2T High Quality Clamshell Water Softener For Home Use

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Model: KM-SOFT-XB2

Size: 330 * 470 * 1100 (mm)
Regeneration mode: time type / time mixed traffic
Fitting size: 6 points
Pressure: 0.5bar
Maximum working flow rate: 2T / H
Resin volume: 25L

Salt tank capacity: 50KG

2T High Quality Clamshell Water Softener For Home Use



2T High Quality Clamshell Water Softener For Home Use



 Water softener is a cylindrical system. The following is a control valve in the ion exchange resin tank. Ion exchange resins are from smaller synthetic resin ball composed of water to replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions ion-exchange resin, so that the water becomes "soft." Control over the introduction of purified water and demineralized water mixing valve, the outflow of water from the water softener is the hardness of the mixed water you need.

Product features
Independent research and development of the valve head, LED panel, operation at a glance.
· Water-saving automatic operation, Section salt, water stability.
· Beauty, skin care, fabric soft and comfortable life.
· Wading equipment to prevent calcareous deposits, prevent pipe corrosion, energy saving.
* Unique long life (must be compatible with special reducing agent).
* With self-developed patent

Installation requirements:
Water softener must be installed in a dry and frost-free place.
The ambient temperature must not exceed 45 ℃!
Have a reliable drainage system, otherwise, the water will damage your house and water softener.
Upstream and downstream of a water softener installed shut-off valve. Easy to install, service and repair. This avoids the flood damage to the house.
Water softener function installed on all standard drinking water pipes.
Water softener installed upstream of the meter is not allowed.

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Q:The dishwasher is full of water. Do you want to add water to the water?
After the water is full of the state, add special salt when you do not need to clean up the water, directly into the water into the special salt can be.
Q:What are the common types of water softeners?
The main features of water softening equipment of this structure are: the process is simple and easy to understand, easy operation, low cost, can be used to flow; but backward technology, large occupied area, operation consumption is large, the actual operation intensity, corrosion salt pump heavy and high maintenance costs.2) domestic combined automatic type:Due to the use of manual equipment is too complex, in early 1990s, the emergence of a new equipment to combined integrated valve as the core. The core component of this equipment is a multi-channel integrated valve, through the rotation of the valve body to change the direction of water flow. This equipment is compared with the traditional manual equipment, compared to the manual the traditional equipment and equipment, equipment covers a lot of small, high degree of automation. But the control method using time control, operation control precision is low. By the design, process and material constraints, with the majority of planar integrated valve equipment easy to wear, wear after repair once the possibility is very small. At present many of the domestic market for this kind of equipment manufacturers, the actual differences in the quality of products is large, a lot of equipment running effect is not satisfactory.
Q:What's the difference between a double tank and a single tank?
2., the general soft water machine in one (single tank) and split (double tank), the integration of resin and salt box together, and split are generally relatively large flow models, separate the salt box separately. For a water softener, there is usually automatic control device, usually only need to put salt in the salt box on it.Water softener in use after a period of time, softening resin will be invalid, then need to use salt to regeneration, regeneration time is about two hours or so, and these two hours soft water machine will not produce soft water.
Q:Is the installation procedure of boiler water softener tedious? How to install
Two 、 controller installation and resin filling (using resin: 001 * 7 strong acid cation exchange resin)A, before filling, the central pipe (water distributor) should be placed in the middle of the resin tank, lower than the tank mouth 0.5mm, cut and guide the angle (at this time, use adhesive tape to seal the lifting nozzle, and the resin will enter the central pipe);B, the processed resin will be put into the resin tank around the central pipe according to the required loading capacity.C the above operation shall keep the central pipe in the middle of the resin tank mouth.D, remove the sealing tape from the center pipe.E, installation of water distributor, the controller socket on the center tube, carefully in a clockwise direction control valve, (Note: make sure the center pipe is inserted into the valve control valve, control valve in the tank) until the screw on the interface.
Q:How much is the price of a general automatic water softener?
The high quality of raw water does not need to be dealt with, the price is low, the problem is to solve the less, the lower the price.
Q:What is the role of detergent and softener respectively?
Detergent is just as its name implies, has produced under the condition of scale (usually the Ca+Mg+ cation is solid by precipitation), pickling methods such as precipitation to restore the soluble, easy to remove.
Q:Can water softener be drunk?
Reduce the water hardness; the other is nanocrystalline TAC technology, namely Template Asisted Crystallization (auxiliary module, high energy crystal) produced by nanocrystals, the packaging of calcium and magnesium and bicarbonate ions in the water free into nano crystal,
Q:How to clean automatic water softener?
The automatic water softener is automatic, so it will be cleaned automatically
Q:Boiler water hardness exceeding standard: water softener water hardness is qualified,
The concept of softened water effluent and boiler internal water is different. The water in the furnace is of high hardness
Q:Is the water heater corroded by the water softener?
The magnesium ion or the excess brine passes through the softener and backwash procedures

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