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VOLTAGE: AC120V/60HZ or AC240V/50HZ a
LAMP: 5050 High Light LED
COLOR: 3 in 1 RGB
LED Q'TY: 72 /192/288pcs
POWER: 20/50/65W
Tir-color LED to create multi-color
LED Curtain lighting with controller .
Star-studded sky effect and dynamic patterns
Strong cloth and authentication of safe fireproof.
Package with strong bag for hand carry convenience.
Great for background of stage and sky effect


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Q:The wedding ceremony, colorful LED lights, lights, lighting and background color PAR lamp is better?
Wedding site is relatively large, the projection effect is not very affected!
Q:Shake the head lamp, usually use a few to have effect
This depends on what kind of lights you buy, but also with the size of the site, space, the needs of the effect, and so on and so on!
Q:Computer shake head light 250, address code and console is consistent, but not controlled, please expert advice
The flow of the signal lamp and the lamp of the computer consoleThe console, signal line, signal amplifier (sometimes can not) - computer lamp (other signal lamp control) the seat - Kalong signal line -----I--- main chipThis can be analyzed1. console problem. (although the chance of occurrence is small, I doubt him)The signal line has an open circuit or a short circuit (can be measured by a multimeter)There is a problem with the 3. signal amplifier (which is generally returned to the manufacturer for maintenance)Seat of the luminaire is qalun (such as card head and seat Kalong bad; some lamps have a Kalong seat board, there are 2 zener diodes), if they can also cause bad pull out of control)The signal line between the base and the circuit board 5. Charon is bad contactThere is a problem with 6.SN75176IC, and the signal that enters its input pin is not output to the main chip (CPU)There is a problem with the 7.CPU master chip and cannot accept the signal8., there is a problem with the address code, or there is a problem with the dial switch.
Q:What does "1OW LED" mean by "10W" for shaking head lights?
10W is the power of beads is 10 watts, W is the abbreviation of power unit
Q:575 how many channels does the computer shake head lamp have?
Voltage / frequency: 220-240V/50-60Hz, total power: 800WInsurance: 10A light bulb: HMI, 575W, 10 DMX channels7 patterns + white light, bidirectional variable speed rotation,
Q:How does the LED shake head lamp operate?
Search skystar brand stage light, take a look at it, if you really have, and that manufacturers should also have manuals and operating books, to tell you how to operate. No, please ask them to take ~!
Q:1200 computer shake head light is not bright what is the reason?
3. is it normal to change a light bulb?,4., if you change the bulb is not normal, check the trigger.The problems are the bulb and the trigger
Q:Who can tell the difference between a shake head lamp and a LED shake head lamp?
Talking about the stage shake head lamp? The key difference is the performance with the head lamp which is used to discharge lamp, LED lighting is used in high-power LED lamp.
Q:Sunshine 512 how to program. Control head lamp. Find a master
A building is an idiot, say, sunshine 512, also ask what kind of console. Sunshine 521 is so simple.
Q:The head lamp open in less than half an hour lights automatically extinguish what reason
Automatic protection, look at the radiator cooling fan, wind enough?

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