278MVA/500kV single-phase double winding OLTC converter transformer

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2 Winding

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YNd11 Dyn11 YNyn0d11


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Packaging Detail:Mainbody --naked Disassembled parts -- crate
Delivery Detail:3 months



1. CESI certificate
2. High short-circuit withstand
3. Low loss, PD and noise
4. CTQC certificate
5. No leakage




The application of 278MVA/500kV single-phase double winding OLTC converter transformer can significantly improve the economy of the OLTC substation, and matches well with the transmission capacity of OLTC lines, which has wide prospect of application. Because of its large capacity and large volume, the whole transportation weight with nitrogen is about 470-490 tons, and due to the restricted transport conditions, the transportation becomes the critical issue for 278MVA/500kV single-phase double winding OLTC converter transformer. In order to make the products applicable to any OLTC substation in our country, the state grid of corporation of China set the "A study of easy-transport large capacity OLTC Transformer” as a key scientific research projects, and entrusted BTW to carry out the research.

During the process of research and development, BTW adopted the advanced design technology and modular design, the transformer can be transported disassembly and with advantages of compact core and winding body, less transportation weight and low transportation cost, effectively solves the need of OLTC construction in the transportation restricted areas. By using the most advanced 3D magnetic field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation for the magnetic flux leakage and eddy current loss of the transformer coil, iron core and oil tank steel structures. Besides, by using of the advanced electric field calculation software, BTW performed detailed analysis and calculation of main longitudinal insulation, and mastered the arrangement of the main longitudinal insulation of large capacity OLTCtransformer and the control of distribution of winding magnetic flux leakage. All of which make the products with low loss, low noise, small volume, strong anti short circuit ability, no local overheating and other significant advantages, and guarantee the long-term safe and stable operation.

The world's first on-site assembled large capacity OLTC Transformer’s right at the first time once again filled the gap in the field of OLTC transformer research after Chinese transformer industry overcame the difficulty of integral transport of 278MVA/500kV single-phase double winding OLTC converter transformer, which marks BTW has fully occupied the world transformer industry technical peak. The successful development of the product filled the gaps in the domestic technology and met the urgent need of OLTCconstruction application in our country, greatly improved the technical level and manufacturing ability of BTW in terms of OLTC Transformer products.


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Q:Three - winding transformer winding problem
But from the operating and manufacturing costs, low - medium - high arrangement, more reasonable. 1, from the operation to consider: step-down transformer, low pressure side is often for the distance of the load. And the voltage level is low, the protection level is lower. So we hope that the low-high impedance is bigger as well. While the pressure is often for the far load, we hope that the impedance between them is smaller as well. This arrangement, just to meet this requirement.
Q:who else thought Transformers 2 wasnt that good?
I haven't seen it, but I heard it was worse than the first one.
Q:Should I buy Transformers Dark of the Moon? PS3?
I say don't do it. Too many times, I've played a movie/TV-based game and it sucked even when the movie was awesome. (Spiderman 3, Avatar, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, etc) Just don't do it
Q:what's a tv transformer?
Unless the someone was an experienced TV Tech you can take his ( or her ) diagnosis with a very large pinch of salt ! To answer your basic question though what is a Tv transformer ? I will list a few transformers that can be found in a TV set.! Mains AC transformer already described by TV Guy ! Sound IF transformers ( 2 or 3 ) Vision IF transformers Power supply switching transformer ! Line drive transformer . Flyback Transformer A couple or so in the tuner unit. No doubt I have missed a couple and will be picked up on it by the other TV Techs who may decide to answer this question but you get the idea don`t you !! Cheers Pete To be fair Adrian he did say with other circuitry . Cheers Pete
Q:Transformer in Consumer Electronics?
Nobody has this exactly right, so here is what is happening: The transformer, with no load on the secondary presents a reactive impedance to the AC line which is fairly high. This is due to the inductance of the transformer. Any current flowing creates a magnetic field which induces a reverse voltage in the primary winding which in effect bucks the applied line voltage and limits current flow. Some energy is stored temporarily in the magnetic field during the positive half cycle of the applied line voltage, and then returned when the applied voltages reverses sign during the second half cycle. The net power consumption is fairly low, and is due to the resistance of the copper wire and magnetic hysteresis losses in the transformer's iron core. All of the above applies when there is no load on the secondary. When a load is applied to the secondary, the current flowing in the secondary circuit (which is also flowing in the secondary windings) creates a magnetic field which is in opposition to that produced by the primary winding. This decreases the EMF opposing current flow in the primary, so more current flows in the primary. Thus an applied load on the secondary presents a reflected load in the primary. Remove the secondary load and the reflected load disappears. So an unloaded transformer does not consume max power - but does consume a little power due to the copper and iron losses in the transformer.
Q:1000KVA transformer no-load loss is how much?
Transformer no-load loss is not the same, not only the manufacturers are not the same, is a manufacturer at the same time manufacturing two transformers, may be no load loss will not be exactly the same; Different types of transformer no-load loss is not the same, the larger the model, the smaller the no-load loss, such as S9 than the S7 no-load loss is small.
Q:Transformer question:?
4 transformers would work in theory. 10v ➔100v ➔ 1000v ➔ 10000v There is something called volts per turn. in the first transformer, that is 1, but in the fourth it is 1000, and that high a number will never work. wikipedia: The turns per volt figure typically varies from 1 to about 4, with around 4 turns per volt common for small appliance transformers, and around 1 turn per volt used for intermittent duty fan cooled microwave oven transformers. Volts per turn is commonly used for larger transformers, distribution transformers are often limited by excessive insulation required between each turn. .
Q:Transformer noise reduction
Since it is installed in the basement of high-rise residential, the transformer must be dry-type transformers. First check the fasteners on the transformer and re-tighten if loosened. Especially the core of the upper and lower clamp, if loose, can not clamp the core noise will be significantly increased. In addition, if the installation of the foot is stable, etc. also check it. Note that the transformer must be de-energized when checking and tightening, and then ground properly. If you really can not reduce the noise of the transformer itself, take sound insulation measures can also have a very significant effect. For example, in the transformer room wall paste sound-absorbing panels. Or install a cushioning rubber pad underneath the foot of the transformer. If you want to achieve better results you can use a special shock absorber to the top of the transformer, so that it does not directly contact the ground. Can play a very good sound insulation effect (using the above sound insulation measures, basically can make the transformer room next door noise reduction 5 ~ 6dB, or even better)
Q:Are transformers real?
Q:Transformer Transformer Principle
The transformer is a high-pressure water (electricity); outlet is a low-pressure water (electricity)! Transform pressure is buck! Reverse can also! Pool to increase the pump Change the high pressure water! Transformers to replace the iron! Like low-pressure water sealed water tank at the bottom of the high-pressure water! Understand it! Haha! I as a lecturer?

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