Desktop Water Dispenser with High Quality HD-1129TS

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Desktop Water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-1129TS


Desktop Water Dispenser  with High Quality  HD-1129TS

2015 fashionable designed free standing water dispenser

1. Environment Friendly & Energy Efficiency Design

2. High Quality Compressor: Panasonic

3. Major Thermostats : EGO (German Brand)

4. Backup Thermostats : WAKO  (Japanese Brand)

5. Hot Water Tank Insulation foam, UL approved

6. R-134a refrigerant:  INEOS (Japanese Brand)

7. ABS anti-scratch stand with adjustable height



CNBM was awarded Global Manufacturer Certificate(GMC). Global Manufacturer Certificate (GMC) is a standard established by GlobalMarket Group to identify and certify high-quality China Manufacturers, which includes 8 benchmarks concluded from surveys with approximately 20,000 international buyers.

To become a GMC manufacturer, the manufacturer should submit an application, provide relevant documents and go through an on-site auditing process by the world’s leading certification authority TüV. Only those in accordance with GMC standard can be awarded the certificate.

Becoming a GMC manufacturer means:

00001. Genuine manufacturer with ISO certification

00002. High-quality products and high capacity

00003. Prominent R&D capability

00004.  Substantial export experience and OEM/ODM experience

00005. Good reputation within the industry



The 8 GMC Benchmarks


GMC Members        

Genuine Manufacturer


factory or brands owned, not a trader or broker


employees engaged in manufacturing process


High-quality Products


ISO certification obtained and in its valid period


quality control system established



products certified by the third party


Considerable company Size


5,000,000 USD and above production capacity



or 2,500,000 USD and above export volume



or 5,000,000 USD and above annual turnover


Dedicated Export Team


foreign language skills



necessary educational background


export sale experience


Research and Development Capability


adequate professionals



sufficient equipment



product design and improvement or patented


Social and Environmental Responsibility


sense of social and environmental responsibility



comply with all social and environmental laws of relevant countries

maintain a healthy and safe working environment

Trustworthiness and Reputation

good reputation in its industry


no record of illegal activities


statement of its compliance with business morale




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Q:Why do people get used to turning off the water cooler before going out?
It's a good habit. Water heater insulation needs power consumption. Switching off can save power, and secondly, when there is no one, there is a long-term safety of electrical appliances, there are security risks.
Q:How does the water faucet of water dispenser leak?
Dripping Faucet1, sealing ring deformation or aging, replace the sealing ring2 、 the tap is not screwed and the faucet is replaced3, tap off not tighten the lid loose, tighten the faucet4, rubber plug aging, fall off, pull rod off, replace rubber plug, pull rod
Q:How does the hot water leakage of drinking fountains do?
1, if the water dispenser is bottled water, it is estimated that the bucket leak caused by the leak point is between the bucket mouth and bottle cap. All bottled water is repeated filling. In the process of filling, open the lid, the bucket mouth will have a certain degree of wear and tear. It is recommended to replace the bucket without leaking water.
Q:Does the water dispenser need cleaning?
The water storing container inside the water dispenser: if a long time without disinfection or not clean, will lead to the water storing container dirt inside the machine and to breed a lot of bacteria, and even the breeding of insects, serious harm to people's health. Drinking fountains have cold, hot two water gall, these two water bile in addition to play the function of producing cold and hot water, as well as the role of impurities in precipitation water. When we repeated replacement of bottled water, but ignore the drinking fountains liner has nearly 1000 ml of water, in the course of time, the water naturally become a breeding ground for bacteria, continuous reproduction of bacteria hidden in the dispenser liner, and these pathogenic bacteria enter the body with drinking water can cause digestive, urinary and nervous system diseases etc..
Q:How to clean the scale of water dispenser?
Cut off the power of the water fountain and empty the bucket. Clean the surface of the body with neutral detergent, but not organic detergent. Otherwise, it will corrode the surface of the water dispenser. You can use dry cloth or alcohol cotton balls to clean the water inlet, faucet, water tray and other parts;2. Turn on the drain pipe at the back of the water dispenser and all the drinking water switches, leaving the water empty;
Q:The heating indicator of the table drinking machine is bright, but what's the problem of non heating?
Because the liner is integrated, only the entire replacement, but this is not easy to find, so equal to no repair! Would you like to buy another one?! No, it isn't expensive.
Q:How often does the water heater clean up?
The third step: to the water pump into the tank 300 ml of multi-function disinfectant, soak for 10~15 minutes. Antibacterial Association experts commented: water dispenser cavity capacity of about 2 liters, a mere 300 ml disinfectant, can only disinfect the very limited water dispenser cavity space, such disinfection is invalid. The correct way: dissolve 300 ml disinfectant into the water of about 2 liters, and then fill the whole cavity for 10~15 minutes.Fourth step: turn on the water switch and clean the disinfectant. As mentioned above, the drinking water switch can only release part of the disinfectant, most of which remain in the cavity. If not discharged, it will become a new source of water pollution. The correct way: turn on all the switches of the water dispenser, including the drain pipe and the water switch, and clean the disinfectant.
Q:The utility model relates to a water dispenser, which is capable of producing weak alkaline water through ionization and separation of acid and alkali
Ha ha, we don't need to publicize the relation between water pH and health.In fact, the alkalinity here is only a little deviation from the neutral value, whether it is good for health or not, and there is no authority to prove it.
Q:How to fix the water tap of the water dispenser?
Tap water seepage of water dispenser:Failure cause:(1) the handle will tighten the faucet;(2): tap the button will twist teeth.Removal method:Tighten the red or blue part of the faucet clockwise to fasten the faucet. Or counterclockwise unscrew the hand, adjust the silicone tube and spring tap, and then re tighten the faucet; also can let the customer service service personnel door to replace the tap or replace the entire faucet open rear handle.
Q:Water dispenser with tap water
This kind of water dispenser must have the filter function, because the water dispenser now has many disadvantages, the water in the water dispenser is not very sanitary, and also easy to be polluted.

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