72 Cells PS Seedling Tray,Seed Tray,Plug Tray

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2000 pc
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2000000 pc/month

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  • Material:      HIPS

  • Thickness:  0.5mm-1.5mm, Standard:1mm

  • Weight:       80g(±5)g-230g(±5)g, Standard weight:155g(±5)g

  • Size:            length:490mm-540mm, width:190mm-345mm,depth:25mm-150mm

  •                     Standard:540mmX280mm

  • Cell count:  18-512

  • Package:     In Carton

  • Warrenty:    8-10 times



72 Cells PS Seedling Tray,Seed Tray,Plug Tray

72 Cells PS Seedling Tray,Seed Tray,Plug Tray

72 Cells PS Seedling Tray,Seed Tray,Plug Tray



72 Cells PS Seedling Tray,Seed Tray,Plug Tray



Q:1.How many times can the seed tray be used?

A: Under the same environment, it is decided by the thickness. Usually 0.6mm thickness can be used for 1 or 2 times.

1.0 thickness can be used for 3-4 times. 1.5 thickness can be used for 8-10 times.

Q: 2.How long is the production time?

A: Usually one to two weeks.

Q: 3.How is the seed tray being packaged?

A: They can be packaged in carton or pallets. Carton size is 55cm*29cm*50cm.



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