4x15w high power rotation 4 IN 1 MOVING HEAD

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Product Description:

Product specification
.Rate voltage:
.Rate power: 80W
.LED qty:4x15W high power SUNVIEW 4 in 1LEDs
.LED drive current:1000mA
.Beam agle:
. IP Class: IP20
.DMX modes:12CH/31CH
.Packaging size:193x136x295.9mm
.Net weight:4.0kg
.Gross weight:4.6kg

Product feature
.XLR sockets input/output 3pin
.3 kinds of control model:DMX512,Sound active. Master/slave
.LED display screen
.Display screen can be turned upside down with 180° to fit the installation in different place
.indoor operation temperature: -20℃~+ 40℃
.2 DMX modes:12CH/31CH
.dimmer:0-100%linear dimmer
Pan:540° Tilt:220°
Default function in Pan/tilt
Lens on 4 LEDs can infinitely rotate
.Single or beam effect(beam effect can be showed by rotating Lens)
.Static color setup’、Pan/Tilt range setup 、 total brightness setup
. 0- 20HZ strobe, pulse strobe 、asynchronus pulse strobe
. Perfect mixing color and rainbow effect
.Total dimmer
.Each LED can be controlled separately, rich colour





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Q:The head lamp open in less than half an hour lights automatically extinguish what reason
Automatic protection, look at the radiator cooling fan, wind enough?
Q:Sunshine 512 console how to control head shaking lamp?
This table of yours controls one or two table lamp is very good use, but many have really failed!
Q:LED double head shaking lamp how to program?
Take an example of a 16 channel console. The first table lamp is set at 001, the second is set to 001+16=017, and the third lamp is set to 017+16=033.. Set the light to N, there is: m=001+16n.. So.
Q:How to operate the head lamp?
Manual in the display there, if the console control, first connected to the signal line, set the address code, some to match, and some can be used directly.
Q:What does the beam lamp and the shake head lamp have?
In effect, the light beam angle is relatively small, can form a very bright light; head light, you should be the pattern of discharge lamp bulb, although there are light, but not so bright,
Q:How to program the computer shake head lamp?
First: you must understand the characteristics of the light, such as several channels, each channel features such as color, pattern, horizontal, vertical, in the first few channels!Second: you have to calculate how many lamps you have, the total number of channels for all lights, and how many channels you can use to control the number of channels!Third: you must know how to dial the address code. In order to facilitate the control, you must combine the number of channels of the controller and the light to dial the address code!
Q:What do you mean by "3 in one"?
A table lamp can play pattern + beam + dye effect
Q:How to control scan and shake head lamp with 192 console? How to program?
Answer: the computer light and the console connection do not need the silicon box. Computer lights are controlled by MX512 signals, the console is also MX512 signal, you can directly control the computer lights. Silicon box is used in lamp dimming the lights, computer cannot connect silicon box!2, four small power computer and a simple computer and other console need how much money?Answer: computer light is mainly divided into "shake head lamp" and "scanning lamp"".Computer shake head lamp market, the minimum power is 250W, according to different brands and functions of how much, the price is probably around 2600--6000, computer light control 1200 or so!If necessary, leave your E-MAIL to me in the Baidu message. I recommend several products for you!In addition, the group has a group products, cheap guarantee
Q:The difference between a shake head lamp and a handkerchief light in stage lighting equipment
Beam light column to focus some, much more obvious, shaking the head light is mainly to play the pattern effect, are the use of light bulbs, there are different power.
Q:How do you program the strobe light?
It is light stroboscopic is your property, speed adjustment, a stroboscopic + built-in proportion, commonly known as horse racing

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