304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Deep Drawing Board ,Wire Drawing Board ,Mirror Panel

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Product Description:

  1. Description:

304 stainless steel wire drawing board is stainless steel surface like silk texture, this is just a kind of stainless steel processing technology. The surface is matte, carefully see there is a trace of texture, but can not touch. Than the general bright surface of stainless steel wear, looks more grade.The mirror panel, polishing liquid and polishing equipment through polishing on stainless steel surface, the surface was like a mirror clear. Uses: mainly used in building decoration, decoration, decoration, elevator industrial facilities decoration and other stainless steel products.

Produced by cold-rolled plate, flatness flatness, uniform color, good tensile ability. Ordinary ST12 grade products, its elongation rate of up to 38%, higher than the other similar products around 33%. So the product of the iron and steel can be competent for bending 180 degrees, general tension and other mechanical processing requirements. For electrical cabinet, ordinary tensile hardware, steel pipe, small pumps, auto parts etc.. Special needs to be emphasized is that of AISC Cold rolled plate of Kaiping, Guangdong VCD, DVD power amplifier manufacturer specified materials, VCD, DVD power amplifier housing requirements on the surface of the steel plate punching, and porous plate procumbent, can meet the demand for high-end customers.

2.Product characteristic:

Stainless steel raw materials after grinding and polishing the surface of the stainless steel plate with a specular gloss, there are BA, 2B, ordinary, 8K, 8K surface best

Uses: mainly used in building decoration, elevator decoration. Decoration, decoration and other industrial facilities, stainless steel series products. 316 stainless steel mirror, 316L stainless steel mirror, 304 stainless steel mirror, 301 stainless steel mirror, 201 stainless steel mirror, etc.


1, by thickness classification

(1) plate (2) plate (3) plate (4) thick plate

2, according to the production method classification

(1) hot rolled sheet (2) cold rolled

3, according to the surface feature classification

(1) a galvanized sheet (2) () clad sheet (4) of a galvanized sheet (3) coated steel plate

4, by classification of uses

(1) bridge plate (2) boiler plate (3) shipbuilding plate (4) armor plate (5) automobile steel plate (6) roof plate (7) structural steel plate (8) electrical steel sheet (sheet) (9) spring plate (10) other, ordinary and mechanical structure with steel plate in common Japanese brand

4.Reference pictures:

304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Deep Drawing Board ,Wire Drawing Board ,Mirror Panel

304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Deep Drawing Board ,Wire Drawing Board ,Mirror Panel

304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Deep Drawing Board ,Wire Drawing Board ,Mirror Panel

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