YT-1411 7X10W(4 IN 1 and 5 IN 1, 6 IN 1) Parlight LEDs

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China main port
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10 kg
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800 kg/month

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Product Description:

LED q’ty:7x10w 4in1 leds
.Power Consumption:56W

Product feature
.RGBW color Mixing
.Color Strobe Effect
. Color Mix Effect
.LED Chases (Adjustable Speeds)
.Electronic Dimming0-100%
.Built in Microphone
.DMX-512 Protocol channel7
.DMX-512 Protocol Compatible 3Operating Modes-Master/Slave;DMX-control;Sound Active
.Digital Display for Address and Function Setting



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Q:Overview of head light
Among them, 1200W is the main lamp type of professional performance place. This paper focuses on the analysis of the structure principle of 1200W shake head lamp.
Q:The wedding ceremony, colorful LED lights, lights, lighting and background color PAR lamp is better?
But in addition to light up the lights outside, other basic is not practical, light too much sitting on the guests look at the projection will have visual impact, the site can consider the use of electric fireworks, when drinking wine put, the effect of dazzle!
Q:How to control the head light with the music rhythm?
The usual routine of shaking head lamps, like lights, is that there are three modes of automatic sound control and console
Q:Now looking at the wedding, and want to know when the layout of the venue,
Computer shake head light and fear light, not to be necessary.A wedding, the most important of course is light up. Yes, here it isComputer shake head lights and fear lights, of course, if there is a budget, or can add oh.When my friend got married this year, he added the computer shake head lamp and the fear lamp, and the effect was really good. But if the budget is up, it doesn't matter if you don't add it.My friend added lights T platform, also less than ten thousand dollars, the effect is really good.
Q:Dimming desk how to connect the headlights, and seek light division teacher advice!
Input hole is not the interface, the controller is out
Q:What does "1OW LED" mean by "10W" for shaking head lights?
10W is the power of beads is 10 watts, W is the abbreviation of power unit
Q:How to use the 240 console to control four shaking head lamps in different directions at the same time?
4 lamp with different address codes, the key is that you should use 240 console - a light MINT
Q:What is the difference between computer shake head and computer dyeing lamp?
Compared with the former two head light, light is the stage of dyeing dyeing with soft form, can also be used as a multi angle light, mainly rely on the built-in color wheel to adjust color, no pattern plate and prism function.
Q:Second hand stage computer shake head lamp, how to find the brand and model?
Some in the display panel where the stage lighting manufacturer's name and type, there are some stickers on the outside, or read the instructions have used the best there is no repair, no dark disease, may have taken some good parts replacement.
Q:What's the difference between a laser light and a shake head lamp?
This difference is large, you can search Baidu Encyclopedia comparison.You can also search the SKYSTAR brand LED shake head lamp to have a look.2 kinds of lights effect, color, brightness, principle, and so on, there are many different.

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