0518 Pedestal Washbasin

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Product Description:


  • One or three taphole



  • Smooth surface designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
  • Showing fashion, nature and elegance
  • Of opal glass texture, durable in use and bringing everlasting high-quality enjoyment



  • ISO9001
  • KS Certificate







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Q:Bathroom wash basins how to repair ah?
Second, if it is the column pot situation, should be removed from the basin, with a wallpaper knife cut off the wall of the plastic, remove the basin after the flap with the female screw removed, watch remember the pad Up and down there, according to the original order will be installed on the new flap. And then glue the glue re-fixed. Third, if it is on stage pots, then this is easy, the basin does not have to remove, in the lower cabinet can operate the above process. If the basin is not a cabinet, is the case of closure, it must be removed part of the lower seal, and the basin is not possible. There is no other way. This live is very simple, no need to ask the plumber, their own look can be. Note: need tools: a pipe pliers, a wallpaper knife. If it is to live pots, need to have a one meter long fine steel wire, cut basin by the wall that part of the glue.
Q:How can you drill holes in metal?How would you cut china cups so that you got rings of the china w.out breaks?
A regular, &twist bit&, designed for drilling holes in metal, should be able to bore right through a metal wash basin, like, say, if it were galvanized or painted. But, if the piece has a baked on porcelain finish (like the &spatter ware& from the depression era, or even any white finish on a basin or pot), I would suggest getting a masonry bit. These kind of bits have a tungsten carbine cutting bit at the business end and are designed to cut through most hard materials (tile, brick, concrete) and should be adequate to penetrate through a porcelain glaze. Then, finish the job with a regular twist drill. Masonry bits are not very expensive. You can buy them singly, at most any hardware store. I've fabricated some tanks for holding water from sheet steel and I coated their insides with a liquid, two-part epoxy, which can be brushed on like paint. Use a throw-away brush. The brand of epoxy I used was System-Three, which was formulated for marine use. It's a little pricey if you're not going to need a lot of it, but it does stand up extremely well to constant immersion and it did protect the base metal very well. You might get some two-part epoxy that comes in a tube, cut it with a little alcohol or acetone so that it's brushable and apply that to the inside of your basin. As to your china tea cups though, that would be a challenge. I'm picturing myself doing it with a small rotary tool, like a Dremel, in a router base, or mounted in a table, with a diamond encrusted wheel in the chuck and then going slowly around the perimeter of the cup, cutting the slices off. I would cut a 1/3 portion of the circumference and leave the three, very small bits for last. Are we talking thin, bone china tea cups? or sturdy stoneware ones? I think that you would be in for a lot of trial and error with some failed attempts until you got the feel for working with the materials.
Q:Home plastic washbasin how much temperature will melt
Under normal circumstances 150 ° will not melt below, but the specific depends on your plastic pot is made of what kind of material, the general are polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Polystyrene (PS) and propylene green-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS). Their melting points are PE180-230 °, PS170-210 °, PVC150-170 °, ABS190-250 °. So, home plastic pots, generally more than 150 ° will melt, the specific different materials need to achieve different hot melt temperature.
Q:How to remove the hot and cold water pipes under the washbasin
First good size, with a short tube. Fitted with watermarks. And then the other end of the short tube at the end of the Department of oil, wound Ma, screwed in the reserved water supply pipe (if it is concealed pipe, with a mouthpiece plate, first to protect the mouth plate set in the short section, , Will cover the mouth filled with putty, to the wall leveling, according to the real, clean up the overflow of putty) to moderate elastic. Will be brass (or plastic pipe) then cut the size of the need to simmer light fork bend the curved simmer good. (Or plastic tube), respectively, wrapped around the oil pan rope or lead oil linen, the top into the mouth of the nozzle, the bottom of the mouth into the water door in the mouth, the bottom of the mouth,
Q:What do you mean by your face?
This is a break language, washbasin in the bar - I do not know the depth. I do not know the depth: to describe the interests of things do not understand.
Q:The washbasin mirror has no effect on the bedroom door
From the feng shui point of view, it is not very good. Mirror facing the bedroom door, easily lead to the main culprit. It is recommended that you can change the direction of the mirror, or to make a curtain cover. I hope my answer can help you, hope to adopt!
Q:How is this reverse discrimination, can only Muslims use the wash basins??
OMG another case of shaken baby syndrome. Go Team Crazy Politician Go
Q:How to remove the hair from the washbasin
1, the easiest way, Floor: to find a used plastic wrap inside the cheese, and then put a few rubber band in the above, and then a few laps in the place where there is hair Bathroom: first wet with water, and then the hair will be stained together, and then sweep the sweep on the line. 2, the straw cut into chrysanthemum-like, scattered, vertical inserted in the outlet, after washing the hair, the straw to put all the hair are done, only from time to time to change the straw can be. Note: straws do not have too long on the line, as long as the spread of the 3, with a waste toothbrush in the ground a roll can be rolled up, thrown into the trash. There are hair out of the ground hair can also be so rolled to a group. Mainly toothbrush will often change, lost also pity, find a loaded tea or other kegs inserted in the inside of the toothbrush, in the corner does not affect the appearance, and very practical! 4, when the bath, with the old stockings wrapped in the mouth of the sewer, it will all the hair are interrupted! This is more practical, but also more environmentally friendly! 5, with a pot of steel ball, pull the hair plug the sink, see the deposition of more, to change one. 6, if you do not want to use hand, you can prepare a clip in the bathroom, a little longer, you can add some plug in the sewer and other places of hair. 7, to prepare a large roll wide tape, then the ground slightly dragged dry a little time in the cut a tape, can be directly stick up, so that the other debris on the floor is also stick up!
Q:Is there a sensor I can put in the basin the washing machine drains into that will turn off?
Correct answer above, but you need just a little more information. You will have to wire the float switch in series with the recepticle your washer is plugged in to. That way if the float raises to the level of overfill, it will open the circuit to the washer. Once the water level falls, the washer will start again.
Q:wash basin hair rinser?
Install a faucet that has a pull out sprayer.

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