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Voltage:AC110-245V 50/60Hz
Power consumption:120W
Lamp:LED12W*7pcs Cree led
Function: Sound control,Automatic,DMX512
DMX Channels: 9/12/16CH three channels mode
XY Axis: X Axis:630 Y Axis:240
Beam Angel::8 degree
Feature : Extremely small ,High efficiency, Light
Weight, little noise
Smooth electronic Dimming:0-100%
Package Size:360*306*206MM

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Q:The head lamp open in less than half an hour lights automatically extinguish what reason
Automatic protection, look at the radiator cooling fan, wind enough?
Q:LED double head shaking lamp how to program?
The lamp made up of address code, in order to make sure it is a few lights. 2, according to the lamp console instructions, programming can.Take an example of a 16 channel console. The first table lamp is set at 001, the second is set to 001+16=017, and the third lamp is set to 017+16=033.. Set the light to N, there is: m=001+16n.. So.
Q:Does the wedding use a big screen and do you need any other lights, such as a shake head lamp and a dye lamp?
Room or home, or wedding site, if the wedding scene is definitely required
Q:Dimming desk how to connect the headlights, and seek light division teacher advice!
The dimming console can only control the output of each circuit, which is equivalent to the electric switch. Shake the head and shake the lamp with a special lighting console. You'd better not use this
Q:250 computer shake head lamp does not need 512 console, how to walk? Twenty
What brand of computer light? The model does not say how to find you, if there is sound control, open the voice control
Q:How does the max384 console control both the hall light and the shake head lamp?
It's useful to hold the console together..240 is not complicated, but it's a lot of steps! Saying is also unclear
Q:How to use a shake head lamp without a console?
You can use the shake head, built-in walk program, set the master-slave mode, all shake head lights will go at the same time, it is best to buy a light control table, lights less, buy a few hundred can be
Q:How does the DMX512 console control the shake head light 10?
In order to help users solve "how to use DMX512 console and control LED PA lamp" related issues, China learning network through the Internet on how to useDMX512 console control LED PA lamp related solutions have been collated, the user details include: RT, I would like to know: how to use DMX512 console, simultaneous control LED PA lights and 575?Shaking his head lights, thank you, urgently ah, please help!, specific solutions are as follows:Solution 1:How to use the DMX512 console and LED PA control lights and 575 head lights, thank you, urgently ah, please help! With that, I do not know what, how and how to make programming code, thank you! LED lamp is the kind of hand in handSolution 2:This is a different brand of light and the controller's operation and programming is not the same, depending on what the channel, so it is generally difficult to tell you.Instructions are generally said how to operate, if not, where you buy the lights, where to ask, others will not be so casually tell you
Q:How to control scan and shake head lamp with 192 console? How to program?
2, four small power computer and a simple computer and other console need how much money?Answer: computer light is mainly divided into "shake head lamp" and "scanning lamp"".Computer shake head lamp market, the minimum power is 250W, according to different brands and functions of how much, the price is probably around 2600--6000, computer light control 1200 or so!If necessary, leave your E-MAIL to me in the Baidu message. I recommend several products for you!
Q:How do you program the strobe light?
It is light stroboscopic is your property, speed adjustment, a stroboscopic + built-in proportion, commonly known as horse racing

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