specification you want, 

then we will quote you exact price. We will take photos for you check.


5. Does the packaging safe and arrive in good conditions? 

Yes, Safe Packing guarrantee, all the products will arrive your door under good conditions. 

We response to problem of shipping if there unfortunately is.


6. How long does it usually take to deliver the product?

We'll make the shipment to you immediately. It will take about 18 to 40 days arrive worldwide.

Accurate delivery time depends on the specific quantity 


7.Is drop shipping abailable?

Yes, it is, we can send to worldwide.



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Q:Is it OK to use 6 square aluminum wire for transformer high voltage wire?
6 square aluminum wire is very small, it is easy to break
Q:Why copper wire instead of enameled wire can cause short circuit?
When used as a copper tin alloy is better than the fuse fuse. When the fuse wire, although the temperature is high, but its volume is small, the glass tube damage rather than lead tin alloy light.
Q:Some aluminium wires are soft and some are tough. Why?
If all are single core of aluminum, there are soft and hard points, and that is the material problems
Q:Welding problem: the problem of welding aluminum wire with lead
This is not welded by lead. It is welded with a special solder, M51 tin wire. It is specially used for soldering M51- welding
Q:Copper wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, heat transfer performance, sorting
Copper wire and aluminium wire are used in wire and cable industry, and steel wire is the most widely used in wire rope industry
Q:What is the best heat transfer in three objects, aluminum wire, plastic and wood block?
The "W" refers to the thermal power unit, and the "m" represents the unit length per meter, while the "K" is the absolute temperature unit. The greater the value, the better the thermal conductivity.
Q:Can aluminum wire be used as welding rod for ws250 welding machine?
WS-250 is a 250 ampere Direct Current TIG welder with a rated output current of welding. Welding of metals such as aluminum and aluminum alloys, magnesium and magnesium alloys, etc., without strong oxygen affinity, shall not be possible. Alternating current has the function of cathode breaking, and welding aluminium needs AC TIG welding machine.
Q:The similarities and differences between aluminum wire and copper wire
The density of copper is greater than that of aluminum (per unit volume, mass, unit mass, volume)
Q:The air outlet of an aluminum screw into Skoda crystal sharp front windshield!
1, basically no impact on the car, instrument panel inside all wire harness, there are packaging, will not be broken.3, to 4S shop hours cost to hundreds of dollars
Q:A year ago by a ten cm long metal wire, does much harm to the people?
Aluminum is not a basic component of the human body. In recent years, due to advances in epidemiological studies, aluminum has been shown to be potentially harmful to the nervous system of the human body. In 1998 the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be included in the list of aluminum contaminants in drinking water, and made the following statement: it is very necessary to do more research on the risk properties of aluminum pollution in drinking water, because the aluminum are widely distributed, recent studies have found that it is related to Alzheimer's disease, the potential impact of the nervous system the United States Environmental Protection Agency, argues for the necessity for further investigation, and the potential long-term neurological toxicity of aluminum to set an appropriate not observed adverse reaction concentration. Based on this, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the standard value of aluminum in drinking water 0.02-0.2mg/L, WHO in its newly revised "drinking water quality standards" set the standard value of aluminum 0.2mg/L. The published aluminum target value is 0.2mg/L/ and stressed that if there is more than the standard of the Member States must confirm whether exceed the standard will bring the risk to human health, it is necessary to protect human health of the water to take remedial measures to restore water quality. There is no aluminum index in the standard of living and drinking water issued in 1985. In 2006, the new standard of hygiene for drinking water increased the allowable concentration of aluminum to 0.2mg/L.

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