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 LED Qty :3x15W RGBW 4 in 1 LEDs
Drive current:R:1A G:1A B:1A W:1A
Input Voltage:100-240VAC/50-60Hz
Power consumption:60W max at full output
On-board:Display for Auot and Custom and Sound control
Control personality:DMX: 9CH or 12CH
Beam Angle:

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Q:Computer shake head light 250, address code and console is consistent, but not controlled, please expert advice
The flow of the signal lamp and the lamp of the computer consoleThe console, signal line, signal amplifier (sometimes can not) - computer lamp (other signal lamp control) the seat - Kalong signal line -----I--- main chipThis can be analyzed1. console problem. (although the chance of occurrence is small, I doubt him)The signal line has an open circuit or a short circuit (can be measured by a multimeter)There is a problem with the 3. signal amplifier (which is generally returned to the manufacturer for maintenance)Seat of the luminaire is qalun (such as card head and seat Kalong bad; some lamps have a Kalong seat board, there are 2 zener diodes), if they can also cause bad pull out of control)The signal line between the base and the circuit board 5. Charon is bad contactThere is a problem with 6.SN75176IC, and the signal that enters its input pin is not output to the main chip (CPU)There is a problem with the 7.CPU master chip and cannot accept the signal8., there is a problem with the address code, or there is a problem with the dial switch.
Q:Shake head light, address code and console consistent, but not controlled, the address of this table lamp code for other lights
10. sometimes connected lighting lamps in the last one can be out of the seat with a qalun output signal amplifier. Production method is in the Kalong 2-3 plug is connected with a 100 foot European resistance, sometimes because the signal line is too long without a signal amplifier will cause the lamp in the operation from interference or synchronization. Some although the signal line is not long, but due to excessive bending will cause interference.
Q:How can the bulb of the bar shake head light be exchanged?
General domestic head light bulb in the latter part of the lamp body, the screw can disassemble rear spare bulb, direct plug can be replaced, but must remember to cut off the power supply!
Q:Connection method of shaking head lamp
Shake head lamp connection1. Introduce the external structure of the head lamp, lamp shade, housing, base, signal line and power line inlet and outlet. There are many classification of head light, 1200 watts, 550 watts and 230 watts to 200 watts, in recent years there has been a small beam power head lights, almost replaced the previously applied 1200 watt computer head lights, but they are the same application principle.2, each computer shake head lamp power supply, ensure each shake head lamp electrify, and then in turn according to the signal line import and export.3. Use the signal wire to connect the head lamp with the console.
Q:How does the DMX512 console control the shake head light 10?
In order to help users solve "how to use DMX512 console and control LED PA lamp" related issues, China learning network through the Internet on how to useDMX512 console control LED PA lamp related solutions have been collated, the user details include: RT, I would like to know: how to use DMX512 console, simultaneous control LED PA lights and 575?Shaking his head lights, thank you, urgently ah, please help!, specific solutions are as follows:Solution 1:How to use the DMX512 console and LED PA control lights and 575 head lights, thank you, urgently ah, please help! With that, I do not know what, how and how to make programming code, thank you! LED lamp is the kind of hand in handSolution 2:This is a different brand of light and the controller's operation and programming is not the same, depending on what the channel, so it is generally difficult to tell you.Instructions are generally said how to operate, if not, where you buy the lights, where to ask, others will not be so casually tell you
Q:The third generation Chaiyi type 2000 version of the standard lighting pattern rotation going on
It's possible that you don't match the light library. I suggest you ask the manufacturer for a correct light library. You can call 020-37312222 to find the customer service in the factory
Q:What is the 1200W lighting lamp computer size? Thank you
The diameter is the diameter of the largest diameter of light, is light when placed on both sides of the pressure diameter minus edge part, namely the maximum size of the diameter of light imaging. In general, the maximum diameter of computer light is about 53.5mm, and the minimum diameter is about 29mm.
Q:LED how to debug the head shaking lamp?
That mouth is too clear to say! It's useful to have a console together..240 is not complicated, but it's a lot of steps..! It's too vague to say
Q:Chengdu, where is there a place for professional acoustics, stage lighting, wireless microphones, and head shaking lamps?
For a long time, to good faith, professional and excellent service by customers, with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad have good relations of cooperation. We are adhering to the "quality team, sincere service" concept, with the best marketing and quality of service, and constantly create new value for customers. At the same time, we hope that through our sense of responsibility to society, as well as our ideas, knowledge and experience, we will devote our efforts to the development of enterprises!Contact the phone to check my information
Q:How is the sound control of shaking head lamp?
Sound control, that is, the use of the size of the voice to control the switch, when the sound control system received from a sound system, the switch to trigger the sound source, switch closed, sound control general delay of one to two minutes after the automatic shutdown...

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