2T High Quality Water Softener Automatic Control for home use

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Model: KM-SOFT-XB2
Dimensions: 330 * 470 * 1100 (mm)
Regeneration mode: time type / time mixed traffic
Fitting size: 6 points
Pressure: 0.5bar
Maximum working flow: 2T / H
Resin volume: 25L
Salt tank capacity: 50KG

 Water softener is a cylindrical system. The following is a control valve in the ion exchange resin tank. Ion exchange resins are from smaller synthetic resin ball composed of water to replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions ion-exchange resin, so that the water becomes "soft." Control over the introduction of purified water and demineralized water mixing valve, the outflow of water from the water softener is the hardness of the mixed water you need.

Product features
Independent research and development of the valve head, LED panel, operation at a glance.
· Water-saving automatic operation, Section salt, water stability.
· Beauty, skin care, fabric soft and comfortable life.
· Wading equipment to prevent calcareous deposits, prevent pipe corrosion, energy saving.
* Unique long life (must be compatible with special reducing agent).
* With self-developed patent

Installation requirements:
Water softener must be installed in a dry and frost-free place.
The ambient temperature must not exceed 45 ℃!
Have a reliable drainage system, otherwise, the water will damage your house and water softener.
Upstream and downstream of a water softener installed shut-off valve. Easy to install, service and repair. This avoids the flood damage to the house.
Water softener function installed on all standard drinking water pipes.
Water softener installed upstream of the meter is not allowed.

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Q:What's the direction of the switch for the water softener in the coffee machine?
3, find the outlet of the soft bucket, usually two pipes, one connection soft bucket and coffee machine, one is open drain pipe
Q:What's the difference between a fully automatic water softener and a sodium ion exchanger?
For boilers, thermal power plants, chemical industry, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, atomic energy and water treatment, before the treatment, the industrial production required for water softening, deionized water preparation occasions, can also be used for decolorization of food and drug purification, recovery of precious metals, chemical raw materials, electroplating wastewater treatment etc..
Q:Can the filter be installed with the water softener? My home is in the countryside
In addition to suspended substance use, can not play the role of softened water, water softener is used to soften water, not one, if you want to soften the water softener, the effect is better, more suitable for rural use conditions.
Q:What kinds of soft water salt do you have?
Because softened water is required for brine concentration and granules
Q:If you want to buy a water purifier, how can you tell the difference between a water purifier and a water softener?
And water softener is used in the bath, laundry these, bath skin is not dry,
Q:How to install water softener in central air conditioner?
First, the automatic water inlet of the automatic water softener of the installation machine, the purified water outlet, the sewage outlet and the salt suction pipe take over, and we conform to the relevant pipeline specifications according to the pipe size of the user's family.(1) before installing, first of all, check the accessories that need to be used. The main parts have two spare output joints, two sealing rings, a sewage outlet joint and a salt suction pipe joint.
Q:What is the inlet temperature of the general soft water system?
Calculate the tube diameter, and then rounding. After rounding check with corresponding diameter, remember there is a corresponding data drainage project. Can also be checked directly to the drainage manual...
Q:Hello, I would like to ask the soft water machine in the resin tank to breed green algae, normal?
Definitely not. Algae - producing water must not be drinkable. At least the bacteria have exceeded the standard many times.The solution is usually a mechanical cleaning (pouring out the resin, washing the green algae on the resin like washing rice, and cleaning the tank with a brush).
Q:Is the water produced by household water softener weak acidic or weak alkaline?
A simpler combination filterComments: the exchange is often calcium and magnesium ions, different exchange of materials to release different substances into the water
Q:The boiler water softener does not absorb salt, what's the matter?
Boiler water softener is one of the commonly used equipment production in the field of industrial boiler, boiler water as if they contain hardness salts, such as calcium and magnesium ions, it will generate the scale on the heating surface of the boiler, thereby reducing the thermal efficiency of boiler, increased fuel consumption, and may even cause local overheating and damage caused by the explosion, parts. Therefore, industrial boiler water needs water softener or desalination treatment of boiler water softener.

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