500W/720Wh Portable Solar Power Station - PS70

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5 watt
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1000 watt/month
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Product Description:

Whether you’re going camping or just want to be prepared, the 500W power station PS70 can help you power your devices in almost any scenario. Use its DC, USB and AC charging outlets to power your laptop, cell phone, tablet or whatever you require. Use in your home or carry with you on your next trip to power your devices on the go.


  • Double protections on both BMS and charger

  • Pure Sine Wave inverter, more friendly for electric applicances

  • Built in MPPT solar controller, high efficiency

  • Multiple DC output ports, support charging different devices simultaneously

  • Three charging method, charge anywhere


The BLUETTI PS70 is a powerful 500w portable power station that’s designed to serve as a one-stop solution for all your needs, especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Now you can take all your essential electronic devices out on the road. Easily power TVs, Laptops, Smart Phones, Tablets and so much more. Everything you need, all packed into a convenient, portable size.

High Capacity Portable Generator
720Wh. 5-6 hours of laptop charge, 35+ times Smart Phone charge, 6+ times drone battery, 8 hours of mini fridge charge and many more. For power outages at home. Carry with the attached handle to go camping, for a picnic or anywhere you like.

3 Ways to Recharge
Via wall socket. Connect a solar panel (not included in package). Or via a 12V/24V car cigarette lighter socket.

High-Speed MPPT Charging Technology
Equipped with the latest MPPT charging technology to get 99.99% efficiency from the sun with our portable solar panels while away from the grid and keep it topped off from a wall outlet when you’re home. Featured MPPT charge controller ensures you’re getting the most efficient solar charge possible.

Safety Approved and Low-noise
With CE, FC and RoHS safety certification to guarantee your power generator is safe to use. Low voltage alert as well as overload and short circuit protection. Stable pure sine without the annoying humming sound to ensure your power generator does not disturb you during use.

Technical Specification

Size350 x 213 x 169mm
MaterialABS + PC
Battery typeLi-ion
Battery capacity in Wh720 Wh
Output USB2 x USB-A 18W
2 x USB-A 5V-3A
1 x USB-C 45W
Output DC1 x 12V-10A
1 x 12V-10A Car Cigarette Lighter
Output AC2 x AC 220 V
total max. 500 W continuous load
total max. 1000 W peak load
Input DC1 x MPPT-200 W / 12-45V
200W Car Charging
200W (adapter)
Overcharge protectionYes
Charge indicatorYes
Recharge time via AC6 – 6,5 hours
Wifi function

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Q:The insulation level of the electrical equipment in the neutral grounding system shall be consideredA. phase voltage;The square root of 2 phase voltage B.;The square root of 3 phase voltage C..Great God in the end this election? I am very tangled!
According to the line voltage, the neutral grounding is star type connection, line voltage is 3 times the square root of the phase voltage, so the choice of C
Q:Reactive power compensation methods commonly used in power equipment
Hello!Electrical equipment commonly used in reactive power compensation and the method of improving power factor are: synchronous motor, synchro, series capacitor compensation, shunt capacitor and series reactor compensation (EHV transmission line) and SVC, SVG compensation. SVG is through the power electronic device IGBT and its control circuit, a active VaR of equal amplitude and opposite to the size of the system, the reactive power compensation device for reactive power compensation to offset the system in recent years is the development direction of reactive power compensation.
Q:Recently went out to do the test, do not know the difference between the two tests
The purpose of the test is to test the performance of the equipment to prevent the occurrence of the fault, the former is the first time after the installation of the equipment to change the nature of the acceptance test, which is run during the routine. The content of the test items are different.You check the 1 power standards will know, since you do this test should have a standard hand.
Q:Power transformers and other equipment are what units procurement bidding, all those procedures!
Power Grid Corp on the volume of business is greater, because their main business is to invest in the construction of power grids.There are also a small number of individual units, such as large projects and large enterprises.
Q:Is there a warranty period for power equipment?
Now there is no, you can view the relevant national standards for electrical equipment standards, as well as high and low voltage equipment test manual. Online search, easy to get.
Q:1, common measurement and control cabinet, what is the common measurement and control cabinet? What signals are measured? High voltage side (10kV and above) have the corresponding relay protection device, regardless of the panel or on the spot, will not be on the public measurement and control cabinet; the so-called public measurement and control cabinet is measuring what? Low voltage measurement and control? Or what, for example, thank you (power generation, power supply and distribution does not matter, can speak on the line)2, network equipment cabinet, I probably can understand, is from the equipment from various communication signals collected by the communication management unit, the output signal of Ethernet, this cabinet is the main communication management machine and switch is?3, how to locate the remote communication cabinets? What is the main role? What are the main equipment?4, why do we usually need GPS time device, what is the significance? What will happen if there is no?
The network equipment and the remote communication cabinet are responsible for the communication between the equipment and the background in the station and the communication with the electric power department
Q:What are the main interference sources of the two power system
There are three kinds of electromagnetic interference in power system: electromagnetic interference between the primary equipment, the primary equipment and the secondary equipment, and between the two devices, and the electromagnetic interference between the two devices. According to the propagation path of electromagnetic disturbance, it can be divided into conduction coupling and radiation coupling. A line in the power system of switching operation, fault, lightning strikes, transient current and voltage and electromagnetic radiation line, enter the two loop through various coupling modes, these pathways are electromagnetic voltage transformer, capacitor voltage transformer, current transformer, coupling capacitor, high voltage bus and the two cable distribution between the capacitive and inductive coupling transmission way, also have a line to the surrounding space transient electromagnetic radiation energy, is two times the equipment or circuit receiving radiation coupling way.
Q:What are the technical measures to ensure the safety of the power line equipment?
Electricity, electricity, hang the ground and install signage, hanging Obscuration using personal security line
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Electrical equipment (Electrical Equipment) is in the power system of generators, transformers, power lines, circuit breakers and other equipment collectively.
Q:Would like to ask: railway communication, signal, power equipment installation related to mechanical and electrical engineering? If belong to, including specific aspects. Thank you
Communication signal power belongs to mechanical and electrical installation engineering. However, it is different from the mechanical and electrical installation of industrial equipment, especially the railway communication and signal system. The main differences are the following points: 1, mechanical and electrical installation is mainly refers to the installation of equipment, power, monomer debugging, linkage commissioning commissioning. Railway communication, signal, power, but there is a very strong system requirements, including the total network management system debugging, and other railway system of professional linkage debugging. For example, the signal CTCS system, track circuit and the coordination of the work system commissioning; and passenger cars, motor vehicles, truck station shunting system linkage debugging, etc.

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