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P11 alloy tube can be recycled 100%, in line with the national strategy of environmental protection and energy conservation, conservation of resources, the national policy to encourage the expansion of the application fields of P11 alloy high-pressure pipe.

P11 alloy steel pipe is placed in the metal blank cold extrusion die cavity, at room temperature, through the press fixed punch pressure is applied to the blank, processing method to produce plastic deformation of P11 alloy steel pipe made of parts.

[1] extruded P11 alloy steel pipe size accurate smooth surface: at present our country in the development of P11 alloy steel pipe generally size precision can reach 8 ~ 9

Level, long degrees generally reach, if the lubrication can reach by ideal (refers to pure aluminum and copper parts), second only to the polishing surface. Therefore made of P11 alloy steel pipe method of parts, generally do not need to re processing, a small amount of just finishing (grinding).

[2] to save raw materials: P11 alloy steel material utilization rate is usually can reach more than 80%. Such as Jiefang automobile piston pin dynamic cutting material utilization rate is 43.3%, while the use of cold extrusion material utilization rate increased to 92%; and as the universal joint bearing sleeve to cold extrusion, the material utilization rate increased from 27.8% to 64% in the past. Visible, by cold extrusion method for producing machine parts, and can save a lot of steel and non-ferrous metal materials.

[3] high productivity: the efficiency of extrusion production machinery parts P11 alloy steel pipe by the method of cold is very high, especially the mass production of parts with cold extrusion steel tube production method, P11 alloy than cutting increased several times, dozens of times, even hundreds of times. For example, automobile piston pin cold extrusion method for manufacturing improved 3.2 times than by cutting, with current and piston pin cold extrusion automata, to further improve productivity. The productivity of a cold extrusion automata productivity is equivalent to 100 ordinary lathe or 10 sets of four spindle automatic lathe.

[4] can process the complex shape parts: such as profiled, inner gear, profiled hole and blind hole, the P11 alloy steel pipe is used in other processing method is difficult to finish, with cold extrusion processing is very convenient. As shown in the parts, convenient extrusion.

[5] the cold extrusion of P11 alloy steel high strength, good rigidity and light weight: because the cold extrusion adopts metal material cold deformation hardening of cold extrusion characteristics, namely the metal blank in three to the compressive stress state, the deformed materials, and has dense microstructure fiber flow continuous, so the parts strength greatly to improve the. So that it can use low strength material instead of high strength materials. For example, in the past 20Cr steel by machining manufacturing Jiefang piston pin, now changed to 20 steel by manufacturing piston pin cold extrusion, the determination of the indexes of performance, higher than the machining method of manufacturing piston pin cold extrusion of P11 alloy steel tube method.


Comparison of various processing methods, has outstanding advantages in cold extrusion of P11 alloy steel pipe technology and project. It is cold extrusion machining, forging, instead of casting and drawing process to produce machine parts, has opened up a broad road.

The 1 seamless steel tube

Because of the different manufacturing processes, divided into hot-rolled (extrusion) seamless steel pipe seamless steel pipe cold drawing (rolling) and two. Cold drawing (rolling) tube is divided into a circular tube shaped tube two.

Overview of A. process

Hot-rolled (extrusion seamless pipe): billet, heating, perforation, three roll cross rolling, rolling or extrusion, tube off, sizing pipe (or reducing), cooling, the blank pipe, straightening, water pressure test (or testing), marking, storage.

Cold drawing (rolling) seamless steel pipe: round tube billet, heating, perforation, heading, annealing, pickling, oiling (copper) and multi pass drawing (Leng Zha), the blank pipe, heat treatment, straightening, water pressure test (testing), marking, storage.

B. seamless steel tube, because of their different purposes is divided into the following several varieties:

GB/T8162-2008 (seamless steel tube structure). Mainly used for general structure and mechanical structure. The representative of material (grade): carbon steel 20, 45 steel; alloy steel Q345, 20Cr, 40Cr, 20CrMo, 30-35CrMo, 42CrMo etc..

GB/T8163-2008 (fluid with seamless steel pipe). Mainly used for conveying fluid pipeline engineering and large equipment. Representative of material (grade) 20, Q345.

GB3087-2008 (seamless steel tubes for low and medium pressure boiler). Mainly used for industrial boilers and boiler life conveying low pressure fluid pipeline. The representative material for 10, 20 steel.

GB5310-2008 (high pressure boiler seamless pipe). Mainly used in power stations and nuclear power plant boiler high temperature, high pressure fluid delivery set box and pipe. Representative of 20G, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoG etc..

GB5312-1999 (carbon steel and carbon manganese steel seamless steel tube for ship). Mainly used for ship boiler and Superheater I, II grade pressure pipe, etc.. The representative material for 360, 410, 460 grade steel etc..

GB6479-2000 (seamless steel tubes for high-pressure chemical fertilizer equipment). Mainly used for conveying fluid of high temperature and high pressure pipeline of chemical fertilizer equipment. Representative of the material is 20, 16Mn, 12CrMo, 12Cr2Mo etc..

GB9948-2006 (seamless steel tubes for petroleum cracking). Mainly used for boiler, oil refinery heat exchanger and pipes conveying fluid. The representative material for 20, 12CrMo, 1Cr5Mo, 1Cr19Ni11Nb etc..

GB18248-2000 (seamless steel tubes for gas cylinders). Mainly used for the production of gas, hydraulic cylinders. The representative of 37Mn, 34Mn2V, 35CrMo etc..

GB/T17396-1998 (hot rolled seamless steel tubes for hydraulic prop). Mainly used in production of coal mine hydraulic support cylinder, column, and other hydraulic cylinder, column. The representative material for 20, 45, 27SiMn.

GB3093-1986 (high pressure seamless steel tubes for diesel engine). Mainly used for diesel engine high pressure oil injection system. The steel pipe is generally drawn tube, the representative of 20A.

GB/T3639-1983 (cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel tube). Mainly used for mechanical structure, carbon pressure equipment used, the requirements of high dimensional accuracy, surface finish

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Q:What's the difference between a rectangular tube and a rectangular steel tube?
Rectangular tube is a kind of hollow long strip steel, also known as flat tube, flat square tube or square flat tube (Gu Mingsiyi). A large amount of pipe used to transport fluids, such as petroleum,Natural gas, water, gas, steam, etc., in addition to bending and torsional strength of the same weight is lighter, so it is also widely used in the manufacture of machinery parts and engineering structures. It is also used to produce all kinds of conventional weapons, guns, shells and so on.
Q:Is the same specification seamless steel pipe more expensive than welded pipe?
You need to see this in the interval that diameter, such as seamless pipe and welded steel tube 530*20 mm compared to 5450 yuan per ton, seamless pipe, welded steel pipe, which is 4550 yuan, small diameter 10*2 mm, seamless pipe will require far 10000 per ton, just need more than 6000
Q:How long are the seamless tubes? Are they six meters long?
The production process of seamless steel tube in general can be divided into two kinds of hot rolling and cold drawing, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe production process than hot-rolled seamless steel pipe seamless pipe hot rolling to complex, diameter is generally greater than 32mm, thickness 2.5-200mm, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe outside diameter 6mm, wall thickness to 0.25mm cold rolling hot rolling high precision ratio.
Q:The difference between 12Cr1MoVG alloy steel tube and 15CrMo
With this kind of steel manufacturing products, usually by heat treatment (normalizing and tempering); parts made before use, usually need to go through refining or chemical surface treatment (carburizing and nitriding), surface quenching or high-frequency quenching treatment. Therefore, according to the chemical composition (mainly carbon content), heat treatment process and use of different, such steel can be roughly divided into carburizing, quenching and tempering and nitriding steel three.
Q:How can two smooth steel pipes be joined? The size of the two pipe is different (except for welding)
Fastener type steel pipe scaffold, fastener is the connection between steel pipe and steel pipe, and its form has three kinds, namely right angle fastener, rotating fastener, butt fastener
Q:How to calculate the maximum bending stress of steel pipe? Is there a list of the maximum flexural normal stresses for steel pipes of different materials and diameters?
The maximum flexural normal stress is calculated as: Sigma =M/ (gamma x*Wnx).Of which: M is the maximum bending moment of the steel tube;Gamma X - the plastic development coefficient of the cross section; for the cross section of the steel tube, 1.15,
Q:Galvanized steel pipe in addition to good rust resistance, what are the advantages?
Galvanized steel is cracking for 39 days and will not, especially suitable for Northern very cold environment.
Q:What are the main types of steel pipe ah? How to judge which kind of steel pipe performance is better?
Sort by connectionThe connection way of steel pipe can be divided into: light pipe (pipe end without thread) and wire tube (Guan Duan with thread).The tube can be divided into ordinary tube and end tube.Thickening of the tube can also be divided into: extra thick (with external thread), internal thickening (with internal thread) and inside and outside thickening (with internal and external thread) and other vehicle wire tube.The wire tube can also be divided into ordinary cylinder or taper thread and special thread.In addition, according to user needs, wire tubes are generally equipped with pipe delivery.Plating characteristicsAccording to the characteristics of surface coated steel pipe can be divided into: Clarinet (not coated) and coating tube.The coating tubes include galvanized pipes, aluminium plated tubes, chrome plated pipes, aluminized tubes and other alloy layers.The coating tube has an outer coating tube, an inner coating tube and an inner and outer coating pipe. The commonly used coatings are plastics, epoxy resins, coal tar, epoxy resins, and various glass based anticorrosive coatings. Galvanized pipe is divided into KBG pipe, JDG pipe, threaded pipe, etc.
Q:304 stainless steel tube with the diameter of 25*2-3 is what mean
This is according to the "water drawing standards" (GBT50106-2001) in 2.4.2-2 seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe (straight or spiral seam), brass, stainless steel pipe, pipe diameter should be D diameter * thickness representation (such as D108 * 4 and D159 * 4.5); and the provisions of the habit of acting D with seamless pipe diameter.
Q:How seamless steel tube is formed?
Seamless steel tubes are formed by cold drawing and hot rolling.

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