YT-1411 7X10W(4 IN 1 and 5 IN 1, 6 IN 1) Parlight LEDs

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China main port
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10 kg
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800 kg/month

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LED q’ty:7x10w 4in1 leds
.Power Consumption:56W

Product feature
.RGBW color Mixing
.Color Strobe Effect
. Color Mix Effect
.LED Chases (Adjustable Speeds)
.Electronic Dimming0-100%
.Built in Microphone
.DMX-512 Protocol channel7
.DMX-512 Protocol Compatible 3Operating Modes-Master/Slave;DMX-control;Sound Active
.Digital Display for Address and Function Setting



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Q:Beam230 how do you use the shake head light and max512?
2, according to the "keys" bank choose to edit the program; 3. Choose to control the lights, press the number keys scammers below;
Q:Stage equipment, 408 console, how to control waterproof PA lamp, shake head lamp, who knows?
Voltage / frequency: 220-230V/50-60Hz or 110-120V/50-60Hz, power: 10W.Features: can control 16 channel 32 computer lights, backlit LCD display.8 channel handles with page key control, 16 channels, 1 speed keys, 1 keys connected.1400 step storage capacity.36 program, each program up to 99 steps. Each step speed, gradient the parameters set independently. In cooperation with the push of the lights go rate, the time step can range from 0.1s-60s.32 can directly call the computer lamp scene. Can run 4 program, 32 different kinds of computer scene at the same time. The precision of X/Y control.16Bit lamp X/Y lamp by computer data wheel control unity. Off data retention.
Q:How to use 192 console to program multiple shaking lamps?
192, not easy to use, most of the pages can not be saved, at least a 240 change
Q:Why can't shake head lamp sync? What's the problem?
The problem is to check the line, but what should be no problem.
Q:How does the DMX512 console set the STOP575 shake head address code?
16 channels, one for 1, two for 1+16=17, three for 17+16=33, one for each additional, called 16 channels, and so on.
Q:Chengdu, where is there a place for professional acoustics, stage lighting, wireless microphones, and head shaking lamps?
For a long time, to good faith, professional and excellent service by customers, with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad have good relations of cooperation. We are adhering to the "quality team, sincere service" concept, with the best marketing and quality of service, and constantly create new value for customers. At the same time, we hope that through our sense of responsibility to society, as well as our ideas, knowledge and experience, we will devote our efforts to the development of enterprises!Contact the phone to check my information
Q:Stage DMX512 LED shake head lamp, whether through self writing program and computer playback program synchronization,
Programming yourself, that's for sure.Software, if you have, or your friends, colleagues, manufacturers can provide, naturally not the problem.If not, only buy.As for the control process, it is very simple.Just like you said, you just need software, DMX controllers, lights, and so on.If there is a thyristor, you can give the control signal directly.
Q:What is the linear dimming of the LED shake head lamp?
2 、 low voltage LED product high power controllerLow voltage LED products generally design voltage 12V-36V, each loop LED number of 3-6 series, with resistance step-down limit flow, each loop current 20mA below. A LED product is composed of multiple loops of LED, the advantage is low voltage, simple structure, easy to design, the disadvantage is: when the product size is large, the current is large, the need to configure low-voltage switching power supply. Due to the shortcomings of products, low voltage can not be long-distance transmission, are limited to small volume of products, such as signs, text, small patterns, etc.
Q:Can the LED PA lamp and the shake head lamp be used at the same time with a 512 console?
Yes, but the total number of channels for your head lights and LED lights should not exceed 512.
Q:How to use the 240 console to control four shaking head lamps in different directions at the same time?
4 lamp with different address codes, the key is that you should use 240 console - a light MINT

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