Aluminum Cable Ladder Tray H=100mm W=5mm

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1000 m.t.
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1000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Aluminum Cable Ladder Tray  H=100mm  W=5mm

BL4  cable ladder is manufactured from extruded Aluminium sections to AS/NZS1866.

Meets the loading requirements of Nema 20A classification. The BL4  aluminium ladder is lightweight and highly resistant to corrosion. The ladder is supplied in 6m lengths, offers a cabling depth of 80mm and can support 167kg/m over a 4m span or 74kg/m over a 6m span. Earth straps can be attached to the pre-punched holes in the side rails.

Material & Finish:

1. Pre-galvanized (GI): Standard finish, for indoor use

2. Hot-Dip Galvanized(HDG): for indoor use  (BS EN 1461)

3. Powder Coated

4. Electrical Polishing: for Stainless Steel SS304 and SS316L

5. Anodizied: for Aluminum


1. Easy to install. Convenient in construction.

2. Economic---Low Cost

3. Other Length of the product available

4. High mechanical strength

5. Various kinds of fittings

6. Easy to maintain

7. High quality

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Q:Cable bridge do elbow know how to do angle
ZR is flame retardant, the general representative of the C-class flame retardant ZB is B-class flame retardant
Q:Wired wire is not long enough to use another connection together will affect the signal transmission?
There is a product can solve the office exposed to the ground wire, is a PU material trunking wiring board, can be used to better cloth cable, plug cable, cable, data lines and so on.
Q:Trough bridge, ladder bridge, tray tray, how to distinguish?
The trough is closed; the tray is the bottom of the bridge there are many waist-shaped hole to facilitate the heat; ladder of the bottom like a staircase, the side of the baffle, dusty places with ladder, not fouling. The trough and tray are different from the bottom, with holes and no holes. Trough is not conducive to heat, tray heat slightly better. The trough cable tray is a fully enclosed cable tray that is best suited for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other high-sensitivity control cables, etc. It controls cable interference and heavy-duty cables Protection has a good effect. Cable tray (cable tray) is the tray or staircase straight line, bending, components and arm (arm bracket), hanger, etc. constitute a close with the cable supporting the rigid structure of the system. Tray-type bridge for the scope of tray-type cable tray is the oil, chemical, light industry, television, telecommunications and other aspects of the most widely used. It has a light weight, load, handsome in appearance, simple structure, easy installation and so on. It is suitable for the installation of power cables, but also suitable for control cable laying.
Q:Who knows the cable bridge of the various elbow production methods (the more comprehensive the better)
The generator uses a soft connection at the following points, and the rest is hardwired. . the generator terminal and bus connection; . the bus leads to the basis of the generator to other points; . the generator bus leads to the wall, . generator bus and equipment connection
Q:How much length does the USB extension line have to add power?
Iphone6 ​​tips data line is not certified the general reasons and methods: . for non-original charger, is often the situation, this is due to the charger does not meet the specifications caused by the replacement of a qualified charger can be. . if the original charger appears the above failure, please continue to look down. . please check whether the data line is normal. The appearance of the data lines seem normal, which may have been broken. Check the method is to borrow someone else's data line to see if it can charge. . shows the plug symbol is normal is full of display. If full or show the lack of electricity, indicating that the phone tail no problem. . again, check whether the original charger can work properly. You can connect the charger to other USB port to see if the phone is working properly. Although not all chargers are suitable for iPhone, but the iPhone's charger is compatible with all USB phones. . if the above two check still can not charge, please try to insert the computer's USB port to see if the computer can identify the phone, to identify if it is to see if the charge, if not identified but not charged, it is estimated that the need for maintenance. If you can not identify can not charge, it is necessary to repair. If you can recognize and charge, replace the data cable and the charger (the original estimate is also damaged). . and then look at the voltage is not too low, not only to the maintenance station to repair, and pay attention to the iPad and iPhone do not mix the power adapter, the voltage is different.
Q:How to put the sound on the computer to the TV
What interface do you use? Have you already used a monitor on your computer?
Q:Cable bridge, each section of the seams, there is a copper wire compiled flat belt connected?
The laying of the wire and cable can be used at the intersection of the pipeline. . the intersection of wire and cable can be used four-way, that is, dedicated cross-joint pipeline. . the use of Ω over the cross-line cross-line pipe fittings. . if a lot of cable can be set up cable wells, cable wells with underground pipes as a long-distance buried power supply used, specifically for cable inspection and maintenance purposes, mainly used in the city for power distribution.
Q:The cable tray crosses the fire shutter door
You people to raise the floor, where it becomes a slope or add a threshold to increase the resistance to escape, you think about it, can you? Tell you about this escape function: when the fire, the fire shutter doors will fall, but not all closed, down to half, stopped, so that people quickly escaped from the door, after a few minutes, Fire shutter doors continue to decline in the end, played a partition role
Q:Can the cable bridge be on the ground?
No, the bridge is to rely on the top to go, generally hidden in the ceiling.
Q:What is the color of the wire in the line of fire, ground, zero line?
10 under . 100 on the 2; 22KW motor, three-phase 380 power supply, current in 40A or so. 10 * 5 = 50A "40A, 10m ㎡ wire is enough, the cable is the best national standard.

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