500W Solar Power System

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Product Description:

400w-200AH small AC solar home system
***spec: ***
1.200w poly solar panel .size:1350×1000×35mm/2pcs
2.battery:200AH maintenance-free lead -acid battery .
3.controller panel is 20A
4.inverter: 500w pure sine wave solar inverter
5.led lamp:3W/12v led LAMP with 3M cable ,switch,E27 holder.(optional)
6.cabinet: steel box ,with handle,size:655*255*385mm.
8.package:cabinet box/ 70cm*30cm*42cm /1 carton/ 1pcs
                solar panel/ 152cm*110cm*8cm/ 1carton/2 pcs
10.produce capacity:1000sets/month
11.payment terms:100% T/T
12.optional accessories:220v-15v adapter,3w led bulb lamp,10-1 mobile charge line,usb fan.

***charge and discharge***
1.charging time:
solar panel:8-10hours.
main power :3-4hours.
2. discharging time:
for 3w/12v/ 5 pcs ,can us 112hours.
for 220v ,75w TV ,can use 22hours.
for 220v,75w tv ,15w fan, 50w computer , can use 12hours at same time.

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Q:Solar charge treasure and ordinary charge treasure, which is better
If you choose, mobile power recommended 6000MA or more, the best 8000-10000MA, you can give the phone 4-5 times electricity ~ ~
Q:5V120mA solar panel how to do the charger
the charger internal battery (usually lithium battery) charge. When used, open the internal boost constant current circuit (boost to 5V current limit 500mA can), the phone charge
Q:Solar cell phone charger can not charge what is the reason
when the phone is charging, do not answer the phone, when charging, call the phone life
Q:Is the electric car solar charger easy to use?
Glass: the use of ultra-white steel low-carbon glass, with high light transmission, waterproof, high mechanical strength, the current time is not changing the characteristics of ultraviolet light, the effective protection of solar cells.
Q:What about solar mobile phone chargers?
I think it is very good, ah, as long as there is no sun to worry about no electricity use; select the greater the area the greater the power, high-power solar panels in addition to the phone can also charge to the Tablet PC, laptop computer,
Q:The Structure Principle of Solar Charger
The principle of solar cell phone charger will be converted into the energy of solar energy stored in the solar cell phone charger
Q:How does solar power be converted into charging with battery car
It depends on what you say "solar power" is what configuration, and then choose a different charger. There are three types of solar power output: direct output, converter output and inverter output.
Q:Can the solar charger be charged in the light?
Solar charger is the core of solar cells, solar cells, the sensitivity is generally the entire visible light, whether it is sunlight or light.
Q:What about the solar charger?
Using solar charging. The charger will be placed in the direct sunlight, the solar energy will be converted into electricity to the charger built-in lithium battery charge, then charge indicator light, that is charging; in the case of relatively weak sunlight,
Q:Solar charger how to do?
Solar panels if the series voltage will increase, parallel will increase the current output. The voltmeter should be connected in parallel at the output, and the ammeter should be connected in series at the output.

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