0.7T High Quality Kitchen Water Softener For Home Use

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Product Description:

Product parameters:

Model: KM-SOFT-C2
Size: 445 * 235 * 650 (mm)
Regeneration mode: time type / time mixed traffic
Fitting size: 6 points
Pressure: 0.5bar
Maximum working flow rate: 1T / H
The amount of resin: 6.5L
Salt tank capacity: 25KG

 0.7T High Quality  Kitchen Water Softener For Home Use

0.7T High Quality  Kitchen Water Softener For Home Use


    Water softener is a cylindrical system. The following is a control valve in the ion exchange resin tank. Ion exchange resins are from smaller synthetic resin ball composed of water to replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium ions ion-exchange resin, so that the water becomes "soft." Control over the introduction of purified water and demineralized water mixing valve, the outflow of water from the water softener is the hardness of the mixed water you need.

Product features
Independent research and development of the valve head, LED panel, operation at a glance.
· Water-saving automatic operation, Section salt, water stability.
· Beauty, skin care, fabric soft and comfortable life.
· Wading equipment to prevent calcareous deposits, prevent pipe corrosion, energy saving.
* Unique long life (must be compatible with special reducing agent).
* With self-developed patent

Installation requirements:
Water softener must be installed in a dry and frost-free place.
The ambient temperature must not exceed 45 ℃!
Have a reliable drainage system, otherwise, the water will damage your house and water softener.
Upstream and downstream of a water softener installed shut-off valve. Easy to install, service and repair. This avoids the flood damage to the house.
Water softener function installed on all standard drinking water pipes.
Water softener installed upstream of the meter is not allowed.


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Q:Dishwasher water softener filled with water should first add salt dry it?
When the salt is added, the water will spill over. This doesn't matter. The spilled water will drain away when it runs the new program. If you don't worry, you can run a short program to flush the spilled water.
Q:What is the function of the central water softener?
Don't just make money, no responsibility for induction, soft water can only be used for life, wash, drink on the body no good, elements of some should not have, it is recommended to see how the people over the United States do.
Q:What is the working principle of a water softener?
Very similar to a magnet that attracts iron filings. Water containing no hardness ions (softened water) that flows out of the water softener and enters the water hose of the house.
Q:Fully automatic water softener, after backwashing, water or substandard, and want to re wash back, how to operate?
So, in order to show you before which one, but in general, as the flow is usually no water bypass, when the regenerative outlet is not out of the water, but in each step when converting a little water through.
Q:The difference between water softener and water purifier
Water purifier uses sand filtration, activated carbon, ultrafiltration and other technologies, can purify the water source to a certain extent
Q:Selection and use of water softener
H internal control valve control valve internal leakage hard: general leakage hard, often appear at the same time water and wastewater in soft water, but for 64D or 74A, may be through holes on the formation of ceramic rotor leakage, if the leakage, in the flush position, to be qualified in soft water detection the waste water outlet, but transferred to the operating position, water hardness exceed the standard. 1., in order to save costs, you can choose manual control water softener according to the situation.2.24 hours of continuous water can be selected according to water time alternate regeneration, one for one use water softener.3. according to the requirements of water quality: a configurable multi media filter is used to remove water, sediment, rust, colloid and suspended solids; two configurable activated carbon filter, used to remove pigment, odor, biochemical organic matter, reduce the residual chlorine value and pesticide pollution; three stage water softener.4. the water quality of water softener reaches the national standard of low pressure boiler feed water.
Q:What are the effects of detergent and softener
Contains a lot of Ca+Mg+ cations in water become "hard water", these ions temporarily dissolved in water, but in the heating case is easy to combine with OH- and CO3 anions as precipitation, water softener is the main function of the removal of Ca+Mg+ and other cations, prevent precipitate.
Q:Market prospects of water softeners
1. bottled water has been eliminated, water purifier has been valuedAdmittedly, bottled water used for people to improve the quality of drinking water made a great contribution, and also makes the water dispenser market hot moment, but a ten yuan of bottled water has greatly increased consumer spending, so many families had to take the method of intermittent purchase to reduce the burden on the family, thus affecting the positive the consumers' pursuit of the quality of drinking water. However, the bottled water market confusion, poor bottled water and bottled water posing as pure water phenomenon has been exposed, so many consumers on the bottled water market prohibitive. So, how can conveniently drink cheap and guarantee the quality of drinking water has become people's hearts desire. This longing for water softener Market spawned a vast world.
Q:Schematic diagram of water softener
The packaging of calcium and magnesium, bicarbonate free water into nanometer crystal, thereby preventing the free ion of incrustant. "More please search from water softener"
Q:How is the regeneration cycle of the water softener calculated?
The resin work exchange capacity (mol/L) is the fixed value 1.2mol/LYour controller is not properly chosen because each of its switching cycles is only about six hours, so it's best to adjust your configuration and use a single standby mode

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