501 Pedestal Washbasin

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Product Description:


  • One or three taphole



  • Smooth surface designed for providing no gap to contain adhered stain and ensuring easier cleaning
  • Showing fashion, nature and elegance
  • Of opal glass texture, durable in use and bringing everlasting high-quality enjoyment



  • ISO9001
  • KS Certificate







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Q:Is it OK if I pee in a wash-basin, if the toilet is in use?
I've been to functions where there was a huge crowd and not enough johns and there was a separate line to pee in the sink. One time I went to a k d lang concert, mostly women there. There were 3 lines to the men's room: guys for the urinals, guys for the sink, and women for the stalls. One sink was left open for hand washing. Everyone was fine with it.
Q:Bathroom washbasin what material is good
Bone china. Mainly to see the glazed good or bad. There is also the density of porcelain clay.
Q:Washbasin bouncing cat does not come up how to do?
1, try to pull the bottom of the next water pipe to confirm that the second level has been pressed with a screwdriver and the like from the bottom up to the top of the water cap; 2, with the blade from the top of the Alice; 3, new.
Q:Ceramic washbasin and glass washbasin which safety factor is high?
Ceramic I think the safety factor is good point glass washbasin accidentally will break the case and the whole glass washbasin will be broken more likely to hurt people
Q:washing machine question?
The black corrugated hose is the drain hose that must be kept upright or the water that goes in will come right back out. If you have a washer hook up there should be a stack (a section of pipe hooked up to your house's drain line for the washer's drain line to connect) and hot and cold water supply line.
Q:Wash basin how to dismantle
Are generally closed with glass glue, as long as the knife can be cleaned with the United States, and some are installed behind the expansion of the bolt, and carefully look at the same time remember to put the water off
Q:How to remove the hot and cold water pipes under the washbasin
A mixed nozzle installation: the mixing nozzle tip plus 1mm thick pad, putty. Insert the basin along the middle of the hole in the eye, the bottom of the pad and eye socket, righting mouth, tighten the root of the mother to the elastic moderate, with a good water lock mother. B will be cold, hot water valve cover to remove, retreat lock the mother, the valve from bottom to top into the basin cold, hot water hole. Valve lock mother and rubber ring into the cross-tube, and then the valve on the root of the mother plus putty and 1mm thick pad, the root of the mother tighten and silk flat. Close the door cover and tighten the door cap screws. C washbasin mouth plus 1mrn thick pad, putty, inserted into the basin drainage hole inside, outside with pads and eye socket, silk at the Department of oil, wound Ma. With a self-made wrench stuck in the mouth of the cross bar, screw into the water three-way mouth, so that the mouth back, the overflow to the face of overflowing eyes. The following are the same as the " D Put the handle rod and the spring universal bead into the center of the tee, and tighten the lock to the elasticity. And then put the pole through the mixed nozzle empty tube to the four under the mouth, four-way and pole interface at the oil pan rope, tighten the tightening nut. Stand, cross bar with a good link with a good, while adjusting the positioning.
Q:why we are connecting wash basin connections through floor trap? tell me the corrct answers.?
Because of the law's. Just because you see all that junk being washed into the catch basin's doesn,t mean its not used again. imagine recycling acid which has drained into a basin like it does in our rivers and oceans, it may make it thru the recycle process but it also becomes a part of our drinking water. Acid in your coffee,tea the water you boil your spaghetti in and who knows what else.Every living thing needs water to grow and stay alive. contamination kills and destroys.
Q:What is the direction of water swirl when plug from wash basin is pulled out?
always anti clock wise imagine a bathtub on a plane you pull the plug and go to australia ,does everybody think that when you cross the equator it changes direction rediculous , because of the direction we turn around the sun every thing follows, vines all over the world wind them selves anti clockwise around the trees winds,ocean currents ,weather patterns ,the way the spirals in our bones devellop,the spiralling devellopment of branches on trees,the direction of the spiraling action of tornados ,spirals in rivers ,etc i have seen vines all over the world ,and all go in the same direction ,if you change it they contort and reverse to the original position.
Q:The height of the mirror lamp on the washbasin in the bathroom is much better
There are pots on the stage count: 80--90cm or so, but also from the ground from the ground, or according to your height of the basin and the user's height calculated in detail, the size of the mirror is also an important reference.

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