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Voltage:AC100-240V 50HZ/60HZ

Light sources: 8pcs of 10W white LED or 4in1,CREE RGBW LED

Power consumption:120W Beam angle: 4.5°

Control DMX channel: 18 Channel

Control modes: dmx512,master-slave,auto movement, sound control

Tilt movement:145°

Dimmer: 0~100% smooth dimming

Strobe: Variable strobe speeds

Inner package size: 47*31*21.5cm


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Q:What are the brands of shake head lamps?
The United States: Iwatt, NS, PI, Fairchild in Europe: NXP Taiwan: MPS: the Pearl River Road Home Hyun Ming is not the best, maien,
Q:What brand of shake head lamp is good?
The domestic with the Pearl River, Thang Long, the two brands, the quality efficiency is good, stable performance, but the price is high. But now is such, penny.
Q:Only two shaking heads should be placed on the stage
The general stage must also cooperate with other stage lighting to create the effect. Can refer to see the SKYSTAR brand stage light to see
Q:Where do you use logo, the logo type of computer light that lights the headlights?
Lights include stage shake heads, display lights, logo lights, and more. The material is divided into metal pieces, copper slides, glass slides, color glass and other materials.
Q:Dimming desk how to connect the headlights, and seek light division teacher advice!
The dimming console can only control the output of each circuit, which is equivalent to the electric switch. Shake the head and shake the lamp with a special lighting console. You'd better not use this
Q:The Sims 3 nightclub life, how can I find the party shake head lights, and the things I can do with bubble caps?
Hello, this is virtual. It's really fun. To solve the problem. Take the answer, please
Q:Shake head lamp software
In order to highlight the sand table demonstration effect, with the head lamp, lamp, lamp and other staining scanning, rendering and highlight model
Q:What does "XY axis" mean by shaking head?
Just like the coordinate system we learned in our high school
Q:LED how to debug the head shaking lamp?
That mouth is too clear to say! It's useful to have a console together..240 is not complicated, but it's a lot of steps..! It's too vague to say
Q:How to operate the head lamp?
Manual in the display there, if the console control, first connected to the signal line, set the address code, some to match, and some can be used directly.

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