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Voltages: AC220V,50/60Hz
Light Source: 12x10W RGBW LED multichips
Power Consumption: 145W
Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable
Strobe: 1-25 F.P.S.,speed adjustable
Pan and Tilt: Smoothly,speed adjustable
Range: Pan 540° Tilt 200°
Cooling: Forced air cooling,fan speed adjustable.
Control: DMX 512,3 pin interface
Channels: 18
Display: LCD display
Net Weight: 5.5Kg
Gross Weight: Carton:6.5Kg
Fixture Dimension:320*250*455mm


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Q:Shake the head lamp, usually use a few to have effect
This depends on what kind of lights you buy, but also with the size of the site, space, the needs of the effect, and so on and so on!
Q:How to program the computer shake head lamp?
First: you must understand the characteristics of the light, such as several channels, each channel features such as color, pattern, horizontal, vertical, in the first few channels!Second: you have to calculate how many lamps you have, the total number of channels for all lights, and how many channels you can use to control the number of channels!Third: you must know how to dial the address code. In order to facilitate the control, you must combine the number of channels of the controller and the light to dial the address code!
Q:1200 computer shake head light is not bright what is the reason?
3. is it normal to change a light bulb?,4., if you change the bulb is not normal, check the trigger.The problems are the bulb and the trigger
Q:I would like to ask about the wedding lights, wedding shake head lamp, urgent urgent
If 6 shaking heads can be connected to the first console for operation, they can work in concert with each other.. But it is possible that the hotel lights and wedding companies provide different models of light, the effect will certainly be discounted, of course, also need professional light control division in order to operate
Q:Does the wedding use a big screen and do you need any other lights, such as a shake head lamp and a dye lamp?
Does your big screen refer to LED?The background is LED, then you must need a face light, otherwise it will be backlit. The dye lamp has no effect on the LED. Only the material of the veil is useful. Shake the head lamp, if not to dye, can also play logo, does not affect the LED.
Q:Would you please tell me how to operate the head lamp?
Now, LED computer shake head lamp does not seem to have 575W it?! 575W's computer shake head lamp has LED's 15W, 30W, and 60W's.. Search skystar brand stage light, take a look at it, if you really have, and that manufacturers should also have manuals and operating books, to tell you how to operate. No, please ask them to take ~!
Q:200, w beam, shake the lamp, how to change the bulb?
Are basically the same, the two shell open, tail lamp bulb, undid the screws, to take no bubble, for a new good, don't drag the wire, when the bulb into the bulb that try to tilt, slide into the socket, the wick don't touch other things.
Q:What is the 1200W lighting lamp computer size? Thank you
If you want to know the size, the first is to look at the instructions, there are general instructions on their own personally; second, third no direct hit telephone manufacturers. Light has two dimensions, outer diameter and inner diameter.
Q:The difference between a shake head lamp and a handkerchief light in stage lighting equipment
Refers to the lamp par. LED shook his head and so on, beam lights are generally used in PHILPS or OSRAM lighting, now almost lighting has been replaced by light
Q:How to use a shake head lamp without a console?
You can use the shake head, built-in walk program, set the master-slave mode, all shake head lights will go at the same time, it is best to buy a light control table, lights less, buy a few hundred can be

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