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Voltage:90-240v ac,50/60hz
Rated power:160w
Led:8pcs 10w high power white or 4 in1 led
Extremely long lifte:5000hr and low power Consumption
Dmx channel:11/39ch(yt-1307)
Strobe: effect with 1~25flashes per secondAnd pulse effect
Control mode:dmx512/master-slave/auto run
Preset program:8 built in programs can be
Called up via dmx controller

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Q:Sunshine 512 console how to control head shaking lamp?
1 computer lights function is realized through the channel, such as the computer lights your home channel is 14 channels that you will set the address code first is 1 second 15 three 29 is anyway, plus 142 your table itself is only 512 channels, then I suggest you use pearl console your bar should not be great, in order to save money can buy domestic pearl console prices in the thousands of dollars to several thousand dollars, if it is a bar with several thousand should it be.
Q:I'm getting married, but the seller says 575 shake head lights are out of date and recommend me to use 200W beam lights,
For wedding advice, you'd better buy 8 shake head lights, and the 4 beam lights have little effect. Beam lights are more effective
Q:LED dyeing lamp 54, bead 4, light beam 230 watts 2, shake head lamp 1200 Watt 2 units, plus 3000 pieces, is it expensive?
This depends on the degree of depreciation of the lamp body, the general domestic new lights, you say these market prices in about 8000......
Q:Is the 18 channel shake head light controlled by a 16 channel console? What is the address code for the lamp?
As long as you find the settings --DMX---, you can add and subtract to the address code you want. Can you contact me if you have any questions?.Shake head light channel address codeAs long as you find the settings --DMX---, you can add and subtract to the address code you want. Can you contact me if you have any questions?.
Q:What does the beam lamp and the shake head lamp have?
If it is a small scene, the speech of the leader, the leader of the illumination light dizzy miserable, hey
Q:How does the DMX512 console control the shake head light 10?
In order to help users solve "how to use DMX512 console and control LED PA lamp" related issues, China learning network through the Internet on how to useDMX512 console control LED PA lamp related solutions have been collated, the user details include: RT, I would like to know: how to use DMX512 console, simultaneous control LED PA lights and 575?Shaking his head lights, thank you, urgently ah, please help!, specific solutions are as follows:Solution 1:How to use the DMX512 console and LED PA control lights and 575 head lights, thank you, urgently ah, please help! With that, I do not know what, how and how to make programming code, thank you! LED lamp is the kind of hand in handSolution 2:This is a different brand of light and the controller's operation and programming is not the same, depending on what the channel, so it is generally difficult to tell you.Instructions are generally said how to operate, if not, where you buy the lights, where to ask, others will not be so casually tell you
Q:The difference between a shake head lamp and a handkerchief light in stage lighting equipment
Refers to the lamp par. LED shook his head and so on, beam lights are generally used in PHILPS or OSRAM lighting, now almost lighting has been replaced by light
Q:How many channels are there in the head lamp 1200?
Shake head lamp 1200 has many kinds, commonly used has 12 channels, 16 channels, 18 channels, 24 channels. It depends on your own needs.
Q:1200 computer shake head light is not bright what is the reason?
3. is it normal to change a light bulb?,4., if you change the bulb is not normal, check the trigger.The problems are the bulb and the trigger
Q:Only two shaking heads should be placed on the stage
It depends on how high your stage is and how well you need it. Also depends on the size, model and range of the head light you purchased. The general stage must also cooperate with other stage lighting to create the effect. Can refer to see the SKYSTAR brand stage light to see

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