4x15w high power rotation 4 IN 1 MOVING HEAD

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Product Description:

Product specification
.Rate voltage:
.Rate power: 80W
.LED qty:4x15W high power SUNVIEW 4 in 1LEDs
.LED drive current:1000mA
.Beam agle:
. IP Class: IP20
.DMX modes:12CH/31CH
.Packaging size:193x136x295.9mm
.Net weight:4.0kg
.Gross weight:4.6kg

Product feature
.XLR sockets input/output 3pin
.3 kinds of control model:DMX512,Sound active. Master/slave
.LED display screen
.Display screen can be turned upside down with 180° to fit the installation in different place
.indoor operation temperature: -20℃~+ 40℃
.2 DMX modes:12CH/31CH
.dimmer:0-100%linear dimmer
Pan:540° Tilt:220°
Default function in Pan/tilt
Lens on 4 LEDs can infinitely rotate
.Single or beam effect(beam effect can be showed by rotating Lens)
.Static color setup’、Pan/Tilt range setup 、 total brightness setup
. 0- 20HZ strobe, pulse strobe 、asynchronus pulse strobe
. Perfect mixing color and rainbow effect
.Total dimmer
.Each LED can be controlled separately, rich colour





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Q:How many kinds of head lamp are there? In every way.
Is the head light the computer light? Is there a total of 3 models, 575W, 1200W, 2000W?. Again, the uses are dyeing, cutting, and imaging Can you give me a detailed introduction?.
Q:Stage DMX512 LED shake head lamp, whether through self writing program and computer playback program synchronization,
Here to explain that, PA lights and computer light work principle is different, the control principle is not the same.The computer light needs program setting, and the PA light only needs to be controlled by the silicon box.
Q:200, w beam, shake the lamp, how to change the bulb?
Are basically the same, the two shell open, tail lamp bulb, undid the screws, to take no bubble, for a new good, don't drag the wire,
Q:Is the 18 channel shake head light controlled by a 16 channel console? What is the address code for the lamp?
Can you contact me if you have any questions?.Shake head light channel address codeAs long as you find the settings --DMX---, you can add and subtract to the address code you want. Can you contact me if you have any questions?.
Q:High power LED shake head pattern lamp
Pattern: wheel of revolution:6 rotating pattern pieces + white light, variable speed shake and bidirectional speed change effectPrism: two prism, bidirectional rotation, adjustable speedFocusing: linear focusingDimming: 0~100% linear dimmingStrobe light strobe: LED strobe (1~20 times / sec, ultra high speed strobe)Rotation angle: horizontal 450 degrees; vertical 270 degrees (automatic back correction function, with 16bit precision rotation)Cut light: with color + pattern + prism +XY cut light functionCooling: forced convection coolingControl: international standard DMX 512 signal, 3 core interface
Q:Are the laser lights and the shake head lights very powerful in the bar?
Bad for the eyes, especially the myopia, it is even worse
Q:Connection method of shaking head lamp
Shake head lamp connection1. Introduce the external structure of the head lamp, lamp shade, housing, base, signal line and power line inlet and outlet. There are many classification of head light, 1200 watts, 550 watts and 230 watts to 200 watts, in recent years there has been a small beam power head lights, almost replaced the previously applied 1200 watt computer head lights, but they are the same application principle.2, each computer shake head lamp power supply, ensure each shake head lamp electrify, and then in turn according to the signal line import and export.3. Use the signal wire to connect the head lamp with the console.
Q:Bar led shake head pattern lamp fixed?
Hang on the lamp post with a light hook and lock the safety rope
Q:Beam230 how do you use the shake head light and max512?
2, according to the "keys" bank choose to edit the program; 3. Choose to control the lights, press the number keys scammers below;
Q:Shake your head and light it out. What's the color of the red?
That can't change color, check the motor

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